Analysis of Maintenance of Bus Terminal Buildings

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Malaysia is a country that is develops in line with economic development in the 21st century. In the development process of a country's transportation sector is one of the important areas to be taken seriously. The transportation sector is very important in the economic development in Malaysia and around the world.

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia is a rapidly developing. The increase of population migrated to Kuala Lumpur cause additional problems in the vehicles on the road and cause serious traffic jams. Thus public transport available is one way to reduce the problem of traffic jammed.

In Malaysia, the new bus terminal development program and upgrade the existing bus terminal was carried out in order to accommodate the needs of use. The needs of low-and middle income people to use public transport like a bus for daily use and make the construction of the bus terminal there is developed in certain areas.

The development has been made will be triggered needed the maintenance to buildings. Skills in terms of knowledge and experience are needed in maintenance. This is because each job or product is established people are not free from damage or defects. The maintenance is needed from time to time. It because every development, there must be a maintenance to maintain the function of the building.

BS 3811(1984), define ‘maintenance’ as “The combination of all technical and associated administrative actions intended to retain an item in, or restore it to, a state in which it can perform its required function.”

The maintenance is necessary for maintaining the structure and function of his deep it is an important case in the values ​​for the resurfacing and takes the guess factor of safety and comforts of users as well as the durability of the building. Management impression of the implementation of the building is an important factor for human beings to the interests and comforts.

1.2Aims and objectives

The aim of this research is to examine the factors damages and defects on bus terminal building to increase awareness to show important the building maintenance.

  1. To determine types of defects commonly occur on bus terminal building.
  1. To identify the problems encountered in maintenance by the bus terminal management.
  1. To identify the factor affecting the cost on maintenance of bus terminal.

1.1Problem statement

The construction of public transportation terminal is increase to afford the needs of all levels including the low, medium and high income. This facility not only provided by the government but by the private sector. These facilities had to maintain for the continuous operation. To maintain the facilities on bus terminal building, many problem faced by maintenance management in the bus terminal.

The problem is many type of defect has occurred in bus terminal building. Crack on the wall and the flooring is black due to impurities (Harian Kosmo, 2011). Bus terminal maintenance is important to ensure smoothness the ride in the bus terminal to prevent any unwanted problems. The responsibility and obligation is becoming for any development there must be periodic implementation. Many of the larger organizations will have a maintenance manager, though their job title building officer, property manager, facilities managers or similar. The department will involve in commissioning and maybe carrying maintenance work (Wood, 2009).

Lack of maintenance management has made the maintenance not carry out properly. Toilet allegedly responsible for the repair Rantau Panjang Bus Station not fully repaired yet, and still need the attention of the responsible (Sinar Harian, 2013). Maintenance bus terminal is essential to ensure the comfort of the user in the terminal to prevent any unwanted problems. This is to encourage people to use public from using their own vehicles to avoid traffic congestion worse in Kuala Lumpur.

Cost is always the problem in maintenance management. The unplanned budget for maintenance always affecting the cost on maintenance. ( )

This study is hoped to assist management in the bus terminal to identify the problems that often occur and can take action to reduce the rising costs of maintenance and provide comfortable service to consumers.


This study is important because the results of this study are expected to give illustration about awareness of the bus terminal maintenance building for occupants and surrounding environment. Besides that, able to identify problems that are often experienced by the bus terminal building in order to minimize maintenance costs faced. With awareness of the maintenance it can also provide comfort to the user with carried out maintenance

1.4Research Methodology

The aim of this research is to examine the factors damages and defects on building element to increase awareness to show how important the building maintenance. To achieve the aim of this research, the objective must be fulfilling first.

For data collection researcher uses three methods to collect all information. The data collection of this research is as follow:

  1. Literature review

The literature review is as a secondary resource with the aim to investigate and identify of the knowledge particularly on awareness of building maintenance. According to Fink (2005) defines a literature review as a systematic, explicit and reproducible method for identifying, evaluating, and synthesizing the existing body completed and recorded work produced by researcher, scholar and practitioners.

  1. Observation

The observation is by visiting around all the building in the study area to collect all data about maintenance and information about research. The observation method helps to overcome some of the limitations of the data collecting methods such as interview, questionnaire and focus group discussion. This method helps collect rich and insightful data in natural settings with relatively less cost and less inconvenience to the researcher, Pawar Ed. (2004).

  1. Questionnaire

The questionnaire is as a tool of surveys to get information faster and accurate. A questionnaire is an internal research tool and is one means of eliciting the feeling, beliefs, experiences and attitudes of a sample group of individuals. It is concise, preplanned set of question designed to yields specific information about a particular topic from one or more groups of people, Malcon (2006).

1.5Scope Limitation

The scope for this research covers the maintenance management for bus terminal buildings. The scope and limitation of this research are as follow:

For this research, bus terminal in Kuala Lumpur area was chosen as the case study to fulfill the purpose of this research. Bus transportation is the most popular public transportation because it is one of the centers in the public transportation at Kuala Lumpur. It will look into how the management of maintenance in this buildings. In addition, the bus terminal consists of a new building and old building. It makes it easier to compare the level of maintenance management and the types of defects that occur in the building. Research scope of survey only focuses on the staff and user at the bus terminal in Kuala Lumpur