Comparing Conquas Versus Qms In Bridge Construction Construction Essay

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The transportation development of Malaysia is inclining due to the heavy traffic problem and congestion at the peak hour, especially at main cities like Kuala Lumpur, Pulau Penang. The construction of bridges and flyovers is expected to ease the traffic problem. In the modern construction industry, the precast segmental box girder bridge is favored among other technologies for bridge construction. The time to construct and quality of the bridge construction is essential for precast concrete bridge, as a slightly delay of the project might affect the daily lives of millions people and millions ringgit losses. For this purpose, I will like to compare 2 quality assessment systems in bridge construction in this paper, which are CONQUAS and QMS.

Construction Quality Assessment system is also known as CONQUAS which is developed by Building and Construction Authority (BCA) , major public sector agencies and the various leading industry professional bodies to measure the quality level achieved in a completed project.. The purpose of this system adopt is to give the contractors as a guidelines to control their end product quality in construction industry when carrying out quality assessment of works by relevant authorities. The objective of implementing Construction Quality Assessment system in construction industry is to measure and evaluate the quality of the workmanship of construction works has fulfill the requirement of the CONQUAS which is implemented by authorities to every construction to upgrade the quality of construction work (BCA,2011).

In another hand, the quality management system (QMS) can be categorized to company-based and project-based. A QMS can affect the successfulness and the profit margin of a construction project. The proper construction process and quality of a single project can improve the image of the construction company and it is directly affect the construction contract that the company can receive in future. There are a lot of construction companies in Malaysia have started to implement QMS to improve the overall performance of the companies and also efficiency of the employees (Mat Naim, 2005).

Problem Statement

Most of the bridges in Malaysia are designed for vehicles to pass through, they are supposed to support high traffic flow and maintain their quality and purpose. However, the poor quality of bridge construction in Malaysia causes the defects, deterioration, and distress of these bridges and lost its function. It caused the government to spend a lot of extra money to do the maintenance for these bridges, which is not necessary in the first place. The failure and collapse of these bridges might endanger the user and even involve in human lives lost as well. In the past, there are quite a numbers of cases of bridges collapse in Malaysia. These incidents indicate that the quality of the bridges construction is poor. In this case, the quality assessment system can help to produce a bridge that achieves the requirement and functions with the guideline and standardization. Therefore, it is needed and important to look for a proper way and quality assessment system for bridge construction.

Aim and Objectives


To compare the advantages and disadvantages of implementing Construction quality assessment system and quality management system in bridge construction.


To determine the quality issue in construction project.

To determine the reasons why contractors need to implement quality assessment system in construction.

To determine the CONQUAS system used in Singapore.

To determine the QMS system used in Malaysia.

To compare the differences of implementing CONQUAS and QMS in construction.

To determine the problems encounter by QMS system.



QMS is a better system than CONQUAS in bridge construction.

Scope of Study

This research paper is to study the quality assessment system for bridge construction; the main purpose is to compare the efficiency and differences between the quality management system (QMS) and Construction Quality Assessment System (CONQUAS). The structural work for the bridge construction is the main focus, as the precast concrete work is the major part of the construction work; therefore, a good system to achieve the ideal quality of the concrete within the time frame is crucial. To analyze the system, a case study of Dewan Bahasa-Hang Tuah bridge construction project will be study, so that a result with convincing and concrete evidence will be produce. In another hand, an interview with the supervisor of the construction project will be conduct and will be used as secondary information for this paper.

Apart from case study of Dewan Bahasa-Hang Tuah bridge construction project, this paper will also study on the implementation of CONQUAS in Singapore, and also the implementation of QMS in Malaysia. The Malaysia construction industry is more prefer to QMS for construction project, yet, the Singapore construction industry is more favored to CONQUAS. As the CONQUAS is highly used and recommended in Singapore construction industry and the environment and culture of Singapore and Malaysia is similar, it is wise for us to compare the CONQUAS and QMS and determine which the is better quality assessment system for bridge construction.

Research Methodology:

Research methodology is defined as way to obtain data and information such as from book, article, journal, magazine and internet. This method used to collect data to achieve aim and objective of research. Research study should be carrying out to investigate causes, effect, method and effectiveness of CONQUAS and QMS in bridge construction.

Case Study

-A case study will be carrying out on Dewan Bahasa-Hang Tuah bridge construction project. The purpose is to get the relevant information and data of related project. As the data and information is prepared by the construction company itself, who is the person most familiar with the project, the sources is consider very accurate and trustworthy. The main objective of the study is to determine how effective the quality assessment system being applied in the bridge construction project. The information included the period of construction, procedure, quality assessment method and period for quality assess, is there any delay, quality of the precast concrete, the quality assessment system which the project team implemented, conventional quality management system will be compare with the construction quality assessment system (CONQUAS). The information and data will be use as primary data in this paper.

- Interview with construction department manager and staff after information and data of case obtained. Through the interview session, the problems and difficulties that occurred during the construction period can be identified. Besides that, the company staff can also provide their past experience and knowledge that relevant to quality assessment system in bridge construction and contribute to this paper extra information. Moreover, through the interview session with the company, the company manager can assist to analyze the relevant data. It will be a very good experience to interview the expert who is experienced in the industry. These information and data that obtained from the interview will be use as secondary data and contribute to this paper.

Literature review

In this dissertation, the study and search of related information is required and necessary to enable deeper understanding of the topic on research, which is the literature review part in this dissertation. The information and data will be used as secondary data and direct contribute to this dissertation. As the past dissertation of related topic, reference books, journals, articles consist of experiences and knowledge of peoples that studied of related topic, it is very helpful and important for the research of this dissertation. The literature review will be focus on i.) The quality issue in construction project, ii.)The reasons for various parties to implement quality assessment system in construction project, iii.) The CONQUAS system used in Singapore and iv.) The QMS system used in Malaysia.

Chapters Outline

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Research

Problem Statement stated above, to know what the query of the research is.

Aim & Objectives is stated clearly, to have a clear direction for the study.

A case study shall be used as primary data, and an interview shall be used as secondary data.

Chapter 2: Literature Review

Quality issue on construction project

To determine the reasons why contractors need to implement quality assessment system in construction.

To determine the CONQUAS system used in Singapore.

To determine the QMS system used in Malaysia.

Chapter 3: Research Methodology

Further study of Research Methodology

Chapter 4: Data Collection

Case study of Dewan Bahasa-Hang Tuah bridge construction project

Interview with project manager and supervisor

Comparison between QMS and CONQUAS

Chapter 5: Data Analysis

Chapter 6: Conclusion