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As a Project Manager, main responsibility is the handle project life cycle and the success within every aspect. On being good Project Manager, he or she should have high potential development in order to improve a team work and inter personal skills which they gained from experience while working deferent projects. It is cover all issues in inter professional team and supported to the concept of leadership and innovation, also look at ways of developing competence of negotiation, delegation in the context of software engineering projects. Project Manager have to use different managerial strategies in the sequence of finish project, simply named as VM (Value Management), DM (Design Management), SCM (Supply Chain Management), RM (Risk Management), APM (Alternative Procurement Management).

VM (Value Management) skill is to decide the method of minimize the waste in order maximize productive output. It will easier to handle project budget to achieve the main objectives with project time limit according to master project plan. As it say "waste come in all forms in every project". Hence, there is always room to improve. VM concerned optimize the overall performance of a project. By being a good Project Manager, VM is concerned with improving decision-making framework for the project within the project context.

Risk Management is all about the managing uncertainty. As a Project Manager, he should have structured process to understood overall project risk, and manage those to optimize the project success. Traditionally risk has viewed as negative, but in project management, it is cover both, positively or negatively. Hence Project Manager has a responsibility to identify the project risks in single risk management process. There are few steps to be followed by Project Manager to manage the residual risk in the project. As a first step, Project Manager should identify the risks and categorize, then assess predictability, impact & probability, and then next step to respond, eliminate, reduce or deflect the risk, then the last step manages the residual risk. Hence Project Manager has to use many strategic plans on his project team to overcome the risk he faced, and achieved the project goal on timely. (APM body of knowledge, 5th edition).

Project strategy is how the project carryout & control the key points such as procurement route, cost, and programmed, control system, quality management, methodologies. Those all decisions to be made by Project Manager, to control the key point as known the strategies. After the strategy and plan for the project have been agreed the strategy can be executed. Execution is totally difference from the implementing of project management plan. For the event of preparation a project management plan, there are four main topics to be followed.

The complete scope of the project is defined.

The schedule within which the scope must be delivered is determined.

The resources required to deliver the scope are understood.

The necessary budget to deliver the scope agreed.(APM body of knowledge , 5th edition)

The project management plan holds the total agreements between the sponsor, and other stakeholders and the project manager. It is very important, as a project manager keeping a full record of project management plan and the agreements of contents, especially as the stakeholder's expectation of the project may have changed during the planning process. Although the project owns the project management plan, it should be developed with the project team, because it will assist in effective handover of the project. (Chapter 2.4, APM, 5th edition)

Project manager should increase the field experience to build the confidence in a project. During the tenure, besides sharpening and application of his theoretical knowledge into practical, Project manager will get the opportunity to work inter actively with clients and other subcontractors, and also direct work groups, which is to manage and utilize all resources to attain a goal.

Overall experience and knowledge about on project management is contained in various types such as project planning, setting out project, quality control, handling the people to enhance the production of project (Personnel management). Familiarize to project programming and schedule with computer software is also additional skill for the good project manager. Also being a Project manager need good team working skills, computer skills, good communication skills -verbal & written, client focused accurate planning & programming, good time manager, organized, able to prioritize effectively, effective managerial and supervisory skills, creative & innovative, accurate reporting, professional approach, strives for improvement, good health & safety awareness, ability to develop & maintain relationships with subcontractors.

The project program to be carried out at the beginning of the project, with limited information. There are many type of program software such as Primavera, Microsoft project….etc. Project program will be predicted accurately each detailed activity timing. As a project manager has to use many different type of program in the project such as overall program (framework of critical & major sub section), procurement program (designer based, in time to meet the lead in times), stage program (takes into account major changes in scope & looks at alternative logic and critical path), monthly program, weekly program. The overall project program is often prepared using the critical path method (CPM).

As project manager, it is very essential to arrange the formal meetings regularly, in every two weeks with the client and design team to overcome the issues, and also minutes are to be monitoring in the followings meetings. Project manager is the single point of contact on behalf of the client. He is the key responsibility person to protect the client interest and the project budget. Project Manager should be very strict on all resources and assets management as the project budget is very tight. In the issues aroused, Project manager should used value engineering method as a best practice of VM (Value Management) to find feasibility method to reduce the cost. Also, he should deeply study on project risk factors in advance and evaluated method to minimize the risk. Being a good project manager must dedicate whole skills and experience to get the best value for the client. Project manager lead the project team and plan, manage, control and made report regularly to General Projects manager and Project director. He compromise everyday to his project team including all subcontracting group by using knowledge of high capacity of engineering application, overall design works, general project management skills, and self motivation.

Considering of the duty of quality control management, as a good project manager should apply in both the outputs of the project and the process by which the outputs are delivered. Quality management covers basically four processes, which is quality planning, quality assurance, quality control & continuous improvement. Project manager can manage the trade-off between scope, time, cost, and quality by using the quality planning criteria's. The further description of quality is "right first time" & "zero defects". Basically as good project manager should avoid the rework costs the project time & money and reduces the stakeholder confidence.

Project related health, safety & environmental management is the most important part of project manger's duty. This is the process applying appropriate standards and methods to minimize the likelihood of accidents, injuries or environmental impact both during the project and its deliverables. Legislation influences the project manager's responsibility toward the people in project team. Project manager may have to avoid discrimination against an employee in their project team. Also, organization has a legal duty to ensure employees are not made ill by their work. Project manager must be aware of how organization's policy impacts on their project. Also, project manager must be concern about the noise, dust, protection of flora & fauna, waste disposal, sustainability. The project manager is expected to ensure that the project has a plan or plans including health, safety and environmental management, organization, health & safety risk management, training, auditing and reporting. (Chapter 2.7, APM, 5th edition)

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