An Overview Of Collaboration Procurement Construction Essay

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Procurement is a term which describes the activities undertaken by a client or employer who is demanding to bring about the construction or refurbishment of a building. Procurement has great influence on the time, cost and quality. The bespoke nature of many construction projects increases the inherent risks. These risks include completing a project which does not meet needs, which is delivered late or costs more than the client can pay or fund. All these risks can impact the client's core business, seriously. The procurement strategy developed balance risks against project objectives at an early stage of construction. This method of procurement involves the contractor being responsible for design as well as construction, it can be suitable for all clients, including inexperienced clients and those requiring distance from the project and cost certainty and faster track. It is important at the outset to ensure that the field of discussion is clearly defined. One of the problems that have beset this particular area of construction research is a lack of clear definition.(rowlison, steve)

As procurement the project team will be selected. After the project team has been selected the project can progress through developing initial design work to preparing drawings and documents to illustrate the project, achieving planning consent, defining standards to be met and allocating responsibilities. During this period the client (or project sponsor or project manager) should ensure land purchase is completed on time, if necessary ensure the design process is consistent with the strategic brief, ensure an internal decision-making system is in place to avoid design delays. Keep the wider client organization informed set up. An appropriate funding framework to ensure payments can be made on time. Construction phase will progress under the management of the project manager or the project team.(online)

Collaborative procurement is not popular but this method is increasing in the worldwide. Collaborative procurement is seen as horizontal collaboration between different local authorities during one or more steps in the procurement process. In this method contact is made with different small companies with the respect of their specialty. Through this process many companies take complete equipment and do their own task. Different advantages can be gained by collaborative procurement in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. In this form the rate of success depend on the way of organization which is used. The collaborative procurement proposals are the way to use the professional buying organization by setting up a different companies in one panel and it drive to greater coordination, consistency and transparency.(Online)

Partnership may have slightly different contents and scope then collaboration, but the lowest common is that the parties will work as a group jointly in any respect and that the parties must have confidence in each other. The term collaborative contract, a definition of a collaborative contract is to be controlled by client and contractor and it is also regulate the regular interaction between the client and a contractor. It also makes the regular contact with contractor and consultant of different projects.

Hence the Collaboration procurement is very important for multi projects. This client will save the time and cost. Quality will also improve by making contract with all specialists in their own fields.

Method statement


Nahar al-wafa Est. has the expertise and resources to carry out this developing project and welcoming the opportunity of joining the professional team during pre-tender stage. From our investigation plan of this project will done on fast track method in the order to provide our clients with the complete contract at earliest possible date together with high quality.

Method statement

Site establishment:

Investigating the site is an important task; a survey will be done to carry out essential pre tender work. Before the taking the responsibility of work all the problem of existing site must be notified to client's representative. During the investigation of site, contact will be made with statutory authorities to identify the local existing services.

Site Accommodation:

Contact should be made to appropriate department regarding the possible sitting for accommodation. On the site after the completion of slab floor the full accommodation will be installed as following:

Client's requirement will specified on bill page

Nahar AL-wafa Est Accommodation Provision for: project executive

construction project manager, Site

Agents, Engineers, Surveyors, General

Forman and administration.

Welfare Facilities Canteen, Draying Room, Toilets and First aid.

Additional requirement for main sub contractor's supervision offices and security office will setup on the requirement.

Site access

During the substructure work there is chance of injury. So main access should from north gate and south gate should use for exit. For loading and unloading spare area is available in the site.

Materials Distribution

In the order to meet the schedule and maximum coverage of site 2 cranes will be suggested. It is also suggested to install the cranes in early stage so it can be used in sub-structure work. Crain should be place on rain force concrete structure. After making the floor, passengers and goods hoists should be distribute in all floors before removing the cranes.

Substructure works:

Basement construction would do with pilling. It is assumed that pile testing will be carried out to main contract work with pilling program. Additional time for pilling test will not be granted it is expected that successful pilling contractor would use at least three rigs. We have assumed that pre boring pilling will not be essential and the progress of pilling contractor will not impose any effect on other work. For speed and efficiency, the retaining wall forms would be fabricated off site. Concrete world should carry out with cranes in the order to save time and money.( Construction Methods And Planning)

Super structure:

In the order to fast method a carefull study of framework systems is carried out in the relation to rapid progress. The selected methods showed that it is verified to get best result in less time.

Aluma system will be used on the ground slab which is part of our scheme. This system can be installed quickly. It will also make the construction light weight. For upper slabs we have planned for the use of flying forms. Circular form work to columns would be manufactured off site in glass reinforced plastic or steel to provide the quality finish required.

Distribution of concrete reinforcement and form work for the frame would be by crane concrete. In the order for rapid construction it is suggested to use mobile concrete pumps. It will save the time and cost as well.

External envelope

Due to the health and safety reason temporary fences barrier must be installed as a frame of construction. It is very important to secure the site. Curtain walling type and manufacture is not being specified. Full research is not possible for the design and manufacture. It is designed according to the trend of market.( Construction Methods And Planning)

Site organization structure:

Organization of this site will be provided by the Nahr al wafa est company. This company has the managers and engineering. In various cases they been trained by the company and have established their position on varied projects over long periods.

Training and employment of local people

It is very important that local people should employ after some training. The divisional policy is to promote the formal training of employees at all level. Most of these kind of trainings carried out in the houses with fully equipped training school.

Participation in external training schemes is supported and encouraged the young people. For senior level, the training is given about management development.

Health and safety:

Division has the responsibilities to make ensure that the employs are working under safe system. The entire precautions step has been taken and all the staff will not effect by any operations.( Construction Methods And Planning)