American Housing And Urban Development Construction Essay

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The government should continue financing the housing projects in the United States. The diverse and significant program activities serve so many millions of the American households. This financing is done through many third party administrators of the program which include: public housing agencies; units of local and state government; private mortgage lenders; for-profit and non-profit housing sponsors; managers and developers; and the faith-based and community-based service organizations. The role of the Housing and Urban Development in the delivery of the programs of housing projects is to provide program monitoring, support and the enforcement to ensure that the funds of the program are used for their intended benefit and purpose. Effective and efficient communication of the program requirements and goals to the third party administrators and to the beneficiaries is a very important component of the program's control environment (Wodka, 2009).

With the help of the Government Accountability Office in the Federal Government, the Housing department is able to provide the framework for maintaining and establishing adequate systems of the internal control and for addressing and identifying the major management and performance challenges and the areas where there is maximum risk of mismanagement, waste, fraud, and abuse. The third party administrators and the beneficiaries of the program are well represented by national or local interest groups or associations. This is a cheap way and cost effective way for the housing department to communicate to the beneficiaries and the stakeholders (Edward, 2010).

The housing program was begun in order to provide safe and decent rental housing for the only suitable low-income families, persons with disabilities and even the elderly. The housing comes and is presented in all types and sizes, from the speckled single family houses to the high-rise apartments for the older and elderly families. This was mostly aimed at the low-income individuals and families which is based on their yearly gross income and they should be U.S citizens or are eligible immigrates. A check should then be done on the family to assess whether the people living there will be good tenants. The United States' ministry of Housing and Urban Development gives the Federal aid to the specified local housing agencies which manages the housing for the low-income residents at the rates of rents that they can afford. The Housing and Urban Development furnishes professional and technical assistance in developing, managing and planning the developments in their area of work (Wodka, 2010).

The Housing agencies are responsible for operation and the well management of the local and public housing program that they are in charge of. They help to guarantee and assure total compliance with the leases which should be signed by the two parties. They also set charges like the excess utility consumption, damages to unit and the security deposit that are charged to the consumer in order to ensure great and required order in the housing programs. They also perform the periodic reexaminations of the income of the families involved at least once per year. They transfer families from their houses to another with the view of correcting under or overcrowding, renovating or repairing the dwelling units or even upon request. The Housing agencies are in charge of terminating leases when it is necessary to do so and they sustain the development in a safe, decent, and favorable sanitary conditions. In some other times, the housing agencies provide services such as: special employment and training programs, and employment training opportunities for all the residents; homeownership opportunities for the qualified families; and suitable support programs for the sick and elderly. All the above advantages and roles of the housing agencies that are under the Department of Housing and Urban Development fully show that this program should continue to finance the housing projects (Edward, 2009).

The eligible members of receiving the financial assistance are verified by the housing agencies. The application form is written and this reduces chances of fraud to minimal levels. The housing agency is required to collect information from the applicant about their eligibility. This information includes: the names of all the people who will live in the dwelling unit, their date of birth, their sex, and who the family head will be and the relationship each member has with the head of the family; the current telephone number and address; the characteristics of the family and their circumstances in order to know whether they would qualify as tenants; information about the suitability of the family as tenants from the previous and present landlords and hence give their addresses and names; the expected income of the family for the presiding one year and the expected sources of that income; the addresses and names of their employers, banks and the relevant information that would be used to verify the family's income and their deductions and verification of the family composition is very useful; and finally the staff of the housing agencies could visit the home and interview the family members with the view of getting the information on how the home is managed (Michael, Gina & Cassoliti,2010).

After getting all the required information, the representative of the housing agency explains the housing program and the requirements needed and answers all the questions that the applicant may have regarding the financing the housing projects as carried out by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. This information helps the department and also the individuals who are applicants in making their final decision on financed and financing the applicant on the side of the government. They both weigh the options that are available and then make their final decisions. The probing of both parties helps them in recognizing the advantages and disadvantages of the relevant parties. This creates security on the part of the department and on the side of the applicant. This will ensure smooth running of the sector of providing housing. It also ensures prompt payment of rents and this greatly reduces the chances of mishandling of the applicants by their landlords and cases of eviction or being thrown out of their houses. This security is very essential and important to all the people involved. Therefore the housing programs and their financing should be continued and highly encouraged in the United States and also in all the other countries (Wodka 2010).

After the information is given to the housing representatives, documentation is required to verify the information given. These include birth certificates, tax returns and signing forms that would allow the employer to release any pertinent information to the representative. This reduces the chance of fraud and cheating cases. The Department of Housing and Urban Development does not give any chance of the tenants being exploited by their landlords and this is very encouraging and should continue. The Department of Housing and Urban Development creates job opportunities to so many residents of the United States. These job positions are accountants, engineers, lawyers, actuaries and so many other slots in this department. This enhances the continuation of the department. The staff should be competent and cooperative. They attend conference participation that is meant to enhance the abilities, skills and knowledge of the staff with the view of improving their total support of the program and job performance.

The mission, vision, goals and the core values of the Housing and Urban Development Department are aimed at the well being of the residents and economic development and therefore should always be encouraged to continue and this will increase the Gross Domestic Product of the United States in particular. Their mission is to "increase homeownership, support community development, and increase access to affordable housing free from discrimination." This should be supported and encouraged in order to bring out the desired mission of United States as a nation. The Department of Housing and Urban Development has six strategic goals which include: promoting decent and affordable housing; increasing homeownership opportunities; strengthening communities; ensuring equal opportunity in the housing sector; embracing high standards of management, accountability and ethics; and promoting total participation of the faith-based and the community organizations (Dept, 2004).

The Department of Housing and Urban Development helps to make the desire and dream of owning homes to become a reality to many Americans and other people living in the United States. The advertisement and the use of programs such as Housing Counseling, American Dream Down payment Initiative, and FHA Mortgage Insurance help in doing this because the rates are low and considerable at the mode of payment is well stipulated and comprehensible to the Americans themselves. The national programs are very helpful, at one time; President Bush challenged the Department and the nation at large to create 5.5 million homeowners who were to be minorities by the end of ten years. This was made possible because the rates were reduced drastically in order to favor the challenge that they faced. The minorities benefited from this because they were able to own the homes. Therefore the Department should continue to finance the housing projects (Mitchell, Angela & Stephen, 2002).

The Department of Housing and Urban Development ensures that the dwelling units are well served by public facilities and utilities. These include sewer, electrical, gas and water systems which are constructed and located to eliminate or minimize flood damage. They ensure that the dwelling units have onsite waste disposal systems and water systems located near to avoid the impairments of the systems or contamination when there is flooding. This ensures environmental conservation which is highly recommended ad encouraged (Edward 2010).

Before the department gives the financial assistance to someone who needs to build multi-unit and dwelling housing facilities, there are certain things that the department needs to ensure that they are well laid out and this helps a lot in the types of houses that are built in the United States. Therefore the department should continue financing the housing projects so that they could enact the laws. The laws include: the first floor of the building should be elevated above 100-year flood level in the habitable space; it should be well served with public facilities and utilities; the construction should meet the requirements of applicable development standards; and the permit to build should be issued by the relevant qualified authorities; the building should be designed, anchored and erected in such a way that it prevents collapse, flotation, or any lateral movement; and that the building materials and the utility equipment should be resistant to flooding. These go a long way in ensuring that all buildings in the United States are safe and habitable (Dept, 2004).

In the Environment conservation, there is the Assessment Tools for Environmental Compliance which is always followed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. They help in preserving the environment and this is another reason why the Department should continue financing the housing projects in the United States. The factors that are considered include these and many others: endangered species; environmental justice; noise; historic preservation; wetlands and floodplains; farmlands protection; air quality; wild and scenic rivers; and sole source aquifers. The Department of Housing and Urban Development decreases the number of homeless people in the whole nation. This is because all the homeless people are requested to contact the department in order that they are financed to have their own place. The programs are mostly run by local organizations which provide a range of services, including food, shelter, counseling, and the job skills programs. All these combined will go a long way in helping the homeless persons and guide them on how to own a house and a home (Edward 2010).

The Department of Housing and Urban Development reduces drastically the rate of crime rate in the area. This is because when it finances the housing projects, the number of homeless and hence desperate people reduces drastically. The more the numbers of homeless people in a certain country, the higher the rate crimes and the less the number of homeless people, the less the crime rates. Therefore it is very essential to regulate the housing projects and this is a long way in ensuring that the rate of moral delinquency is maintained at very low degrees. This creates security in the United States and the residents do not fear investing their income because of insecurity. With time, this leads to economic development (Dept, 2004).

The Department of Housing and Urban Development gives financial aid in terms of grants with the help of the Federal government of the United States. The department of the grants could be done online because the website for grants is open 24 hours in a day and the whole seven days of every week. It is only closed on federal holidays. This ensures that every person has the access to the grants without any discrimination or favor. This is why the conclusion is that the Department of housing should continue to finance the housing projects because they are always available and they conduct themselves without any undeserved favor and discrimination. This helps a great deal in promotion of unity in the region because the citizens feel that they are all equal in terms of the housing aspect and dimension. There is the requirement of being registered under DUNS which is Data Universal Numbering System which helps for the purposes of US Government registration. This number helps to verify the trade style, physical address and legal name of every location and is the main key in starting the registration process. This number applies to all the United States' contractors, Loan recipients and grantees. This is very useful because the residents of the United States feel their responsibility and the effects of their government. Through this numbering the cases of corruption are minimal and it also reduces the chances of ghost recipients of the finances from the government through the Department of Housing and Urban Development. This ensures that the process is fair and that the finances reach the expected and targeted recipients and therefore it should continue. This is because it benefits the intended citizens and therefore it realizes its goal (Mitchell, Angela & Stephen, 2002).

The Department of Housing and Urban Development helps in improving homes through financing the housing projects. It educates the citizens on the pitfalls and facts of improving their homes which is very essential especially in terms of offering the correct information and even suggestions on how they could improve their homes. As the saying goes information and education is power and goes a long way in helping the residents of the United States. After being given the information, the residents are then helped with the resources to be able to make use of the information that they have in articulating the projects. This is very encouraging and gives hope to the residents and hence there are immense positive effects and influences from the residents about the department of Housing and Urban Development. The positive comments surpass the negative and therefore they should continue financing the housing projects. As a conclusion, due to these important points the financing of the housing projects should be continued (Edward 2010).