Zone alarm, comodo and cisco firewalls

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Zone Alarm Firewall

Let assume that if our personal data or financial data is on our personal computer so a hacker can use some kind of latest tools to break down the system to get in to the system. And it will be very easy for him to copy our personal information or it is possibility to delete them. So there are some solution to protect the personal data form hacker or virus by using the fire wall. Its help to protects against the hacker that can harm client/pc. It protect by hiding the hiding out computer form unwanted network traffic. It works by detecting and preventing instructions. There are different firewalls available in market or on internet some are free ware software and some are licensed. Zone alarm keep our client or pc free form virus that slows down performance and spyware that can steel our personal information or password or any financial data form client /pc. It automatically make out computer invisible to other online people on the internet. Features of zone alarm firewall

Zone alarm had an option that is called myVAULT by using this option we can enter our personal data that we want to protect. We can also put our trusted web site address that which are so sensitive such as bank websites that we use for online banking etc. If any source tries to access these protected information the myVAULT block the access, or stop the process. There are two main feature of zone alarm firewall which is ability to protect against the virus by using the virus software and second one is e mail protection. The zone alarm will work with the corporation of current antivirus software into a firewall. If the system don't have antivirus the check point zone alarm provide internet security suit which include firewall and virus, spyware protection. There is lots of firewall available in market but not many provide the e mail protection but zone alarm provide a feature called Mailsafe .Mailsafe is an option that protect the computer form receiving the mails or sending the mails that may be infected with virus. Most people are worried about incoming virus but there is a possibility that the mail we are sending to different people on a network could be infected. So there is also need to scan the sending e mail. By using the zone alarm we can change the setting within each section we can also create a safe list of sender's addresses allowing the zone alarm to act as an email filter. This is very best way to save the client computer form virus and Trojans.

There are different advance features of zone alarm firewall provides to a client.

Easy to use.

It is user-friendly.

Two way firewall

Its stops the incoming traffic to client and check any threats or unauthorized access.

Operating system firewall

It monitors the program for any suspicious behaviour. If it finds any suspicious behaviour it alerts the system.

Unified anti virus

It detect block virus, spyware Trojan horses worms etc.

Anti phishing site status toolbar

It blocks the unauthenticated websites and warns us if any site is dangerous.

Advance download protection

It warns us when we try to download any dangerous software or programme. It may contain virus etc.

Credit bureau monitoring service

It shows an alert message when there is unauthorized change in our credit files.

Anti spam

Filter out annoying and dangerous spam.

Penetrate control

It filters and blocks the inappropriate websites.

Virtual browsing.

Allow user to surf with full protection against any dangerous software such as browser exploits

Key logger

It protects our password and other key strokes from being monitored by thieves.

Private browsing

It removes our surfing tracks from the internet and allows us to surf the internet in complete privacy.

Online backups

It protects the data form hardware break down.

Pc tune up

It optimise the pc to improve the performs.

Hard drive encryption

It keeps our data private in any event such as laptop loss or any theft

The Comodo Firewall

It is personal firewall that is design as an endpoint security which fulfils all the requirements of system or host based security system. Comodo firewall provides the powerful application firewall. It has an easy to use GUI which is help full for both normal end user and any professional user.

Comodo firewall features and benefits.

Clean pc mode

This is an important feature that take all the detail of new pc such as all application installed in it. Then register them as safe.

Advance network firewall engine

It provides the high level of security against the inbound and out bound traffic. Protection against hacker and virus and identify the thefts.

Defence host prevention system

It is also called bullet proof security. It alerts us every time when any unknown or un trusted application attempts to run or installed on system. Prevent unauthorized modification.

Powerful security rules interface.

Comdo firewall has totally redesign security rules interface. The firewall also contains set of policies and wizard that helps to user to simplify the rule setting process.

Smart pop up alerts

Whenever the firewall detects any threats it will immediately informs us by using the pop ups alerts.

Application behaviour analysis

Comodo firewall analysis each and every application to identify any kind of suspicious behaviour.

Hidden connection attempts

It is very advance features of firewall which is very necessary for the defence of PC against the Trojan that run their protocols drivers.

Window security centre integration

Comodo firewall is fully recognized by window vista/xp security centre as a trusted personal firewall.

Self protection against the critical process

Virus and Trojans try to disable the security application after get into the system so they can work with any detection. Comodo firewall protects its register system files so virus or Trojans can never shut it down.

Application recognition database

The firewall contains updates of white list of 1000,000 safe executable. The application integrity will be checked every time. The firewall will alert if any application is damage before installation.

Automatic updates

The comodo firewall automatically installed updates every time when we start our computer. It make sure that it is 100% secure or protect all the time.

Window Server 2008

Many companies secure the networks by using the hard outer shell approach. Hard outer shell means they create a strong parameter around their network with firewall or IPS system that is user to protect the network form malicious attack on the internet. If for some reasons the attacker could break the outer parameter and able to get access into internal network then the window authentication system could stop them to getting access to company most valuable data. The window server 2008 is the built in firewall is now advance which is also called window firewall with advance security.

It contains the new features such as

* New graphical user

It allows the MMC snaps in to configure the advance firewall.

* Bi directional

It filters the outbound traffic as well as inbound traffic

* Work batter with IPSEC

Both the firewall rules and IPSes encryption are configurations are integrated together.

* Advance rules configuration

We can create window active directory service accounts and groups as well as source and destination IP address.

* Sever core

It does not require large installation requirement. It offers server core installation which provide minimum installation requirement to carry out server role.

* Role base installation

By using this option we will give a role to server to play the role will to do not install unnecessary thing just install what is necessary nothing else.

* Read only domain controller

It provides a way to make an active directory database read only. So if there any change or deletion occurs in side branch it will not affect the whole database system.

* Enhance terminal services

This service helps in number of ways such as remote user to access a centralized application that appears to running on local computer's hard drive.

* Network access protection

It is Microsoft system that ensure that each client is connect with the sever 2008 and it is according to security policies.

* Bitlocker

It is system drive encryption. It protects the data if the server is removed physically or re booted by using any software.

Cisco Firewall

When the data network are connected to the public internet and the network border are opened to a business partners VPN(virtual private network) so there are chances to get threats from malware such as virus Trojan horses as well as unwanted applications and unauthorized access that can harm the network. Cisco firewall offers a threat control foundation and provides the secure access to policies to network interface. Cisco firewall provides the application inspection and full control of application. It also provides capabilities for instant messaging, peer to peer application and application level control for HTTP traffic. The key benefits of Cisco Firewall. The Cisco (internetwork operating system) IOS works with other Cisco software to provide outstanding value and benefits.

Application protection

Application control and inspection can minimize the threats as well as blocking unwanted application activates.

Integrated security

It provides basic network protection through monitoring and blocking unwanted network activities. Denial of service can protection can detect and stops the extra activities.

Network border enforcement

It secures the front line of network connectivity when it is placed to network access point. It also offers the platform for application of secure network access policies.

Investment protection

It user multiprotocol routers can be used with the existing routers. The Cisco firewall router are all in one.

Easy provisioning and management

Easy to use Cisco router and security devices.

Instant messenger blocking

Offer different services such as block or allow instant messenger ,yahoo messenger etc.

Firewall for secure communication

It allows the voice traffic including different application level and media protocols for call or to open channel.

Destination URL policy management

It offers URL filtering supports of web sense such as providing black list or white list in router configuration.

Audit trail and logging

Records time stamps source host destination host port duration transmission details such as byte transmitted etc.

Authentication proxy

Network administrator can allow each user`s access to network by using the Cisco network Authentication proxy.