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If you look around in Abu Dhabi, you will see a notable development in its landscape. The capital city became better considering the transportation system because of what the Department of Transport have been doing since it had been established in 2006 .In 2009, the Department of Transport had ran a new system called "MAWAQIF" which sooner became a firm carries its services Arabic name.

In this project, we mention the role of the Department of Transport regarding the parking system with brief information about the organization. In addition, we presented Mawaqif as a private sector in details. Furthermore, we have discussed different types of parking by demonstrating the similarities and differences in design, the amount of money paid, and the fines. Finally, we explained services of online payment registration and by using prepaid cards.



Years after the discovery of oil in Abu Dhabi, this source became the major economic resources in the country. Due to this, in a few of decades, the UAE established the 2030 plan, which considers transportation as an important aspect. In this report, the parking system in Abu Dhabi will be evaluated. We will mention the role of the sponsors of this project, the Department of Transportation, on the governmental side and Mawaqif in the private sector, in this respect. This will show a blended infrastructure policy in the emirate. Finding parking in Abu Dhabi is a problem for everyone, many people running around the block for 10-15 times to find a parking sometimes without luck. So, everyone can park where he wants without minding about others and this thing makes congestion because of the high population.

Figure 1: congestion of parking in Abu Dhabi

Solving this problem takes a long of time, so the Department Of Transport which is an institution that is responsible of transport trying to provide perfect facilities. DOT decided to search for the solution for the parking problem; as a result, they lunched "Mawaqif" system. Mawaqif is based on payment, for each area there is a different fee.

Chapter 1: Department Of Transport (DOT)

There are many government institutions that serve and help the individual, society and the emirates to keep pace with evolution, and each institution specializes in a particular aspect that is different from the other institution. Moreover, one of these institutions is the Department of Transport (DOT), which specializes in the important field in the country and especially in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.


Figure 2: Logo of DOT

The Department of Transport (DOT) was established pursuant to Law No. 4 of year 2006, amended by Law No. 5 of year 2008. This institution covers different sectors such as the Surface Transport, Aviation and Maritime. It is also owns the right to issue regulations and decisions necessary to achieve the highest standards of safety and security, environmental protection and economic growth for all sectors of transport in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Each institution committed to vision and mission. The Vision of the Department of Transport is to provide an effective transport system that contributes to the economic growth, quality of life and environmental sustainability of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. But their mission is planning, development and organization of a unified transport system well serves the public interest by enhancing mobility and insurance sectors and external safe methods to help keep the environment clean. [1,2]

They are working hard to achieve five main objectives such as, reduce traffic congestion and improve the transition. Also, enhance security and safety, provide Transport convenient, high-quality and reliable. Moreover, contribute to the development of Abu Dhabi's economy through effective transport sector and institution-building based on cooperation and achieve results. Also, it contributed to achieving the vision of Abu Dhabi 2030, which reduce costs as much as possible and employ more nationals of the United Arab Emirates. [3]

Chapter 2: Mawaqif

Department of Transport has launched 'Mawaqif' for parking management in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in 2009 to tackle the lack of parking in the commercial area of Abu Dhabi Island.


Figure 3: Press conference held by the Department of Transport with Mawaqif

At the conference were traded several laws relating to Mawaqif's system. Engineer / Najib Al Zarooni, Director General of the Department of Mawaqif in the Department of Transport mentioned many important points such as, Mawaqif's role that based on providing a comprehensive and integrated system for managing parking in Abu Dhabi, this system is considered among the strategic plan of the Department of Transport. Mawaqif's system aims to reduce congestion and easy mobility and to put the city of Abu Dhabi one of the first world destinations in the Plan Abu Dhabi 2030. Mawaqif was establishing a payment machine in different places in the emirate that uses in easy way. [4,5]


Figure 4: Mawaqif's payment machine

There are many solutions that developed by Mawaqif regarding by the parking of vehicles, which are short and long-term solutions. Relating to the short term solutions, Mawaqif will create multi-storey metal parking temporarily and censor the owners of buildings, including the distribution of parking of private buildings. But the long-term solutions are constructing of multi-storey parks (mechanism and traditional) and encouraging the use of public transport. [6]


Figure 5: Logo of Mawaqif

Chapter 3: Structure

3.1 Parking Regulation Department

The responsibilities of the Parking Regulation Department are distributed on three main sections. First, multi-storey Parking Regulation Section and the responsibilities of this section are to regulate public and private multi-storey parking buildings, operate public multi-storey parking buildings and eliminate illegal parking in multi-storey parking buildings. The second section is surface Parking Regulation which responsible with regulates and controls the sectors where the parking management system is implemented and eliminates illegal parking in sectors where the parking management system is implemented. Last section is Permission Inspection that responsible with regulate and inspect Footpath Utilization and regulate and inspect Parking Reservation. [7]

3.2 Service Coordination Department

The responsibilities of this department are distributed on two main sections. First, Parking Permissions section and the responsibilities of this section are to Issue parking permits, permits for the usage of pavements and open/external spaces and for utilizing private land as parking areas. Second section is Projects & Maintenance that responsible with management of parking projects, maintenance of parking facilities and implementation of new services. [7]

Chapter 4: Types of parking

In Abu Dhabi, there are many unique things, such as types of parking. There are various types of parking which divided depending on the status of the person. They classified in two categories, first sort for normal people which is Public Parking Control. However, the second sort for special people and people who have health conditions which is Private Parking Control.

4.1 Public Parking Control:

4.1.1 Public Surface Parking:

In the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the management of all public parking is Mawaqif responsibility. In addition, as I mentioned before that paid parking services is launched in 2009 and now these services cover many various areas in Abu Dhabi.

Figure 6: Map of Parking Control Zones

Because of the observation of the difference between the view of the emirate of Abu Dhabi before, and now after setting the new system as it is a positive thing that encouraged "Mawaqif" to plan for a new objective an expansion of the system in whole the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Moreover, the operations of expansion will be provided by:

Controlling parking by introducing active and efficient control measures

Managing provision and request

Improving safety and security on the roads and produce more harmony by facilitate traffic flow within the city

As well, this is what has been achieved at the center of the city of Abu Dhabi in the places that have been operating controls. [8]

Figure 7: Paid parking areas

4.1.2 Parking Inspectors (PIs)

And to ensure that things are going on by Mawaqif's plan, in terms of excellence and efficiency Mawaqif has been appointed many inspectors. Inspectors who monitor the cars and they patrol the sites that have been run and the implementation of the system.in addition, Mawaqif expected that the number of Inspectors will arrive 550 during the year 2011. [8]

Mawaqif is sure that Parking Inspectors (PIs) are available in all sectors that have been implementing and operating system Where their goals give the advice and the provision of advisory services to parking users. If anyone violates the laws and noncompliance Inspector who shall necessary measures in terms of giving the owner of the car only offense or ordering for car towing is required. [8]

Figure 8: Parking Inspectors (PIs)

Figure 9: Taking the car off when any one park in wrong parking

All parking spaces that are managed by MAWAQIF are under the charges by payment mechanism (Pay & Displays ticket) where you pay and get a ticket for parking. In addition, there are two tariffs to be conscious of: [8]

Table1. Premium and standard parking [8]

Premium parking


Each hour


Maximum parking duration


Fridays and Public Holiday


Standard parking

Each hour

2 AED and 15 AED for 24 Hrs

Maximum parking duration

24 Hrs

Fridays and Public Holiday


4.1.3 Residents permits designated parking areas:

For residents, there are parking areas that Mawaqif appointed for them. They can use these parking areas because they have permission. However, they can't use these parking anytime; it's depending on timing that showed on Mawaqif signs. The good thing is residents can find parking quickly and easily. "These permits give residents the privilege of parking at these designate areas within their allocated sectors at no additional parking fees"[8]. From Mawaqif banners, residents parking areas can be recognized, because it's marked with "Resident Permit Only" [8]

Figure 10: Sign of Resident Parking Only

4.2 Private Parking Control:

Mawaqif is competent in monitoring and regulating all private parking with multiple floors to ensure that car owners are committed technical specifications and usage instructions, as a result, depending on the positions Mawaqif takes the following procedures:

Doing inspection operation of underground parking in all buildings for private parking

Issuing card violation for building owners who do not abide by the regulations included in the distribution mechanism and do not follow to guidelines [9]

4.2.1 Parking Distribution Mechanism:

"Residential Buildings: Distribution is divided into two phases:

Phase one: Allocating one free parking space for each flat starting from flats of with the largest number of rooms to the least. If all flats within the building are of the same size, priority is then given to tenants with older tenancy contracts.

Phase two: In case more parking spaces were still available after the completion of phase one, they shall be distributed following the same procedure of phase one.

Mixed- Use Buildings: In case the building is used for commercial and residential purposes at the same time, distribution of parking is divided into two phases.

Phase one: Allocating one free parking space for each flat starting from flats of with the largest number of rooms to the least. If all flats within the building are of the same size, priority is then given to tenants with older tenancy contracts.

Phase two: If there are remaining parking spaces after the completion of phase one, they shall be distributed among the other tenants (offices, trading, and services activities) giving priority to those occupying the largest area of occupancy downwards.

Commercial buildings (offices, trading and services activities): Distribution is divided into two phases:

Phase one: Free parking spaces shall be available for tenants practicing commercial activities provided that the number of parking spaces does not exceed 6 spaces per floor. In case parking spaces are available, they shall be distributed among floors or offices giving priority to those of larger area of occupancy.

Phase two: If there are remaining parking spaces after the completion of phase one, the same procedure of phase one shall be adopted and free parking spaces shall be made available provided that the number for additional parking spaces does not exceed 6 spaces per floor." [9]

Chapter 5: Customer Care

5.1 Services and Fees:

There are two different types of services that provided to customers:

Services provided by MAWAQIF Customer Care Centers

Services provided by Department Of Transportation Customer Care Centers

MAWAQIF Customer Care Centers provide Issue/Renew Parking Permits service, Parking Grievance, Payment of Fines and Prepaid Cards with different fees. However, Department Of Transportation Customer Care Centers provides Issue permit - usage of pavements and open/external spaces, Issue permit for Utilizing Private Land as Parking Areas and Parking Reservation also with different fees. Tables in the next few pages explain more about these services. [10]

See table 2 and 3 in the appendices.

5.2 Customer Service Centers:

In Emirate of Abu Dhabi, there are many branches of MAWAQIF customer service centers in different areas. If you visit any customer service center, you will enjoy with various services, such as pre-paid cards, issuance of Residential Permits and driver can pay of violations, if drivers pay violation within 15 days, will get 25% discount on the total fine amount. In addition to obtaining all necessary information related to their services. There is something very exciting that there is a special place to serve people with special needs. You can Customer Service Centers in Marina Mall, Al Muroor Street and Central Market Customer Service Center. In addition, all Customer Service Centers have a Parking Grievance form where you can write whatever you want. [11]

Table4. Customer Service Centers [11]




Marina Mall Customer Service Center

Corniche road extension (street No. 18) Kaser Al Amwaj, Marina Mall new extension,Gate No. 9.

Saturday - Thursday

07:30 AM - 06:00 PM

Closed during

Public Holidays

Al Muroor Str. Customer Service Center

Between Street 13 & Street 15.

Take the exit at the Red Crescent Sign.

Saturday - Thursday

08:00 AM - 08:00 PM

Closed during

Public Holidays

Central Market Customer Service Center

Khalifa Bin Zaid Street (Street No 3),

Central Souq, Shop No. 63.

Saturday - Thursday

08:00 AM - 08:00 PM

Fridays and other

public holidays

10:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Figure 11: Marina Mall Customer Center

Figure 12: Central Market Customer Center

Figure 13: AlMuroor Customer Center

Chapter 6: Services

6.1 MAWAQIF payment methods:

From time to another, ways of payment are evolving. As a result, there are many different ways to pay for MAWAQIF parking and they are suitable for everyone. The first method is prepaid cards; second method is paying by using mobile, finally residential permits. [12]

6.1.1 Pre-paid cards for paid parking areas

Since the Department of Transport began running the parking system (MAWAQIF) the payments method is limited by coins. Payments methods evolved where any person cay pay by card, which can be obtained from any branch of the MAWAQIF (Customer Services Centers), as well as branches in petrol stations such as (ADNOC), associations, groceries and supermarket. Also, there are two types of cards, cards AED 50 and cards for AED100, so driver has the freedom to choose between those cards. [12]

Figure 14: Paying by coins Figure 15: prepaid card for AED 50

6.1.2 MAWAQIF Mobile payment

There is a new service for drivers called m-mawaqif where this service allows you to pay parking fees via mobile phone. They can use this service after finishing from registration their Etisalat or Du mobile number online. Also, drivers can increase balance's account by secure online credit card payment. They can use these funds simply by sending an SMS specific format to the number 3009. After that, drivers will receive an SMS from mawaqif to ensure about taking off the parking permit. MAWAQIF send an SMS 10 minutes before the permit expire and drivers can expand the time hour by sending another message to 3009 and write 'E'. [12,13]

Figure 16: The sending message Figure 17: The receiving message

6.1.3 Residential permits

Drivers who has residential permits can park in paid parking regions without paying in hours or daily charges, that parking located in the same sector where they live. Moreover, MAWAQIF allocated two residential permits for each family to park vehicles and there is a certain value for each. For the first car fees are AED 800 and for the second car AED 1,200. Inhabitants can gain their permits from any branch of Customer Service Centers. [12]

6.2 Online services:

Evolved a method of payment irregularities related to the MAWAQIF, also evolved a way of renew resident permits instead of going to the Customer Service Centers. Now, there is a new available service to them which is Online Payment Method.

6.2.1 Fines payment and Resident permits renewal

By these ways of payment, you have to access MAWAQIF website, then it will be require entering your violation's number (PVT) for fines payment, however, you enter permit number to renew resident permits. [14,15]

Fines Payment

Top of Form

Search by PVT Number

PVT Number

Residents Permits Renewal

Top of Form

Search by Permit Number

Permit Number


Many people think that the government is enforcing a considerable amount of paid parking as an alternative to taxes. From my perspective, the paid rate is suitable compared to other cities such as London where you pay a yearly amount of money for parking that might be more than your car's cost. However, this type of system needs more spaces to be perfect and efficiency management system.

Some people look that this amount of money is not suitable for them, and they didn't have a time to renew the payment. We think that the problem is solved but not exactly because this system didn't applied in whole of Abu Dhabi. [16]

When we met Engineer Ahmed AlMarzoqi, he said "I am sure that the "MAWAQIF's" system is a successful and effectively project where it contributed editing and organize many things, such as improving the cityscape and has good income to government.

In addition to that, evidence of the success of this project figures that have been sent to us by Traffic police that the Percentage of accidents significantly less than before the implementation of the project. Because of the presence of the inspectors in all areas that have been the implementation of the system, the number of crimes is reducing.

In addition to that, less time it takes to search for the Parking. It is worth mentioning that the devices automatic payment operates solar-powered and this conforms to the plan sustainable for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Now, we doing the work to set up umbrellas solar powered parking and doing parking multi-storey double-decker where you can re-install the second floor at any site you want. Also, of all your significantly attract tourists. Finally this system is actually successful because we are now expanding it in some areas that were not included as part of the strategic plan for the project."

As a future transportation engineer, it is hoped that our country will reach Japan's development level. Also, we hope that DOT will solve the traffic congestion and parking problems by another way, such as create underground parking in every area. In addition, they have to reduce the amount of payment. In fact, japan is one of the countries that have established a mechanical parking system (PSH) where you can use a machine to park the car an Automated Parking Space. This saves money and ground. In addition, they have various types of underground round automated and aboveground round automated schemes.

Even though, if we compare between the parking spaces in the past and nowadays in Abu Dhabi, we will find many differences which are remarkable such as the number of parking, the landscape of the city and there is a new program in "Zayed City" which is all parking are numbered and we must enter the number of the parking in the machine to get the ticket. Therefore, a number of global strategies are being implemented in the infrastructure to modernize the country.

Figure 18: parking in Japan


Before Mawaqif's system introduced, there was a big problem in obtaining parking and after the implementation of Mawaqif's program; this problem is reduced because of the reorganization of the parking, especially in crowded areas. Some of the consequences of this system are low accident rate and ease gets parking. Also, this system prevents the young hotheads who park in any place they want and they breach them and irregularities up to pull the car.