Design And Build Contract Facing By Contractor Construction Essay

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The procurement of construction project is vast in scope because it involves the gathering and organizing of myriad of separate individuals, firm and companies to design, manage and build construction product ( Rosli Abdul Rashid,2006). The project procurement system is describe as an organized method for client to obtain the construction product. There a several type procurement system implement in our country which is Traditional Procurement system and 'fast track' system such as design and build, Tunkey, Design build and operation and etc.

In Malaysia most of the construction project have been implemented the traditional procurement system. But, now a day the project in this country is getting more complex which demands greater emphasis management technique and engineering skill, the traditional procurement was found not suitable for the complex and large skill project. The Client's is start to using Design and build procurement system; this procurement system is needed for large scale and complex project.

Today, most of the contractor at Malaysia is implemented the design and build procurement system in to the large skill project. But not all the contractors are performing well under the design and build procurement system. How to measure the contractor perform well in the project? The performance of the contractor in a project is depend on the project must be complete within the budget, within the scope and satisfied the required quality (Yates and Eskander,2002).

In the design and build procurement system, contractor play and important character in the project because in contractor have to in charge both team design and team construct. Contractor has to come out a good communication channel between designs and construct team to ensure there are no discrepancies between drawing and building. Nevertheless, the good communication channel will provide the smooth flow for construction process. Contractor shall understand well what the client requirement is, ensure the quality of the product, and ensure the product can delivered within the time.

The research proposal is study the challenges and difficulties facing by the contactor under design and build procurement system. Next, understand the responsibility of the contractor under the design and build procurement system.

1.2 Aim:

Study the challenges and difficulties in design and build contract facing by contractor.

1.3 Objective:

To determine the problem and risk face by the contactor under design and build procurement system.

To study the challenges face by contractor when establishing communication channel between Design and construction team.

To study how contractor measure a well performance for the project in regard to the design and build procurement system.

1.4 Research question:

How the contractor reduces risk in design and builds procurement system?

What are the criteria to provide a smooth communication channel?

How is the contractor ensures the project perform well?

1.5 Research Methodology

This proposal will conduct primary and secondary data as the source to achieve studies.

Primary Data

Case Study

The nature of this research project is qualitative. This qualitative survey is needed to carry out for study the objective of the research title. The interview will be carry out to the contractor who are experience working with the design and build procurement system. The scope of the interview question will be relate to the proposal objective which is the difficulties and challenges facing by contractor during carry the construction work in this procurement system. This project also need some document of the contractor how they carry design and build document procurement system, if possible get from contractor.

Secondary data

Literature review

The literature review will be searching the article, conference paper, newspaper from the internet which related to the aim and objective of research proposal. The scope of finding for the article is how to measure the performance of the construction project, the operation of the design and build procurement system and the responsibilities of the party who involve in the project with design and build procurement system. The key word of the article will be search by the word Design and Build Procurement system, Contractor, Risk, Measure performance through Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Fire Fox and etc.

Tasks to be completed


Semester 1


Semester 2




























Finalize a topic for research proposal

Read more article related to research title

Chapter 1-Introduction

To determine the project title, aim and objectives

To complete the research proposal

Chapter 2- Literature Review

Undertake literature review

Prepare completed chapter 2

Interim submission of chapter 1&2

Chapter 3- Research Methodology

Design Interview Question

Design collect format


Chapter 4-Analysis and Discussion

Analysis and compare the interview data with literature review.

Chapter 5- Conclusion and Recommendation

Write list of references

Write abstract

Write Acknowledgement

Complete first draft

Prepare final draft


1.7 Research Structure and Planned Organization of Dissertation

Chapter 1 - Introduction

This chapter is provided general introduction of the challenges and difficulties of design and build contract facing by contractor.

. In this chapter consist:

Project Title


Aims and Objectives

Research Methodology

Research planning

Chapter outline

Chapter 2 - Literature Review

This chapter is review relevant the literature related to the project title challenges and difficulties of design and build contract facing by contractor.The relevant information retrieved from the articles, book and internet. This chapter provides the information to achieve the objective of the study. The relevant information includes:

Procurement system

Design Bid Build procurement system (Traditional)

Design and Build procurement system

Contractor Risk and problem

Communication channel

Measurement of Project procurement

Chapter 3 - Research Methodology

In this chapter, case study and literature review are using in the research methodology of this study. The case study will interview the contractor who has work as design and build contractor before.

Chapter 4 - Analysis and Discussion

The data collection was provided and analysed in this chapter. It uses the detail and clear comment and explanation to study challenges and difficulties of design and build contract facing by contractor. If necessary, the result of data collection will presented either table or chart.

Chapter 5 - Conclusion and Recommendation

This chapter is provided the conclusion of the whole research proposal project. Besides that, it also includes suggestion and recommendation to improve for further studies.