Effective Network Of Trams Operating Construction Essay

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A sub contracted archaeologist firm will be appointed to carry out a pre-construction survey of the site to ensure nothing of historical value is lost due to the development. Site engineers will issue permits to dig a designated area and time for breaking the ground. This will reduce the risk of damaging potential underground services and reduce interruptions to the rest of the site clearance phase. Should any findings cause interruptions at this early stage, the project programme can be adjusted to reduce delay.

The proposed development is a hybrid taking advantages of properties offered by both steel and concrete. The main body of structure is supported by a precast steel frame, making good use of its tensile strengths. Furthermore it reduces labour activity and a quick method of construction. The steel frame would be encased in concrete slurry to increase fire protection. To take advantage of concretes compressive strength reinforced precast concrete columns will be used in heavy loading areas i.e. lift shafts.

The general look of the site should be relatively clean making potential hazards easier to spot; all materials will be properly stored with hazardous materials in a securely locked area. Hoardings will be regularly checked for damage or vandalism to improve the external presence of the site. In addition the workforce onsite will be in uniform to display a professional image.

Site supervisors should maintain healthy relationships with the client, neighbouring businesses and residents. They should be informed of activity onsite to avoid complaints. However when receiving a complaint it should be logged and handled in a positive manner to reach a solution that satisfies the complaining party.

Everyone on site is responsible for the social environment onsite, it is important to us that we are respectful to one another as well as the passing public. It is vital to maintain a high standard of dress and behaviour whilst improper conduct and language will be subjected to disciplinary action.

It is very common that some tasks may not go as planned and will require additional resources that could include; additional finances, additional labour and time. On tasks prone to inconveniences, the risks involved can be identified before hand and precautions can be made to minimise there effects. This takes place in form of a risk register which is regularly updates throughout the project as new risks become apparent.

To reduce accidents Toolbox talks should be carried out. These are short informal briefing sessions where specifically health and safety issues are discussed in relation to a specific task. Delivered by safety representatives or supervisors this is an effective method to summarise key safety notes with small groups of labourers and site operatives. Here is an example of a leaflet that could accompanied with a toolbox talk regard fire safety