Cityscape in the UAE

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Executive Summary

Cityscape Dubai is one of the leading construction companies in the UAE. It is a real estate property company which focuses on commercial architecture, property and investment of their clients. The main vision and aim of the organization is to have a better development and build landmarks in Dubai which for example Burj Khalifa “Khalifa Tower” is the biggest achievement which has taken place in the whole world. The main sustainability of the organization is based on creating an outstanding building in the world creating an appropriate design for the society and Dubai itself. Its plan and views about the future is to bring upon a vast change in the upcoming modern world with stylish building in the whole world and try to develop a sustainable environment in Dubai.

The organization includes more than 200,000 employees in more than 800 offices in the whole world. It is an international organization which has many branches in the whole wide world with different perspectives of business such as the following:

  • Property developers
  • Property finance
  • Property owner
  • Designer
  • Architects
  • Construction
  • Material required for the construction

Cityscape is owned by an Institute for International Research (IIR), this is a part of Informa plc, which provides the information for real estate and financers and provides a scientific knowledge. Informa has over 150 offices in more than 40 countries, employees are estimated to be 9000 staff which can be counted globally and offers different conferences and exhibitions for the people who are interested in the property, design, and want a financer publically. They have over more than 10,000 events and exhibitions and conferences annually. 

Cityscape brings upon real estate investors, developers, financiers, architect, consultants and all other professionals which are included in the development and construction of real estate in the world. For over 10 years, Cityscape has generated a wealth of experience which has been connecting over 300,000 real estate professionals all over North Africa, Asia, South America and Middle East.  Some of the sponsors of the organization can be included as follows:

  • Verdict
  • Retail and leisure International (RLI)
  • Informa Exhibition
  • EPRA (European Public Relation Association)

As there was a boom in the construction organizations in Dubai Arab world in general is now counted as one of the best architectural skyscrapers in the world. This has shifted the whole economy into a different turn out which illustrates a vast improvement in the development of the suitability of new and modernized building in Dubai specifically.

As per the basics of the organization, the main architectural work load and employees working in the organization should be as experienced as the work load increases due to a vast change in the economic situations. Bringing upon a change in the economic stability in Dubai and overall UAE, the organizations are mostly concerned with the on time jobs and implementing a policy of generating different strategies into action to have a competitive edge in the market and produce landmarks for the country. Taking into consideration the working of employees and their responsibilities and duties, they should however, understand the main vision and goals of the organization and bring upon a change for the betterment of the organization. Therefore, monitoring the work and deciding the work on time should be given a paramount importance by the organization as the main goal is to achieve the main contracting companies to produce buildings and design them. 

The Conflict

Elizabeth is an architect in Cityscape and she is the main manager who appoints the jobs to different architects and divides the work into different employees under her position. Elizabeth discusses the purpose and the type of building required by the client's of the organization. As a job of an architect is to produce floor plans and various designs of the building via sketches and 3D software such as CAD and AutoCAD which requires specific skills and specialization to accomplish such duty and responsibility. An architect should be a good sketcher, business person, organizer, planner and coordinator. 

On the other hand, Charlie is the assistant architect working under Elizabeth and his responsibilities are to check the dimensions of the buildings and all the sketches required in well assembled presentation and perfect drawings. Charlie is not a well organized person although he is a very skilled person with substantial knowledge of sketching and drawing. However, the responsibility of Charlie is to organize the design and assemble all the drawings for printouts and the final assessment of the building and its design.

Elizabeth called Charlie and told him to collect all the drawings and printouts of the building for correction and adjustments to the other architect. As Charlie is not well organized person, some of the drawings were missing and were not yet completed in AutoCAD. The files of AutoCAD were not completed and the printouts were also not completed due to the late submission of work to the photocopier.

As the drawings were unfinished and they were not rendered by the architect, Elizabeth was outrage by the behavior of Charlie and was tensed about the work to be accomplished on time. However, Elizabeth threatened Charlie about the job and said that he may no longer work in the same position due to unfinished and unorganized work by him. So she informed her higher authorities about the incomplete work by Charlie and reported a complaint against Charlie. As there were many other conflicts between Elizabeth and Charlie as Elizabeth was jealous by Charlie's work and the sketches he used to make and have different creative ideas of buildings and houses.

Elizabeth wanted to have revenge with Charlie as he had more innovative ideas as compared to her while discussing different types of ideas in a team work conference. Mostly the design of the buildings is considered if the sketches and the idea of the person are more creative. If the creativity of both architects is compared, Charlie must be given more importance as he has more creative ideas. Also, Elizabeth had many historical problems with Charlie which she also mentioned in her complaint to the higher authorities to prove her point of view. Therefore, this complaint was discussed with the higher authorities by the Human resource management. The manager brought up the case forward and compared all the activities done by Charlie and Elizabeth. Elizabeth had spreaded the story in the whole organization and all the staff thought about the negativity of Charlie and what he has done may put himself in many troubles.