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As most of people are discussing  Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal which are the three best Content Management Systems, Im going to stick to them.

Wordpress actually begun to step up as a true CMS. Therefore, Drupal, and Joomla seems to have been fighting for first place in the community. Both open source are carried out in a wide range of thousands of members of the community and also help to develop and expand the possibilities for each use. While Wordpress is considered the underdog in the CMS war, it is most definitely the king of blogging software something that Joomla and Drupal struggle to do efficiently. [6]

However, even though each has its shortcomings and advantages, you can build and a Web site of any kind. It just depends on what you need to do familiar with the system as well as your long-term work on the plan. In fact, it is worth a lot of people are misunderstanding. For example, if you do not like to use Drupal, it does not reduce its value, it's just not you use useful! [6]

2.1.1 Wordpress

Wordpress is an excellent system to use when creating a website that lets user quickly get thoughts out on the web, but while it is often used as a blog, it can be configured to work in many other interesting ways as well. Wordpress is easy to use and it allow to have an internal website for sharing notes, documenting task and write about what is going on. [6]

It is key to know that Wordpress is extremely easy to use and setup. Since Wordpress is already developed to work as a blog, though, it can be setup to do so without any hesitation. Comments are already built into the system, as well as pinging services, multiple blogger profiles, trackbacks and more. [6] It is precisely because WordPress was created to stop the want to customize it to do some more advanced people. It should be used without modification in some way. This is because any changes, which would make it likely to lead to its disruption. [6] [45]

Figure 2.1.1: Wordpress site example

Following are some advantages and disadvantages when using wordpress:- [6]

Wordpress Pros

Simple to use - No need for modifications

Excellent for blogging or sharing thoughts in a sequential manner

Even the most elderly of users can get the hang of it quickly

Big community

Wordpress Cons

Not developer friendly

The community seems to like to complain

Upgrades bring more bugs than fixes sometimes

2.1.2 Drupal

If a person who would rather hand-code the content of pages than use a WYSIWYG Editor, or if enjoy tweaking the code that makes up the framework of a website, then Drupal is probabl. This advanced content management system more closely resembles a developer platform than a traditional CMS. Interestingly, being more developer friendly does not automatically make it more user friendly - in fact the developer has to work hard to make it that way if they need the end-product to do so. [6]

There are more tags and functions that can be used in the Drupal than Wordpress dozens or even more than the development of Joomla. Each node has its own commands and mark their own can be placed elsewhere to manipulate site's functionality, which is a very intense experience, which makes you know what they are doing. For those who do not then the developer's attitude which can be a trial of their lives, but in the code of people who live in and also can also is missing from the literal development of some very cool sites. Now, these websites can act and function in some ways a very neat, but Drupal is also problematic, it just did not always look great. Drupal's look and feel as good as the feature built-in very few sites. [6] [45]

Figure 2.1.2: Drupal site example

Following are some advantages and disadvantages when using Drupal:- [6]

Drupal Pros [6]

User friendly. If I loved code more I would almost always pick this system.

Strong community to help discern the dozens (hundreds) of functions and tags available.

Can be used to create some really awesome websites that can outperform a majority of other sites out there.

Drupal Cons [6]

Not user-friendly. It's hard for someone with little code knowledge to make the leaps required to do the very cool things that Drupal is becoming known for.

Theme of Drupal has been a huge case of fail. This because it has been developers, not designers, that are making the themes.

Getting a Drupal website published could cost you more time, and thus more money, than Wordpress or Joomla.

2.1.3 Joomla

Compare with Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla, and found that Wordpress are more for end-users and Drupal is for developers and Joomla is more for designers and also mix of all of those things. So for the IET website, researcher plan to use Joomla software CMS to create a Website compare to the Wordpress and Drupal.

Designers like use Joomla because of the capabilities that engine will make the whole websites look fantastic. Joomla also very easy to use compare to Wordpress and Drupal and even customize as more and more developers to create tool that are easy to understand. Besides, many developers will choose this system because of the large capacity for development and customization. [6]

However, it is far from perfect and still less than Drupal flexibility in the code. Although there are many ways to override the default code is what is done, there is considered to be pushed, and stressed its importance as desperately Drupal can be parts of a system. Moreover, while Drupal can be used to run a back-end and database multiple sites, Joomla cannot afford to create a multi-point. This is just strong enough to be useful, but not enough to do anything. [6]

In a side-by-side comparison with Wordpress, Joomla still has some way to go with being user friendly. To manage a website, a good knowledge is very important and it is simple enough that it can be taught to practically anyone, but not enough that anyone would want to learn it. Compare with Wordpress, drupal and Joomla and found that wordpress and joomla is more user friendly and it can teach almost anyone, but it is not enough, anyone willing to learn. [6]

Overall, Joomla is more focus on improving two crucial areas which Joomla's inflexible systems for managing users and content. It may become a little more complicated as a result, but it will remain relatively easy to produce a good-looking site with plenty of functionality using Joomla.[6]\

Figure 2.1.3: Joomla site example

Following are some advantages and disadvantages when using Joomla: - [6]

Joomla Pros [6]

Friendly for all types of users - Designers, Developers and Administrators

Huge community is awesome for assisting with creation of websites

Joomla Cons [6]

Still not user-friendly enough for everyone to understand

Not quite as powerful as Drupal, can be a bit confusing for some to jump into

Recently rebuilt the entire system from ground-up, and so there are still many out there sticking to the old versions

2.2 DotNetNuke vs Umbraco CMS

Besides compare the content management system for PHP such as Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress, we also need to compare between CMS for ASP.net to see which of the CMS are more suitable for IET website so that the website can make sure are done in well. Using different CMS for the languages will bring different kind of the outcome. Following which are some examples for the DotNetNuke and Umbraco CMS using ASP.net and Mircosoft.net to function and run the CMS.

2.2.1 DotNetNuke

DotNetNuke is an open source platform for building web sites based on Microsoft .NET technology. It is written in VB.NET and distributed under both a Community Edition BSD-style license and a Professional Edition proprietary license. DotNetNuke's content management system is extensible and customizable through the use of skins, modules, data providers, language packs and templates.[30] Besides, DotNetNuke is leading a Web Content Management platform for Microsoft .NET. DotNetNuke can use as a web content management system (CMS) for simple web sites or as a powerful application development framework which enables businesses to quickly build and deploy feature-rich, interactive web sites and applications in Microsoft .NET.[29]

Following are some advantages and disadvantages when using DotNetNuke:- [35]

DotNetNuke Pros

Secure and well implemented built in role based security

built in Event Log page to see what has happened and all errors are caught and logged automatically

designed for high performance and includes built in support for web farms

DotNetNuke Cons

- Hard to setup for new user

- Not flexible in complex design

2.2.2 Umbraco CMS

Umbraco is an open source content management system (CMS) platform for publishing content on the World Wide Web and intranets. It is written in C# or ASP.NET and deployed on Microsoft based infrastructure. The open source backend is released under an MIT License while the UI is released under the Umbraco license. [39] Umbraco making it as possible to support databases other than SQL Server. Umbraco support for MySQL, SQL Server and VistaDB come as standard. [38]

The standard release of Umbraco is typically deployed on IIS in an environment which supports Full Trust. While a Full Trust environment is mandatory to install and operate the standard release, the code base has been branched and modified to produce a version of the framework and backend UI which supports Medium Trust. [38] Umbraco can be deployed on a single physical server running the database and web tier, and this deployment model can be appropriate for small low-cost sites. Umbraco sites which serve content under higher load can also be deployed on a load balanced cluster. [38]

Following are some advantages and disadvantages when using Umbraco:- [40]

Umbraco Pros

more mature framework

Quicker to get up and running with and has a wider set of plugin something like to do things like articles with slightly better UI.

Umbraco Cons

- Hard and impossible to unit test the site

- Extensive use of XSLT. Personally, not a fan.

- Entire site is tied into the Umbraco way of doing things

2.3 Table Comparison between Wordpress vs Joomla vs Drupal vs DotNetNuke vs Kentico CMS

Ease of Use







very stable and secure

third-party security extensions

released on schedule


Very stable

The fight against spam

graphics or mathematical captcha at your choice

fight against spam takes place in comments

enough effective against

enough effective against

enough effective against

Integration with Forum

functional forum, work for managing small communities

package doesn't contain a forum

fully integrated into the blog

Functional well

Functionally with system

Visual Editor

TinyMCE or FCKEditor

JCE developed




Working with images

not included

components, modules and mambots

convenient to add pictures to the editor in WordPress

Component to add images



not included

Not support

very good design level

Support a little bit


Expended functionality (plugins)

solution for e-commerce, CRM-system, wiki-engine

SQL-queries, copied files or actions performed immediately after installation, which cannot be executed automaticall

expand WordPress with the help of plug-ins

adding third-party modules

adding third-party modules

Support of authors (one blog) and multiuser blogs

possible to make a platform for a blog in a few clicks

built in component of a content as a blog then yes

extend standard opportunities we need to use additional plug-ins.


No supported well

Table 2.3: comparison between Wordpress vs Joomla vs Drupal vs DotNetNuke vs Kentico CMS



Security for Drupal is stable and bug in demanded modules usually get fixed operatively. Now a variety of large corporate sites of the world names companies work on Drupal, therefore for developers take the security seriously.


Everything is fine with the availability of Joomla versions. Security is also on the high level and very stable and secure. As for third-party security extensions, it is not so smooth which actually repeats the whole situation in PHP language which is popular among beginners and people who do not know anything about how to break sites.


Although WordPress is the official version will be released as scheduled, but will not actually occur. If you find any serious flaws, and then developers update very fast, but the version of the timetable changes. Although WordPress is the official version will be released as scheduled, but in fact does not occur. If user find any serious flaws, and then developers update very fast, but the version of the timetable changes. Wordpress is developing in one direction now without breaking into lines as Drupal and Joomla.

The fight against spam


Can specify a limit to the number of links in one message, flood control, ban IP, make black list of advertised sites, and also filter messages by keyword.


Against spam in this moment of time only the views of local publications. There are many reviews and verification of code to support many of the components. In fact, Joomla is the end of the fight against spam.


WordPress has Akismet plug-in which is sufficiently effective to prevent spam and may create a black list and word filters. Cannot help prevent any comment, which contains the forbidden words and to ease it sent to achieve a spam fighting against the greatest Efficiency and be the verification code help this is a picture of a character to achieve set.

Integration with Forum


Drupal package contains the basic functions of a forum, the management of small communities. But it also applies to a large community; the Forum has drupal.org such as more than 320,000 messages now. Of the hosts, have different access to user groups, e-mail notification, picture, signature of the RSS. The built-in forum is that it is the site by the user to use other parts of the common ground.


The basic Joomla package doesn't contain a forum; however the best choice for creating the forum is FireBoard.


The official WordPress site uses this forum. A plug-in allows access to blog some of the popular forum part of the integration. But this requires a good programming knowledge still will not get the absolute integration.

Visual Editor


TinyMCE or FCKEditor can be implemented to Drupal. Both are powerful tools. In the TinyMCE, for example, the user can use the table, add and delete rows and columns, and combined with cells. TinyMCE cleaning can also copy text from Word surplus tags. Both are flexible configuration.


Most convenient and good among free editors is JCE developed specially for Joomla which it was firstly built for Mambo and was called MosCE. It is capable to be a very good alternative to WysiwygPro which is not free.


Usually WordPress uses TinyMCE and simple text editor. Wordpress allow different plug-ins to add buttons in the editor. Besides, it also allows receiving functions for video, audio addition and etc. if user does not like TinyMCE, user can install and change to other editor. Choosing the editor is a matter of taste. Select Editor is a taste issue. It can even shut down completely in a virtual user profile editor to use.

Figure 2.3.1: Create content using Drupal

Figure 2.3.2: Create content using Joomla

Figure 2.3.3: Create content using Wordpress

Working with images


Insert the picture is not included in the basic package. Is likely to solve this problem in several ways. Another method is to TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor and media manager IMCE installed. Change the picture of the size of the load and automatically generate thumbnail support.


Joomla is ahead of other systems. There are 3 ways to expand the components, modules and mambots. Each type of expansion can solve the task, in fact, allows users to add any new features without changing the core.


It is possible to facilitate the pictures to the editor in WordPress. It can specify a file name and signature, and in one load. This is to help users not skilled to deal with this task. If user use a separate plug-in, it can specify a picture, miniature models and other parameters of the size. In the Add a picture editor, it is possible to change the parameters for the different style, size, border, space, these are the visual editor though the possibility.



Drupal template engine is stronger. The component is designed so programmers can deal with elementary PHP template integration. Drupal in the general management of the subject is given a good chance. The establishment of Drupal has beautiful spots, but very small free popular theme.


General large-scale template, to allow PHP to create the site structure and the location of the module rather complex structure. However, no template is by using CSS, and with some work is limited to each element. However, ContentTemplater use for an article which create a template allows users to manage their use of design materials.The second point is worth mentioning is the single module system. These modules will be combined into front load the template in the correct place. Modules can be linked to the display on and off switch, and the different ways show a particular Web page. Sometimes, using the templates and some simple modules, user can create by shutting down part of working there and replace with modules. For example, displaying news from various categories.


Thousands of templates created by WordPress, many of which are designed in a very good level to do. WordPress is built so it is not difficult, for example HTML templates. Common use of PHP's function in the template, so there is not with the complexity of learning the language of the template. There are many articles, templates, and even the existence of online generators. Users only need to load the template preparation to a separate directory, and then select the one user like in the admin panel. There is also a possibility of template switching of visitors.

Expended functionality (plugins)


Now there are about 1000 of free modules in the official repository. Among others, there is a solution for e-commerce, CRM-system, wiki-engine. Allows describing objects of subject area in the database and immediately create forms for management using a graphical interface by using CCK(Content Construction ).


Joomla side extension system. Not only that, there are several types, with a special installation of the system, a description of all data used to extend the XML file saved the necessary steps. For example, SQL queries, copy files or install immediately after the operation, implementation, not automatically.


Is likely to expand with plug-in help, a variety of PHP, the script will automatically connect to the basic "core" WordPress for. Therefore, it is possible not only to increase the necessary functions, but also to change the existing. It is not so difficult to create a plug-in, depend on the PHP knowledge levels. Connect to WordPress is very simple which just need to plug-in is copied to a special directory, and activated in the management panel. Some plug-ins can be adjusted, some need to write in the template, and some work fully automatically.

Support of authors (one blog) and multiuser blogs


Drupal is a well-known there may be several hits in the blog platform. The support of individual and collective blog. Drupal is one function of the possibility of publishing the book.


If it is possible to consider the contents of components such as the establishment of a blog is, the blog is supported. A user can be very beautiful blog design and can easily use the content of the comments component by component can do, but it is more complicated multi-user. It can tell the "Yes", although it will be difficult. All the same is a generic CMS Joomla


WordPress proof is a multi user blog. However, in order to expand users more opportunities to use the standard plug-ins. For example, add the field of personal data. Paradoxically, WordPress to do almost all the best, but it is still not complete. A role is used to control the system's author. Use special plug-ins can easily edit any role or enable and disable all of any action. A separate version of the multi-user multi-user WordPress blog is.

2.4 PHP vs ASP.net

For the uninitiated, PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and ASP.net stand for Active Server Pages stand for visual basic.net. It helps put things in better perspective.

Compare to the PHP language and ASP.NET language, PHP is more easy and simple language. For the PHP which is using C programming code to replace a scripts in Perl. Besides, PHP is user friendly for the many developers and developer are feels more confident when use PHP compare to ASP.NET. Some of them maintain that the language of PHP has not been updated much, and hence it is still quite archaic and even, somewhat cumbersome for coding. ASP.net, which is a relatively new development, has a lot of options when it comes to languages. [7]

Usage for PHP is PHP language is much support on the database management system - MySQL. Store information after user creates new or updates the new information. In fact, PHP and MySQL combine together can have a creation for blog platform and other popular and frequently update service. For example, Wikipedia. In addition, ASP.net and VB.net can support MySQL but PHP is Unanimously praised by the masses and classes alike, for its great support for this database management system.  [7] [46]

Nowadays, PHP is good for the object oriented programming. The reason is PHP is an open source and can freely for the fees. Programmers can use the system without charges but for ASP.NET is was not free. Programmers need to buy a license for ASP.NET before start to use.

PHP can use the command line to perform many everyday activities. Some of the things that the PHP command line is useful for is for manipulating across many files and for putting files into multiple directories at once. These are just some of the important features that PHP's command line is used for. [7] Furthermore, PHP is older and there are many people who claim that it is much more secure than ASP.net where coding is concerned. ASP.net is much new, and the security options may not be fully in place yet.

Hence, there is a lot to debate on about the worthiness of PHP over ASP.net or vice-versa. There is probably no end to it, and there never shall be. The problem mainly is that both of them are good in their own place, but people who have been staunchly using PHP for several years now is some of them for more than a decade and would certainly not like to go in for the new ASP.net. The price to be paid is quite high, i.e. learning a whole new syntax and getting used to it. That why the PHP now is still so popular that other programming language. [7] [46]

2.5 Reviews on Application Programming Interface (API)

An application programming interface (API) is a software program to make them realize the interaction with other software interfaces. It is similar to the way the user interface for human computer interaction. API is application, database and operating system to determine the terms and calling convention. Programmer must employ the use of its services. It can include routine specification, data structures, object classes and protocols used for communication between the API consumers and implementer. [8]

API can use for programming languages such as Standard Template Library in C++ or Java API. Besides, language dependent is available in programming language which only available on the syntax and elements of language to make API more convenient when using in context. Besides, API is bring more convenient for user in using context. API already provide some language dependent which is in programming language and available on syntax.

Researcher will use Joomla API for the project of Community Web Portal. This is because Joomla API can use to add or delete users by using http URL from an external server. Add user mean administrator can add username, password, name and email which is for the details of user and need to record it from Joomla database. Besides add user, Joomla API also can use for delete user account.

When used in the context of web development, an API is typically a defined set of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) request messages along with a definition of the structure of response messages.[15][21]

Joomla API which helps to automatic generated by phpDocumentor package from analaysis of the Joomla source code and makes it use for specially formatted comments embedded in the source code itself. [17] PhpDocumentor is the standard auto-documentation tool for the PHP languages and which can use from the command line or a web interface to create a professional documentation from PHP source code.[18]

Besides, it also can select which package to view using the drop-down list in the menu on the left of this screen. [9] User can select the topic from the drop-down list, though this way user can know the website including what and it bring less trouble for user can need to types by own remember the info that need to find. Drop down button will include the entire topic and to let some people feel more easy and save time.

Moreover, Joomla API can create a content which can dynamic post or updated in multi places though using website. For example, if a website wants put youtube video inside the website, user just need copy the video embedded code and then put on the video content and serve by other host. Sharing the content information also can do by Joomla API. API can publish the content web community when create an architecture for sharing content and data between communities and applications. [9][21]


Content Management System - CMS is a process, applications and databases to help companies create, store, and published in the form of a good consistent approach and timely information. Through using CMS user can update the content by themselves and no need any programming knowledge based for use when want upload content. Use just need to types up the text of information and select the information are uploaded to which categories.

2.6.1 Types of CMS

For CMS which provided five types which are Web Content Management Systems (WCMS), Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS), Document Management Systems (DMS), and Digital Rights Management Systems (DRMS) and Asset Management System. [33] Researcher will use Web Content Management System for IET website. Web Content Management System which the system is used to author and manage HTML content. Besides, it also collect and control some HTML document, images and Cascada Style Sheets (CSS). This will make the products are functioning well and complexity. [10][33]

ECMS is a CMS which is managing content for the enterprise such as details information, design templates and others. ECMS allow management of an organization to unstructured the information wherever the information exist. Process for ECMS is capture, store, preserve and deliver content. In addition, ECMS is combine a wide variety technologies and components which can be use to stand alone of the system without any incorporate. [42] In addition, Document management system (DMS) is a computer system (or computer program set) used to track and store electronic documents and / or paper document images. DMS more focus on the documentation such as Microsoft Word files. DMS vary broadly in functionality, complexity, and range.

Moreover, Digital Rights Management (DRM) is one of the access controls by hardware manufacturers, publishers, copyrights holders and personal digital content and some devices to restrict use on technology. DRM uses to describe technique suppress undesirable digital content use. For example, the copy protection cannot be modifying files or other devices such as serial number or key files. [44] Asset Management System which is manages some of the content like images, video, and audio. AMS are functionality, complexity and range. It let organizations which are numerous such as the photo agencies or graphic design firms.

Web content management system

Researcher will more briefly explain and found that Web Content Management System is most suitable to use in the IET website compare to the others CMS. Researcher decided to use Web content management system to develop a system which WCMS is allow admin to post and updated content by themselves. Web content management system is Content Management System (CMS) software, implemented as a Web application for creating and managing Web content. It is used to manage and control large-scale network material such as HTML documents. Besides, WCMS provides some functions which are secure on information. It will divide into two parts which are public and non-public information. Not all the information that user submitted will publish out on the website, admin can filter which information can be publish which are not be publishing. Besides, will have virtualization for Internet presentation such as browser, HTML or XML. WCMS is a creation which can create a new or edit the existing information in a control generation and publishing process. [42]

CMS provides some function which allow programming language or markup language and user just need a little knowledge then can create or management website easy. Most systems use a database to store content, metadata, or may be required by the system artifacts. Content is frequently, but not universal, as the XML storage, convenient, re-use, and flexible presentation. [43]

Different web site builders, a web content management system allows non-technical users to make changes to a few training sites. Web content management a system often require experienced encoding settings and add features, but mainly is a non-technical management personnel network site maintenance tool. [43]

Two types of web content management system which are online processing and hybrid systems. Online processing is the systems that apply templates on-demand. HTML may be generated when a user visits the page, or pulled from a cache. Besides, online processing is an open source which can support add-ons such as forums, blog, wiki, photo gallery and others. [43]

Moreover, Hybrid systems which are systems combine the offline and online approaches. Some systems write out executable code such as JSP, ASP, PHP, ColdFusion, or Perl pages rather than just static HTML, so that the CMS itself does not need to be deployed on every Web server. Other hybrids operate in either an online or offline mode. [43]

2.7 Review on Joomla Website

For the comparison of the website which is using Joomla, I had chosen three of website to compare it. Following are the website which use Joomla to done it as a portal:-

2.7.1 Virtual Machine Management Application(VMLogix)

VMLogix provides groundbreaking software solutions that help software companies and IT organizations leverage virtualization to consolidate lab infrastructure and automate build and test processes so that software can be delivered more quickly, cost-effectively and reliably. With its LabManager product suite, VMLogix revolutionizes the way software development teams around the globe manage their automated software lifecycle and quality assurance processes. By offering agile, self-service virtualization tools, VMLogix enables these teams to deliver more reliable products at lower costs, more quickly than ever before. [23]

From the VMLogix website, they provide some specific features and component which make more convenient for user to using such as blog, events, articles, search engines and login function. User can use the components that provide to get more of the information.

From the front pages of website, saw that it use some of the flash to keep change and show the news for user. It looks quite interesting for user to see and know what kind of news they have without click any button of the website. If user saw the news they are interested to further read, they can click on it and it will link to particular page. Besides, if some user can't wait for the flash of news that show it out, they can click on the button "More News" and its will list out all the news there have. Moreover, VMLogix also provide side-bar for the website. Side-bar will bring convenient for user to see what the website or what information that the website provided in website.

Moreover, ideas of forum for a website are quite nice. User can have discussed between each other and will gain knowledge through the forum. Besides, member and member can share their information by using forum. Forum only will provide to those member see and have a discussion. If users are not a member, it won't allow user to open it until you become and login as a member.

Furthermore, VMLogix also got some disadvantage. For example, it quite trouble for user to search information. User need to click on search button after that it only will link to the search engine to let user searching. Besides, for the events page, it just provide the date and title of the events. Users need to click on the title then only will get the information and it also very waste user time. It is better if the event page provided synopsis together with title and date so that user can get some meaning of the title before click on the pages.

Figure Front page for Virtual Machine Management Application (VMLogix)

Figure : News will be release and show it by date. User can click read more to get further information.

Figure Search engine to let user search keyword and find information which related.

2.7.2 Saturday Night Magazine

Saturday Night Magazine is a monthly lifestyle and entertainment publication for college students and twenty-something. Create over five years ago in a USC dorm room, Saturday Night Magazine can now be found on college campuses and at retail location across Los Angeles, Orange Country and San Francisco. Besides, Saturday Night Magazine covering what's now and what's next, it features celebrity interviews, fashion, career advice, movie and TV reviews, young entrepreneurs, music, sports, politics, travel, cool gadgets and the essential guide to a great night out in the city, all with a fresh approach and attitude. [12]

From the website, filter type of events which provided on calendar. User can filter what the title they wish to come out on the page so that it will save a lot of time for user to see one by one. Besides, it also provides limitation of the title that want to show out. User can choose how many titles that want show it such as 5 title, 10 title and etc. Besides, user also can direct search the events title or venue by using the search engine which are provided. It will waste time to find particular events if do not provided the search bar. Furthermore, below of the website are provided the search banner which is for searching information. This was very convenient for use when want search information and they can direct to search it.

Figure Front page layout for Saturday Night Magazine

Figure Search box provided search engine and some communication application to let user join as a member.

Figure Filter type of events which provided on calendar and user can set limit types that show out on the content calendar page.

2.7.3 The Institution of Engineering and Technology Malaysia Network

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) which is has the authority to establish professional registration of engineers through the Engineering Council. Through the IET website, these networks provide up-to-date sector-specific news, stock a library of technical articles and give members the opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas with peer groups through dedicated discussion forums. Particular areas of focus include education, IT, energy and the environment. The IET has an educational role, seeking to support its members through their careers, producing advice and guidance at all levels to secure the future of engineering. [5]

For the IET website, it provides some of the function so that it can make convenient to user when user use the website. For example, user can adjust the font size according to them. User can let the word of content become bigger, normal or smaller. Besides, search engine also provided in the website. Search engine included in a website really will help user a lot. User can search information about the website and get the information.

Furthermore, E-Newsletter also provided. Function for E-Newsletter is allow member to mailing out the PDF newsletter. It is sharing the information between each of the people so that other people can get the documentation and the information.

After research and compare to the Saturday Night Magazine and Virtual Machine Management Application (VMLogix), some feature can be added in for the IET website is an events. Can develop a system which can let user filter and also select the events form the calendar.