Analyzing The Importance Of Energy Efficiency Construction Essay

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Energy efficiency or sometimes called efficient energy use is defined as getting similar or better level of service with less energy consumption. The energy efficiency is also defined as a reduction in the energy used for a given energy service such as use less heating and cooling energy in insulating home, lighting or other level of activity. This reduction in the energy consumption is not necessarily associated to technical changes, since it can also result from a better organization and management or improved economic efficiency in the sector which is overall gains in productivity.


The energy efficiency is very importance because there are useful in multiple ways. Actually, the importance of energy efficiency is to ensure provision of same level of energy using fewer amounts of fossils fuels. First, the energy efficiency is needed to reduce the electricity rate in the world and helps us in saving the money hence there will cause less of emissions. The energy efficiency is also the best and quickest way to reduce Green House Gas emissions such as carbon dioxide (CO2), Sulfur dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) that contributing to global warming and acid rain which is from using fossil fuels. According to the International Energy Agency, improved energy efficiency in buildings, industrial processes and transportation could reduce the world's energy in 2050 by one third, and help control the global emissions. In addition, electricity generation in most cases involves the burning of fossil fuels in power plants. Therefore, the energy efficiency is indirectly helps us to conserve the environment in the world. As we known, the fossil fuels are depleting resources and escalated in price as they are exhausted. Therefore, the energy efficiency is needed to minimize the use of fossil fuels so that prevent the occurrence of adverse climatic change resulting from it. Energy efficiency also can be applied in energy production and utilization in many areas such as power plants, and in industrial, transport, commercial and residential sectors. The concepts of energy efficiency and renewable energy are considered to be the "twin pillars" of sustainable energy policies. So that, there is needed to be simultaneous application of strategies regarding renewable energy and efficient use of energy such as by using the solar energy. Solar energy is a renewable energy that has been used for heating, drying, and lighting. Nowadays, the solar energy is available to convert to the electricity and that is particularly will reduce dependency on high sulphur fossil fuel especially coal and oil.

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One of the applications that used Energy Efficiency is Motor. High Efficiency Motor (HEM) are quite "new" to the industry in Malaysia. Many are still not familiar on how efficient motors can benefit them. Manufacturer should realize the advantage of the energy efficient motors for the purpose of energy saving. The usage of energy efficient motor can reduce financial cost of industrial sector such as the cost of motor maintenance and cost of buying new motor because it has long life span. Therefore, energy efficient motors can save a substantial amount of money in the long run. Using energy efficient motor that have slightly higher efficiency than standard motor can also reduce electricity bill. Efficient use of electricity could reduce the number of power plant which has to be built to meet electricity demand.

The design of High-efficiency motors have a several improvement in the motor such as :

Have a larger-diameter wire - Increasing the volume of copper by 34 to 40% This change reduce current passing through the amount of active steel in each steel lamination.

Higher-grade bearing - Reduces friction loss.

Smaller - more efficient design reduce windage losses in fan-cooled motors.

Tighter tolerance and more stringent, manufacturing process control - reduce losses from unplanned conducting paths and stray load phenomena.

Another application that using Energy Efficiency is building design. Buildings are significant users of energy and building energy efficiency is a high priority in many countries. Not much publish data is yet available energy performance or actual energy consumption of building. Buildings as they are designed and used today, contribute to serious environmental problems because of excessive consumption of energy and other natural resources. However, by upgrading the homes with better building science, we can save money even after considering the cost of the upgrading in few times. For energy efficiency building design, there are two important things that need to be taken;

Building Envelope - Element of the building envelope is wall (interior), windows, roof and underground slab and foundation. There are 3 factors that determining the heat flow across the building envelope which is the differential between temperature outside and inside house, area of the building exposed and heat transmission value of the exposed area.

Building system - Element of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system which are installed to provide for occupant comfort, health and safety. Lighting system also one of the key energy user and additional cooling energy will be required to remove the heat generated luminaries. Other building service system consuming energy includes electrical installations, lifts and escalators, water supply systems and town gas supply system.

From the application above, it shows energy efficiency are important means toward the development of sustainable energy and reducing the impacts of the energy sector on the environment besides it can reduce financial cost and energy cost.