Construction Delays Causes And Effects That Influence Production Construction Essay

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As client may propose for a project it shows that there is a need, our job is to fulfill that need meet our clients need by making sure that we understand clearly that when it needs to be delivered, at what cost, and also look at quality expectations. The most important figure that we will be analyzing on this study will be time as most projects are delayed; we need to investigate what causes these delays. To get remedies for these factors will be helpful as they will prepare us for the next projects.

Delays in construction have been evident over the entirely universal problem however all the precautions need to be taken. Understanding the meaning of delays will help to look at this matter with a full understanding of concept. The main thing is to look at the size of the projects that will be constructed. To differentiate between bigger and smaller projects will give us clear picture, as smaller project may have a lower project budget, very short delivery timescales, lower risk and fewer project issues and also more clearly defined deliverables which will be the opposite for bigger projects.

Delays are always measured as expensive to all parties concerned in the projects and very often it will result in clash, claims, total desertion and much difficult for the feasibility and it slows the growth of construction sector. For analyzing the causes of delays, an appraisal on construction project¿½s time performance was conducted. The main objective of this is the identification of factors of delay and their effects on the success and completion of project. The most common factor of delay are financial and payment problems, improper planning, poor site management, insufficient experience, shortage of materials and equipment etc. This study covers the delay factors and causes of delay and some suggestion for reducing these delays in small and large construction projects in South Africa.

The construction delay can be defined as execute later than intended planned, or particular period, or later than specific time that all the concerned parties agreed for construction project. Delay in project is counted as a common problem in construction project. On large level there is no doubt that the development of country depends upon its achievements of its advanced plain with elevated construction contents. There slogan that says when construction industry prosper everything prospers. Escalation of construction industry is of imperative for all regions of national and international economy, as well as everyone involved in the industry like contractors, workers, financiers, architects, engineers etc.


The contractor and the owner pay for the extra charge for the completion of the project due to delay in large construction projects like our soccer stadiums (Moses Mabhida , Soccer city, Mbombela etc. When the completion time of the construction project exceeds the agreed completion time, it is known as construction project delay (International journal of project management). The causes of project delays fluctuate according to and due to the faults and weaknesses of the owner and the contractor. It is needed to conduct detailed investigation and identification of delay factors and then selecting the right actions to counter these delay factors within cost and maintaining quality. The faults and errors due to the contractor cause delays and waste of capital and time. Shortage and incompetent workers and employees are due to the imprecise staff projections. Delay can occur due to the incapability of the contractor of project and properly use the capital.


The review of related works was done first and then the opinions and views of construction experts were taken. The questionnaire survey was done on the behalf of the delay causes. There were two parts of the questionnaire, Part A and also Part B. Part A asked about the respondent¿½s personal information, whether he is client, consultant, contractor, subcontractor etc and how much work experiences the respond is, what type of association in which he is working, how much monthly salary of him etc. Part B asked about the information related to causes and factors of delay in large construction projects of our country. A survey was conducted through mailed to some consultants, some questionnaire were distributed in Government, private and semi Government organization out of which some were given response, I had taken interviews vocally by the labours of private firms. The respondents were asked about the grading and scoring of the causes and factors of delay. After the analysis of these, the recommendations were made to counter these problems.

To measure all these factors we need to use a certain scale to propose some remedies for curing this sickness, first will look in to managing small construction projects and few steps to be taken and see where we went wrong.

The majority of construction industry has been recognized for poor performance during the project in progress. The main purpose based on factors affecting performance of construction project was to discover challenges during the entire project, advantages and disadvantages within the project and also professional parties which lead the project to termination. Amongst the factors which cause poor performance, the key one is lack of skills management.


1. Miss Peggy Nala (contractor) was interviewed regarding the circumstances that arise during the beginning until the end of the projects

2. Research on books and internet was used, to determine acting of professional parties due to project poor performance.


1. Results on poor performance must be due to the lack of skills and commitment in managing construction business.

2. CIDB board supposed to check the wellbeing of the contractor, CIDB seems to make money out of the contractors.

3. Most of Public Works jobs especially clinics end up unfinished due to lack of knowledge from contractors.

4. When the organization (SEDA) advertises themselves, it promised to give development to the contractors , when someone ask for their help, seda just tell them to go somewhere else for help such as grinaker, group 5 etc.

5. Government Departments especially municipality take long to process payments, there is a two month delay in payments that results in delays to the payment of workers and materials.


It can be concluded that most of the project failure happens in projects governed by government. It has been discovered that factors affecting performance of construction project keep on increasing in every year. Professional parties are not willing to help contractors during the entire process.


Based on research as a result of construction contractors are made to cope with major risks in industry, to improve their risk management practice. There must be workshops, where contractors can be taught how to manage finance, cash flow as well as to create working programmes in the projects.








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