Capital Projects Are Usually Complicated Construction Essay

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Capital projects are usually complicated, which requires significant management skills, co-ordination of wide range of people with different expertise and ensuring the project finish within the estimated time, value, and necessary specification. Usually the project manager role is fulfilled by a member of the client's organisation or by an external appointment.

Project manager can come from a different profession or backgrounds but must need to have all the required skills and be able to manage and monitor all the aspects of construction. The main objective of a project manager is to act on behalf of and represent the client and has the overall responsibility for the success of the project. The project manager has to motivate, manage, co-ordinate and controlling his team to complete the project successfully.

The project manager has to show his soft skills as well as his hard skills. The hard skills are usually planning, scheduling, organisational ability, report writing, cost control, information assembly, innovation, decision-making and prioritisation. The soft skills are leaderships , motivation, communication, interpersonal skills, personality, team-building abilities, honesty, integrity and sense of humour.

Project manager has to supervise his project team, which includes client, project manager, design team, contractors, technology specialists, consultants such as quantity and development surveying, planning legal issues, access issues, traffic planning, finance, health and safety etc. Nevertheless, in practice there will be variants on the team members because of the nature of the project, the contractual agreements, type of project management involved and overall the client's requirements. Therefore, it is the project manager's responsibility to select and advise the client on the most appropriate project team structure for a particular project. The project manager also needs to determine the frequency and content of status of the reports from the project team and analyze the results to find solutions(book).

The duties of the project manager will be depending on the type of project, client's preference, requirements, the duration, the timing of appointment and similar factors. The project manager also need to provide "a cost-effective and independent service, selecting, correlating, integrating and managing different disciplines and expertise, to satisfy the objectives and provisions of the project brief from inception to completion" (The Chartered Institute of building, 2002:5). However, the service that the project manger provide needs to satisfy the client's objectives and safeguard his interest at all times.

The project manager needs to assist the client to prepare a clear statement of the client's objectives and any known restrictions, from this initial outline the project manager will then work(Book). The project manager has to give necessary guidance to his team members to enable them to accomplish the project efficiently and effectively (OIL AND GAS PEOPPLE).

Although, the project manager has to discuss the client about the available options and initiate feasibility studies to choose the best option which includes a desk top, a site visit and address the key essentials of access and access constraints(highway engineer). During the progress of the feasibility studies, the project manager has to participate and take minutes of the feasibitly team, report the progress to the client and advise the client if the agreed budget is likely to exceed. Finally, the project manager has to obtain the clients decision on the option for the project and this option is designate the outline project brief (book).

The project manager has to define the project scope, goals, and deliverables that support business goals in collaboration with the company. In addition, the project manager has to develop a full-scale project plans and associated communications documents. The project manager needs to communicate effectively, co-ordinate and defines the project's objectives and expectations to the team members and the client in regular intervals(book). In terms of highway engineering, the project manger needs to lead the project planning actions such as developing the project schedule, resource planning, and budget report, risk planning and recommend any essential changes (oil and gaspeople). In terms of the safety, the public the project manager has to decide on temporary traffic calming measures, warning sign, cones, and different access route and overall he has to make sure the safety of the public as well as the workers. Additionally he/she has the responsiblility to inform the local people, local authority and any other organisations (Environmentalists) about the project and take consideration of their opinions during the designing stage because it can solve any future

Project manager also needs to resolve any issues or conflicts within the project team, track the project milestones and deliverables, identify tasks, and assign them to appropriate personnel. Project manager has to submit a detailed status of each scheme to Highways Agency(telegraph).

The project manager also needs to develop the project handbook under his guidance and submit to the client and any other interested party, also the project manager needs to review and update the project handbook. During the design management the project manager have to convene a meeting of the design team and any other consultants to review all the aspects of the project to date. During this stage the project manager has to assist the preparation or finalisation of the detailed project brief, preparing design management plan, producing co-ordinated design schedule and monitoring the progress etc. It is important function of the project manager to coordinate the activities of the project team and provide all the information they required from the client to execute their duties.

In conclusion, the project manager ensures an effective and cost -conscious service, where the project manager has the full responsibility of the project success. Overall, the project manager has to plan, execute and finalize the projects and ensure the project meets the requirements and objectives in the time and within the budget. Also the project manager has to provide the team with positive and strong moral support and has to steer the project to completion through continuous measurement of time, quality and cost, also ensuring team finishes all the tasks on time that not only satisfy the client but also exceeds the expectations. **