Analyzing The Project Of Civil Engineering Construction Essay

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This project is about management of Civil Engineering projects and how construction of a civil engineering project should be undertaken. There are various steps involved in civil engineering projects. In order to make a construction project successful the various stages of the project have to be implemented properly. There has to be proper quality check of the various equipments and material has to be done.

Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council, LEED is the world's largest and fastest-growing green building certification programs that provide a suite of standards for environmentally sustainable construction. Currently it is adopted on approximately 400 million square meters of buildings in 70 countries. To meet the requirement of LEED, Taipei 101 commissioned three energy-saving consultants to conduct a review of the building and initial results shows that it had installed several green elements during the original design and construction, including the double pane Low-e glass curtain wall, a waste recycling program, a grey water system, and a building energy management system. However, it still needs to make more improvements; including increasing its green landscape, checking lighting systems, and replacing outdated facilities.

Quality is maintained by removing the barriers existing between the departments and continuous improvement. Quality has gained importance as customers seek it as an important part of a product or service they are buying. The suppliers hence try their best to seek quality to the customers by reducing the various gaps existing. The ISO 9000 series of standards are probably the best known International standards for quality management. (Pyzdek,2003)

Being the tallest building of world the strength has to be made sure of .Before the construction started efforts were made by the constructors to ensure the strength and fluidity. Lot of trial mixes and mock up tests were conducted on rigorous basis continuously for nine months in order to pump more than 25 m high to 62nd floor. The tests were conducted at the batching plant for 24 hours. The welding quality is assured by use of a special wind and water proof working platform to perform the work and ultrasonic tests by an independent surveyor for every joint after welding. The podium roof resembles a Chinese RU YI (meaning lucky and fortune), spanning more than 70m with traditional Chinese style was very complicated and needed trial assembly at the manufacture's factory to make sure each detail conformed to original design before installation. (Pyzdek, T, "Quality Engineering Handbook", 2003)

The technical aspect of quality management means to adhere to the rules and standards that are set in the contract. This includes a general framework of how the construction work will be carried on with all its technicalities. There are various clauses to safeguard the interest of the employees like a Defect Correction Period and a Performance bond. Auditing of the construction project is done from time to time to check the cost applications. Contracts, though often changed to reach a mutual agreement carry certain common features and use fixed industry standards such as the ones drawn by UK Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) or International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC). These contracts have different structure and content based on different scope and type of project. These will include specifications, directions and instructions to employer, tenders, employee and contractor. Bill of quantities along with schedule of work may also be present here but these can be modified. (Berrie, Michele,Project Manager Responsibilities)

Construction planning now days is very tiresome and challenging as not only it involves use of latest and varies technology but the projects are not easy to manage and execute. There are complex activities involved like the defining of the work to be achieved by each and every group, the resource they will need at their end, the time they will take for execution and how they will fit with each other. If the construction plan is well build up then the scheduling of the processes and the budgetary requirements will always fulfill the estimated budgets? Hence development of a plan before starting off with the construction is a job that requires lot of labor and at times becomes impossible to achieve. Then apart from this many back end decisions are to be taken like about the relationships that the participants will share when they start of with the construction plan. Like the relation between the borrowers and the lenders cannot be predicted and similarly the contractor and labor differences cannot be handles at once.

Located on the east commercial area of Taipei basin, Taipei 101 has become the tallest building in the world since October 2004, and a new landmark for Taipei. Being general contractor of Taipei 101 project, KTRT JV organized an effective construction team to manage this unique project through daily, weekly and monthly meetings to monitor the project, KTRT JV also carefully executed PDCA CYLE to control project schedule, quality, safety and cost. During the construction period, Taipei 101 experienced a huge earthquake shock, causing the whole project to be delayed for about half a year. After careful examination and planning, KTRT JV resumed the work and completed this unique project within the owners' expectation.

While making up or planning on a construction activity it is important like in case of any other project management that there must be budgetary segregations for which there must be a pre cost estimation. This is usually done through cost controlling techniques or cost scheduling methods . While recording the expenditure incurred it is kept in mind that the construction project is cost based or expense based and thereafter in the expenditure column the performance of the activity is rated by the cost that the activity undertakes or eats up. This also shows how much each activity has achieved during the construction activity. Like the expenses from the borrowers will be overhead expenses and that on the workers will be material cost. It is important that the activities are maintained for the effective and efficient scheduling of the activities. In past the mistake made was that the scheduling activities were task focused and hence used Pert CPM (Critical Path Method) which involved efficient use of the available resources. But for the best results it is important that the activities must include both the cost as well as the scheduling and cover up all the important aspects of the budget.