Wi Fi And Bluetooth Computer Science Essay

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In the late of 1990, wired fast internet connection became very popular in office buildings and in private residents. For large companies, a fast intranet and fast internet became very essential for them. Private users feel frustrated because the process of downloading, and to elaborate website takes too long by using dialup speed with 56 Kbits.

Private users decided to look for another type of service which is cable connection (several Mbit/s) or Digital subscriber lines (DSL). The speed of the DSL at this time in USA was up to 1 Mbit/s and in Japan was 20 Mbit/s for their computers connections. At the same time laptop computers started to be used widely in workplace. These factors lead the market to demand for wireless data connections from the laptop computer to the nearest wired Ethernet port that could give almost the same speed of wired connection.

After couple years, two essential standards were developed by two institutes, and the first one is Esti (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) started to develop a standard called hiper lan which it is goal to support high data rate , and the second one is by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) established 802.11 group. In few years, the 802.11 standard became popular and got accepted widely, while hiper lan became extinct.

The first workshop of IEEE was in 1991 and wireless LAN products started to appear in that year in the market. Since then IEEE 802.11 committee started to make standards for wireless lan. In 1996 wireless lan technology was relatively mature and wireless lan got improved so quick within 14 years and wireless lan got adopted by many companies and those companies are Linksys, netgear, and belkin. The 802.11 group was developed to support data rates of 1 and 2 Mbit/s and it operated in 2.45 GHz ISM. In many places wireless LAN technology became very important to let many users to use internet. There are many forms of 802.11 a, b, g, n, and Wi-Fi. Each one of them has specifications in form of performance, architect, design and security. In the beginning wireless LAN was being used in big cooperates then started to become very popular even regular users can use this technology. Many businesses started to create their public internet (Wi-Fi) for their customers like cafes, restaurants and hotels. The presence of wireless lan technology lead many industries to make large profit from it .

What is wireless Local Area Network?

Wireless local Area Network (wlan) is communication system that allows more than one user to connect to lan through access point using the radio frequency (spread-spectrum or ofdm radio). Wireless local area network is designed to be alternative method to connect to local area network to eliminate using the wires, since cables are very expensive. Wireless functions almost the same as cellular system. Wireless local area network combines data connectivity with user mobility Wireless local area network users can access their shared data from anywhere that covered by local area network. Network Administrators easily can setup networks without installing new wires. In 1997 wireless local area was established with speed of 1 and 2 Mbit/s, and today can operate with the speed up to 600 Mbit/s. Later may be Wireless LAN can operate with speed of 2 GHZ.

Wireless Local Area network Hardware Requirements:

There are two important hardware components for wireless local area network, these components are wireless network interface card (network adapter), and Access points. Each of these components has technical specifications and functions too. Any device has wireless network interface card will be able to connect to a network to send and receive data and it is also will be turned into wireless station. Wireless network interface card has same function as a wired NIC with one big difference which is no port but the wireless network interface card has antenna built in to send and receive radio frequency signals. When wireless network interface card transmit, they do the following as a process:

1: change the internal data of any pc from parallel to serial prior to transmission.

2: divide the data into packets and attach the sending and receiving computers’ addresses.

3: determine when to send the packet.

4: transmit the packet.

There are many types of wireless network interface cards and these types are PCI, MINI PCI, Compact Flash Card, SD Card, USB Wireless Network card, and recently it is integrated into the motherboard. The following network cards can be installed to the desktops which are PCI and external USB because these cards consume a lot of power. The MINI PCI network card should be installed to the notebook pc because it is designed for notebook and it consumes a lot of power. That’s why it is installed on the back of the pc. The other two types are Compact Flash and SD card should be installed in PDA’s because they consumed less power regarding to their size and they have built in small circuit board with dedicated control ship and a very small antenna.