Construction Technology Guidance And Marking Scheme Construction Essay

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You are reminded that all work submitted must be entirely your own and must not have been taken from other sources or developed working with your classmates. Coping or paraphrasing content from other sources is unacceptable as it does not stimulate learning or improve your understanding. If you dot his, you will be penalised severely in the marking and may face the University's disciplinary procedures. You are expected to form your own view and opinion and to present that position (together with supporting references to source material where required). It is your interpretation of the problem and your response to it that you must present in your coursework and no one else's.

The purpose of the checklist is to help you avoid the pitfalls that students often encounter, the 'Coursework Submission Checklist' on the following page is provided. You must complete this checklist, print it out and include it in your paper-based coursework submission along with the 'Submission of Coursework Coversheet' available from the School Office or your institution. Any student not including this completed checklist with their submission will automatically receive a 10% deduction from their mark, reflected in their grade.

The Coursework Submission Checklist is provided to help you ensure your work meets the standards expected. You must answer each question on the checklist before submitting your work. If you find yourself unable to truthfully answer 'yes' to any question, then you have not yet met the required standard and further development is needed. If you do not understand what further development of you or your work will allow you to answer 'yes' to any question on the checklist, seek guidance from your Module Tutor in your Institution or in the School.

You should only to need the weight of concrete together with the weights per m run of steel beams (for those having chosen a steel structure in Tutorial 1) and the weight of metal decking. You must obtain the weights for steel beams and columns from the Structural Sections Tables (refer to These give you three figures for each section. The first 2 figures are the overall dimensions of the beams or columns, the last figure is the weight of the beam or column per m run.

The office building is to be provided with a 3 storey basement in addition to the planned 10 floors already discussed. The basement floors will be used for the creation of a purpose made staff gym and facilities on one floor and staff and guest car parking to the other 2 basement floors (in addition to the ground level parking).

To select an approach for the cladding material to be used, identify manufacturers for this approach and produce a working detail at a scale of 1:10 showing your proposed cladding system and its connection to the structural frame. To be complete, this detail must incorporate the beam, floor and possibly the column structure (depending on your structural approach).