Analysis And Findings The Hypotheses Construction Essay

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This chapter deals with the design of the questionnaire instrument developed to collect the primary data, as well as the questions structured for the personal interviews, and how it will be used to substantiate the problem as well as test the hypotheses. The primary aim of this chapter is to structure a well balanced questionnaire and to distribute it to the appropriate respondents to establish the awareness of Green Construction in the Western Cape, from different points of view, like the Architect, Contractor, Client and other parties involved in a Construction process, compared to Conventional Construction. Lastly to establish what benefits are associated when Constructing Green, not only on the environment, but also human health and building sustainability.

The questionnaires were designed in a very open-minded, straightforward manner so that it could be easily understood and interpreted by all the parties. All questions were either mailed electronically or done in person. The questionnaires were designed in such a manner to allow maximum co-operation from all respondents. The various parties who received questionnaires were Consultants, Clients, Contractors, and various senior positioned employees at Group Five Construction Western Cape, and all other relevant parties involved in the Construction process in order to have sufficient data to prove the hypotheses.

More than half of the people (55%) has thought about the impact and possible positive impact Green construction can have upon the indoor environment, 30% Haven’t thought about it in the context of the indoor conditions, while 10% does not have a good idea of what green construction is all about in totality, and 5% probably didn’t even know that green construction is not only based on the external environment, but equally important internally.

As mentioned before, UCT is a well known University, and they have employed a Re-use and Re-cycle initiative, which is visibly appealing, when driving past the university, in order to show not only the public how important the issue is, but to also make them think about it, and this might trigger them to start re-cycling and re-using at their homes