Consultant Office In Residential Area Construction Essay

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An office generally a room which provide a space which business, clerical, or professional activities are conducted. An office building, also known as office block is a form of commercial building which contained spaces mainly designated to be used for offices purposed. This study will focuses on the consultancy office. Consultancy office is a service industry that giving expert advice in a particular field such as a business management consultancy to their clients. Consultancy office such as accountant office, lawyer office and others are important for businessman nowadays. The consultant is expert in a specific field and has a wide knowledge of the subject matters so that they can provide their client with much useful and knowledgeable opinion regarding to the related field.

There are two types of office in the property market such purpose built office buildings and shop-offices. Purpose built office buildings are generally high-rise building with more than ten storeys and the building was purely used for offices purposed. Whereas the shop-offices generally low-rise buildings with two or three storey. It is a row of buildings in which separate shop-offices are linked together and it is tenant mix. The ground floor is used for the business such auto workshop and others, and for the upper floors is used for the office purposes.

Shop-offices development was favorites by the office occupiers for last few years. It can be seen that the consultant office choose to be located in residential areas since last few years. The reason why they choose to rent for shop-offices in the residential as their work place is because of the rental price is much cheaper to compare to the purposed built office building. The office rental prices in prime building within the city’s business district have rise due to the limited supply of purpose built office building. Furthermore, there is also low maintenance fees due to shop-offices usually required minimum maintenance and management care. As the company would like to cut costs by downsizing and relocating to less expensive offices, there could be higher demand for offices outside the main commercial districts, like the shop-offices which is located in residential areas.

1.2 Problem Statements

The demand of office building in commercial district areas is on the rise. But there is scarcity of development land in Centre Business District (CBD) create the risen of office rental price in the CBD areas. Because of this, peoples nowadays choose to move out from the CBD and find an office building outside the CBD areas.

Normally, office buildings will be located in CBD. Because the CBD affords maximum accessibility through transport facilities for customers and employees and all the government offices, financial institution and retails are located within the CBD areas which is much more convenience for the officers to perform their work task.

Today, there is a lot of consultant office choose to be rented an office at shop-offices lot which is located in residential areas. In today landscape, an integration of residential and commercial has symbiotically merged as one entity. It was not just a live space but also a work space for the human beings. They choose to be located in residential area because of low rental price, low maintenance fees and maybe less noise that make by the vehicles.

There must bring some impact to the residents once the consultant office operated in residential areas. Residential areas should be a place which having privacy and safe for the residents. There would be more traffic volume in the residential area if the consultant office to be operated. And what the problem is whether the consultant office in residential area acceptable?

1.3 Significance

This study aims to examine the advantages and disadvantages of consultant office to be located in residential areas and also the problems faced by the both residents and office occupier in the selected residential areas and also to recommend some effectiveness measure to solve the problem that faced by the both party. This study will also aim to determine whether the consultant office is acceptable to be located in residential areas and is it the opportunities for consultant office to be located in residential areas.

1.4 Objectives of Study

There are three main objectives in this study:

To study the location theory of office development

To identify what is the advantages and disadvantages of consultant office in residential area for both selected residents and office occupiers in Petaling Jaya areas.

To determine the step to be taken in order to improve and solve the problem that faced by the both selected residents and office occupiers of the residential area and also the consultant office.

1.5 Scope of Study

The scope of this study focused on the selected consultant office which is located in Petaling Jaya’s residential areas in order to figure out what are the advantages and disadvantages of consultant office in residential areas and how is the impact to the both residents and office occupiers in the selected area.

The respondents of the questionnaire survey sheets are the residents of the selected residential area and the office occupiers of the selected consultant office in Petaling Jaya areas. Feedback from the both residents and office occupier can give some ideas that whether there is any advantages that is really benefit for the both party and whether there is any disadvantages that is really need to be improved.

1.6 Methodology

All the relevant data related to this study are obtained through primary data and secondary data.

The primary data in this study will include of sampling, distribution of questionnaires and interviews. The respondents selected will be the both residents and office occupiers who are living in the selected residential area within Petaling Jaya areas through sampling.

For the interview sections, respondents are targeted to the office managers who are representatives of building owner’s point of view and also the residents who are live within the selected residential areas.

Through the responds from the questionnaires survey sheet, the advantages and disadvantages of consultant office in residential areas can be identified. Besides that, the problem face by the both party can also be identify.

The collection of secondary data will be done through references of relevant books, journal, newspaper articles, conference paper, magazines, newspaper and internet searching and other sources.

1.7 Structure of Study

This study consisted of five chapters. Brief descriptions of the chapters are as follows:-

Chapter 1

The chapter one will discuss on the introduction for the research. The first chapter is regarding the introduction of the study. This chapter consists of a simple introduction with a brief background of the study. Statement of problem, research objectives, scope of the study and methodology will be described in this chapter.

Chapter 2

Chapter two is discusses on the literature review about the research title. In this chapter, location theory of office, services and facilities, planning and office development, location choices of office, land-use decision and neighborhood concept of the residential areas will be discussed.

Chapter 3

Chapter three presents all the considerations related to the method and methodology that used in gathering the information needed. The combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods is used to carry out this study. Furthermore the sampling method, structure of questionnaire and interview guide is also discussed in this chapter. A discussion on respondents through interviews and questionnaires survey will also be included in this chapter.

Chapter 4

Chapter four showed the statistical analysis performed on the data obtained from the survey sheets done bye the both residents and office occupier. Besides that, the analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of consultant office in residential area and also the problem faced by both occupiers will also be carried out by studying the information that gathered through interviews and questionnaire survey sheets and also the secondary data. The research answers from different party will be compared.

Chapter 5

Chapter five is the discussion of the findings from the data obtained from the previous chapter. The conclusion and recommendations of this study will be discussed in this chapter. It gives an overview of the study along the implication of the study, suggestions and conclusion of the whole study. Some recommendations for the future study will also be included in this study.