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Dear Sir/Madam

I want to draw your kind attention about this matter that we have used one of the buildings of PFI for the purpose of hospital. Before this i discuss about the new building of PFI look at first what is over all role of PFI playing positively and negatively in our society as well as in government. There are number of questions arising in mind in different directions like what is the meaning of this short term how it playing role in increasing the economy by providing the basic facilities as depending on it also gives the required demands of their contracts in time or not whereas if there is delay in project s then what will be it effect on the economy. Secondly how it is affected to the general public as well as to public services. There is one very important point to be remembering that what will be the effect of this delay on government. We have also see one thing due to this delay how politically effect to the government directly or indirectly there is one more thing what is the role of PPP & PFI on public infrastructure. Suppose if PFI is not fulfil the required demands in time then what will be its alternate of PFI then the question rises that is it possible to government to complete projects itself without any contract with any private company. Then what will be happened with the government in the presence of so many risks.

Now it is very important that there must be relationship between the individuals, markets and government. All this is important for the public which makes advance the public interest if we just look at PFI then we came to known that there is huge investment is required in the infrastructure whereas PFI provided the schools and hospitals. Which promoted value of money but it is due to in favour of the public interest, schools and hospitals are necessary why because it is need of the time to get free education as well as free treatment in hospitals. There are so many challenging like globalisation and technology are at top required for the moment for this we have to make the relations between the market and government through required renegotiation.

For to achieve the goals of a stronger economy and a fairer society. We should believe on this that markets are means of advancing the public interest try to make the markets better when do their work due to which markets will be promoted and develop the confidence. Different agencies had also given positive report in PFI performance that there is no delay, good qualities buildings on time and on agreed price with the public sector. PFI have to face so many genuinely risk.

There is no evidence to prove this fact that a private sector is much better as compared to the public sector. There are number of reason from which we can observe that PFI are very poor in improvement

* Time

* Cost

* Quality

It means they do not have capability to fulfil the required demand of any project in time therefore due to this delay the cost of project goes on rises as well as they are not able to provide successfully the standard quality of required buildings.

Infect PFI take so many funds for the completion of their projects but create so many problems to public.

* Transferred risk to others

* Make the project for money

* Unreliable projects

* Projects shows so many risk

PFI make contract with private companies of different projects due to those contracts PFI transferred so many risks to private companies.PFI make only project for to make the money.PFI transferred risk to other companies but after the completion of the projects risk are still there.

Private sector make profits from these projects and reinvestment in other projects just only to make money more at the expenses of public sector.PFI is not willing to complete projects but willing in to make more profit and totally ignore the object of projects.PFI to allow private companies to increase money for major public service projects due to this effect goes on government and resultantly public service workers and users pay the actual costs.

According to my point of view PFI is in the public interest why because in long term it protects to government from so many risks which transfer to private companies this how government secure is. This is how there is strong relationship between private sector and public services due to this relationship we get so many ideas which secure public services.PFI make ensure from private company about those projects which built for public sector. Although PFI achieved money in more value but secure we risk like maintenance, construction and any design faults of project. The building provided by PFI is very good and it fulfils the all requirement. Any one after using this building can be easily find out the role of PFI in our society and how it serving to peoples.

Best Regards

Yours sincerely