Corporate management of black and veatch construction company

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Corporate Management

Black and Veatch

Black and Veatch is a leader in the construction and engineering sector in both the United States as well as the global market. Besides being among the most diversified and highly acclaimed contractors in the sector, Black and Veatch strides in providing an entire spectrum of construction facilities and services to the water, energy, federal markets, and telecommunication sectors. Professionals of this company are extensively experienced on projects of highly complex size as well as scope across the world. Moreover, the project management skills recognized by industries, and state-of-the-art technologies, in combination with the world-class safety programs and proven business consulting offered by Black and Veatch, tactfully guarantee a much competitive pricing, scheduling accountability along with long-term values of the clients' most challenging proposes and projects.

Black and Veatch, with the aid of fully owned construction affiliates, provides for single source reliability, responsibility, as well as commitment for satisfying the unique and varying needs of every project that is undertaken.

1. Black and Veatch Construction, Inc (BVCI): For over 15 years, BVCI has been performing union construction execution operations. Greater amount of the work is self-performed based on sub-contract with direct hire on minor or smaller projects. Moreover, BVCI is stated as the signatory organization to the entire trade that falls under the General Presidents Power Maintenance Agreement (GPPMA) and the National Maintenance Agreement (NMA).

2. Overland Contracting Inc. (OCI): For over a decade, OCI has been carrying out construction execution operations within the merit shop labor market. Besides, large projects are deployed on a consortium basis or joint venture. Projects ranging from small to mid-size are finished by utilizing resources of local direct hire labor.

3. Black and Veatch International Company (BVI): Self-performance and sub contraction is the main feature of BVI as far as const5ruction projects are concerned. For over 40 years, BVI has subcontracted and self-performed in the global market and has successfully deployed work in Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, and Middle East.

Business Strategies:

Black and Veatch organization is reputed for the ability to implement the complicated projects and the innovative technical solutions as per their client requirements. Black and Veatch Company is known for delivering quality work with lasting value as well as functioning with the top most level of integrity. Code of conduct depending on which the entire management, support policies, and operations are carried out, serve to communicate the most crucial factors of their success, enhancing the reputation and fulfilling the mission of the company.

The Code of Conduct is a top-level road map that is designed for orienting all company professionals including field staff and office staff, craft workers and contingent staff. It aims at promoting the values aspired by them for bringing to work, along with discussing the conduct prohibited or strongly discouraged. The company's corporate practices, policies, and in-depth instructions apart from supplementing these principles provide the details every person requires in their day-to-day jobs.

Black and Veatch's corporate success is reliant on individual performance. The company adopts and implements the highest standards of personal behavior that includes trustworthiness, honesty, inclusion, diligence, and tolerance. Furthermore, these attributes are embedded in the corporate values- shared ownership, integrity, stewardship, common purpose, accountability, entrepreneurship, and respect - which everyone strives to exhibit in various activities on a daily basis. The Code of Conduct, at the core, describes the ways of embodying these values and behaviors in offices and workplaces, specially the way in which the company is represented and related to the colleagues.

Every Black and Veatch professional is held accountable for studying, absorbing and embracing the standards and policies outlined in the Code of Conduct. This is more than an administrative obligation; more than conforming to a collection of guidelines that may be vital to the long-term success of the company. Moreover, the Code of Conduct deals with the methods of projecting and living by these standards and policies every passing day. By doing so, professionals are enabled to cement and rigid foundation for the success of the company as well as for the professional careers.

Drive for Value:

The communication model and business of Black and Veatch assists professionals in understanding the exact direction of the company. Furthermore, the Drive for Value initiatives are nothing but business imperatives meant for helping to ensure effective advancement of the strategies of the company and the alignment of individual objectives with the entire direction of Black and Veatch.

Following are the four initiatives for Drive for Value:

1. People: Increasing inclusion, pride, and trust.

2. Clients: Being indispensable to the clients

3. Sustainability: Building awareness, thought leadership and knowledge.

4. Execution: Increasing value contribution

The Drive for Value initiatives stay anchored in Black and Veatch's corporate Values.

Our Values:

The corporate Values employed by Black and Veatch specify the characteristics and features that shape the company and the approach towards conducting business. These Values are the foundation for every work undertaken by Black and Veatch professionals.

Integrity: Black and Veatch professionals operate within an intensely competitive environment, for competing fairly to conduct their business in a highly professional manner, thereby reflecting favorably on the company as well as every individual working in it. Professionals abide by the Black and Veatch Code of Conduct, consistently, effectively, and dutifully.

Shared Ownership: Values are built by the Black and Veatch Company for their shareholders followed by which the outcome of the company's success is shared among those responsible for producing it.

Common Purpose: The Company functions from a broad view and a common purpose, by doing what best fits for the company's goals achievement and policies as a whole, by working with collaboration and mutual trust.

Stewardship: The Company honors other Black and Veatch professionals as well, in keeping with their founding principles; past, present, as well as future professionals, by striving to develop the company's vitality and value throughout their temporary stewardship.

Respect: Sincerity, fair conduct, and forthrightness are among the basic qualities of the Black and Veatch organization. The company aims at treating others with dignity and giving full respect to their individual differences, contributions, and feelings.

Accountability: More than anything, the company sets high performance expectations as well as holds itself accountable for the overall quality of the work of professionals and the outcomes being achieved as individuals, team members, and as an organization.

Entrepreneurship: Nontraditional thinking and risk-taking is greatly encouraged by Black and Veatch, thereby offering opportunities for learning and growing as individuals and as businesses.

Policies of Black and Veatch

The fundamental element on which policies and standards of Black and Veatch are reliant on is the Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct assists in gaining an accurate understanding of what it takes for each Black and Veatch professional as well as Black and Veatch itself to be successful. In other words, it encompasses the diverse policies that include supporting instructions and corporate practices, along with division quality procedures and systems, which as a whole governs the personal as well as corporate behavior.

Corporate Policies: Corporate policies, including support for instructions and practices, offer detailed information and guidance on roles, business operations and accountability, as well as corporate and project operations.

Personal Policies: Personal policies are responsible for governing the actions of individuals with respect to their employment and its benefits, business conduct that includes personal conduct and relationships with external parties and fellow professional.

Every professional is presented with the Code of Conduct as soon as they join the company. The Code is revisited periodically so as to ensure that every individual working in the company is kept updated and refreshed for his or her awareness of the essential tenets of the Black and Veatch's operations.

Application of the Code of Conduct:

Black and Veatch's Code of Conduct is categorized into four kinds of standards. They are:

1. Laws, Customs and Practices: Black and Veatch, as a US-based corporate and business with worldwide operations, encounters law, social standards and local customs which differ from other businesses in the United States. Every Black and Veatch professional is considered for some U.S. legal purposes adhering to the conditions of working for a U.S. company and whether or not working outside or within the US, will comply with the provisions of some US laws and regulations. Moreover, any dialog with the competitors regarding the following subjects is strictly prohibited:

    1. Pricing policies
    2. Marketing plans and practices
    3. Costs and operating margins
    4. Bids, in addition to the intent to actively participating in them, or any other plans consistent to a bid
    5. A decision for dealing with or rather avoiding dealings with suppliers or clients
    6. Allocation of territories or markets

2. External Operations: Professionals of Black and Veatch shall neither provide nor accept gifts, while doing so may compromise the most valued interests of the company. Also, gifts or money are strictly not permissible. Apart from awarding work on the basis of quality, price and service, the company supports every law pertaining to unfair practices, restraint of trade or abuse of advantages. Communities will be supported through various operations such as community-giving programs. For this purpose, the company has made Building a World of Difference Foundation wherein funding source for such activities is provided. The company urges all professionals to actively take part in these community issues and events. Moreover, proactive media relations are also practiced for positively influencing industry opinion for the company as well as for contributing to the financial success. .

3. Internal Operations: Not only does the company value diversity along with an environment of inclusion, but also respects personal privacy and abides by the laws which defend the confidentiality and security of records and information that contain personal and private information. Black and Veatch, as a global enterprise, respects the cultures and traditions of the countries within which is operates, and employment actions like recruitment, training, compensation, development, promotion, transfer, discharge and discipline, is determined without considering race, religion, color, age, national origin, sex, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, pregnancy status, veteran status, or other status the law protects.

4. Individual Responsibilities: Since every professional of Black and Veatch is a client activist, they are responsible for being service-oriented and client focused, thereby supporting fellow professionals, learning new knowledge and skills outside their area of expertise, and predicting the future in relation to their clients' needs and their jobs. Additionally, professionals are not allowed to engage in activities such as using, selling, dispensing, transferring, possessing illegal drugs or alcohol, as well as actions that compete with any of the lines of business of the company, offer assistance or services to the company's competitor. Network access information and passwords secrecy in maintained and managed by utilizing the prevailing practices with respect to the frequency of renewal.

Consequences of Violations:

Occasionally, the company may take necessary and appropriate actions concerning a professional who is trying to or has violated the company's Code of Conduct. In cases like these, discipline may range from reprimand and warning to termination of employment. Professionals will be notified of the charges that apply against them and will be given a chance for an explanation regarding their actions before they are heavily penalized or any disciplinary action is enforced on them.

None of the contents of the Code intends to or will be interpreted for creating an implied or an expressed contract of employment. Moreover, failure to abide by the provisions contained in the Code of Conduct is also capable of representing a breach or violation of prevailing law leading to criminal or civil actions to be taken or imposed against the respective individual.