Wireless Access Point Security Computer Science Essay

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Wireless card is also known as WNIC (Wireless Interface Controller). It connects through radio based network. It is like other NICs, works on layer 1 & Layer 3. These cards can be connected in PCs in PCI slots. They communicate microwaves used and antenna of different dbi signals. They are also available in a USB. In an infrastructure mode network the WNIC needs an access point. All the data is transferred using the access point as a central hub.

NIC Cards:

NIC (Network Interface Card) is also called as network adapter, LAN adapter etc. It is hardware that are present in every to connect to network through cable using RJ-45 plug. It is available in card as well as built-in in motherboard. It implements the electronic circuitry to communicate using a specific physical layer and data link layer standard such as Ethernet. Every Ethernet network controller has a unique 48-bit serial number called a MAC address. It communication among small groups of computers on the same LAN and large-scale network communications through routable protocols such as IP.

Linksys is by Cisco. This brand can be used in houses and in small offices as well. It is a product of Cisco. Linksys brand has several type of devices. Like switches, router, wireless internet video camera, AV products, network storage systems and other products. It is mostly available in North America off-the-shelf from both consumer electronics stores, internet retailers, and big-box retail stores.

It is a US manufacturer of computer networking equipment and other computer hardware. It is used in providing networking solutions for small businesses and homes. They usually sells primarily channel network which includes traditional retailers, online retailers, and value added resellers. It provides broadband services in Middle east, Asia, Africa, North America and many other places.

D-Link was first found by Chinese. It has gone on to become a designer, developer, and manufacturer of networking solutions for both the consumer and business markets. This brand can be used in houses and in small offices as well. It is used world wide. There are different devices present in D-Link. Link Wireless router, Switch, hubs, PCI cards, USB wireless and many more. They vary in channels.