Building Site Preparation And Investigation Construction Essay

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The term of construction industry is a very big field witch involve different types of structures such as buildings, power, transportations, petroleum and gas structure and water supply..etc In this report I have selected one of the construction industry fields which is five storey residential building. The constructions of a residential building can be considered as production which the contractor will make this product. To enable this balding to be constructed there are several conditions and factors to be considered such as the operatives, materials and the machineries (plant) .All these factors must be carefully controlled so that the operatives have the right machine in the most suitable position as well as the materials should be stored exactly near to the site so that to be available and ready to use in order to avoid any interruption that could be caused. In addition, the storage must have enough space and there must be there site accommodation .In fact there is no standard size ratio between the required free space to construct the building and the total area of the site construction. However, to obtain the efficiency there is particular way whereby laying out the site layout to support the proposed site. Furthermore, the planned layout should be reviewed periodically and to be adjusted according to the needs of the site activities. If all the mentioned consideration have been taken then the progress of the entire work going to flow smoothly.

Site preparation is critical for successful of the project. The Preparation of this residential building site should include the following services

Required Utilities: which involve the power and water supplies and parking as well as a sewer lines

Access to site: preparation the rights of way is very important criteria which leads to transporting and transferring the materials smoothly into the proposed site whither that road is paved or a bridge to cross to the site which both have to get efficiency to cater all the heavy vehicles and machineries needed for the construction purpose.

Security : this is very critical factor to secure the construction site by fencing around the site and to secure all the facilities and belonging of the contractors and engineers in addition to secure the site especially at night so that no theft of facilities or materials

Layout: This is something regarding to the site conditions such as the height of water table and the nature of soil, flooding risks, existing trees and neighboring properties.

Staff: What I mean her is how to provide the facilities for example the site accommodation, catering, and safety equipments such as the safety helmet and safety shoos as well.

Moreover, the criteria mentioned above covered some important consideration while there are some other critical consideration depends on the police and the authority of the site area and getting known of all those consideration defiantly will cause the site preparation to be in the perfect way such as:-

Materials schedule getting known about the amount of the required materials to be delivered and the time to deliver the materials helps to estimate the storage space efficiently.

Plant schedule simply if we get aware about the machineries required then the space for machineries can be estimated and the decision can be made wither to hire the plant or to purchase.

Pre programmed tender this clearly shows what is the allowed time for the major activities to get done.

Site layout the main concern her is about site space allocation for working areas, material storage, ,plant positions , access , emergency services and units of accommodations

Protection: what is meant her is how to protect the proposed site by fencing so that people can be protected and that practically include fencing the existing trees and the surrounding of the site .In addition to that there must be a warning sign board beside to the identification sigh board which shows the name of the project, the company in charge, the contractor and the dates of starting and finishing .Other than that is the insurance validity has to be checked from time to time.

Construction stages

The main goal here is to identify how to control each stage of construction stages so that at the end of the project we can achieve high quality In this case, our residential construction project can be divided into five separated stages

1. Foundation Stage - This includes clearing the site from any obstructions, excavation, footings, foundation walls (retaining wall), waterproofing, backfill and compaction, and underground plumbing.

2. Framing Stage - This includes the brick walls and wood or steel framing, and windows and exterior doors, and roofing.

3. Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical Stage - This includes water and sewer piping,; wiring and electrical panel installation.

4. Insulation and Drywall Stage - This includes wall insulation, , drywall installation, tape and texture.

5. Finishing Stage - This includes Painting , Trim, finished flooring, cabinets, countertops, wall tile, mirrors, shower doors, final electrical final plumbing, and final mechanical.

Site investigation, (SI)

Site investigation is basically how to come up with the information about the site location of this residential building. What I tried to focus on my project (SI) is simply whether the exiting site is suitable for this building or otherwise, by analyzing samples of soil, groundwater, surface water, however, from the results of the tested samples, I found that the soil is sandy and strong enough to resist the loads of the building while the groundwater table was at the depth of 7.5 meters from the ground surface and from the Sampling based on drilling method we found that there is a Granite bedrock at a depth of three meters below the ground level although, I have decided to install some piles to support the existing soil so that we can construct the building with the confidence .

Area by-law

One of the features of this construction building site is that its located in a historical area and the design of the outdoor should be built using bricks to maintain the same design as the neighborhood design .Furthermore, All the trees there have to be carefully protected and maintained .In this case I have to avoid any problems regarding this issue by following all the required rules.


As a conclusion, in this report I come up with a very good background on how to prepare the construction site so that the progress of the work can go smoothly with no obstructions and I also tried my best in arranging the construction stages to be properly separated and each stage follow the other in order to ensure the control of this construction which will surly reflect to the entire project .Last but not least ,All the site investigation procedures were properly conducted and I ensured that location was suitable for this building .Finally I did followed the in - law regulations of that particular area to maintain the historical value of that area. Really this task has strongly consolidated my strength and capacity to get more knowledge and experience as well.