Why Virtual Reality Environment For Campus Computer Science Essay

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In this new era of science and technology, it is very difficult to imagine people working without assistance of computers. Our dependency on computers has led to the rapid development of faster, smaller microprocessor, multi-tasking software and better graphics cards for them. Computes already become a daily activities needs for personal, social, educational, professional, and entertainment purposes.

Today video game are very famous, almost 75% of heads of household play computer or video game and game habit can found in everywhere such as working desktop, palm-held device with or without network connection. In this case, video games allow learners to visual system in three dimensions compare simulation with their understanding and manipulate variables.

This paper intend to present ongoing research on feasibility of game technology to create interactive 3D environment that easier for user to view the photorealistic of the campus and immersive navigation as a tool for campus analysis and visualization.

3D campus now is the famous virtual reality environment in this new era. By using such game engine, it is possible to create engaging interaction such as user clicking on particular object, AI on Non Playing Character to interact with player and/or environment. At the end, I will present the feature of the game engine. The advantages and the limitation of using game engine to develop a virtual reality environment.

Why Virtual Reality Environment for Campus

In this new era, Virtual Reality (VR) is a term that applies to computer-simulated environments that can simulate places in the real world, as well as in imaginary worlds. VR include a wide range of new technologies that offer the viewer an experience they participate in. Besides, people can see a first person perspective on screen because they have the ability to control their point of view. VR engages us with interactivity, and invites us to be active in the experience, as if we are really there.

VR has already been used in special applications to treat motor problems, or disabilities induced by mental problems with promising results and so on. Nowadays, VR is a new way of optimization between computer and human. Because VR can construct more realistic virtual world in 3D vision, audible, tactile. It can also help users to through the virtual environment to interact to the virtual entities designed through a nature feeling. 3Ds Max is a software to create virtual world, which can describe 3D object. Users normally construct virtual world by integrating various media style such as text, picture, and sound and so on. We are using 3Ds Max to build modeling of TAR college. Because 3Ds Max is more expressive that a simple 3D scene. It can show campus' scenery through the net. Users can virtually walk into campus, feeling the nature entities of campus scene. Besides, users can acquaint him with each building's relative position and its function. In every building user can learn by interactive materials. Features like these are very important for those are fresh and foreign users can also login the net to explore out virtual campus.

What is Game Engine?

Game engines provide a suite of visual development tools in addition to reusable software components. These tools are generally provided in an integrated development environment to enable simplified, rapid development of games in a data-driven manner. Game Engine provide flexible and reusable software platform which provides all the core functionality needed, complexities, to develop a game application while reducing costs, and time-to-market.

Game engines usually provide platform abstraction, allowing the same game to be run on various platforms including game consoles and personal computers with few, if any, changes made to the game source code.

Some game engines are able to provide real-time 3D rendering capabilities instead of the wide range of functionality required by games. These types of engines are considered as "graphics engine," "rendering engine," or "3D engine" instead of the more encompassing term "game engine."

Benefit of Game Engine

Game engines offer several of features and opportunities:-

Tracking and logging of individuals and their behavior - if the world is represented digitally, it can be recorded precisely.

Security features - individuals may be prevented from entering certain parts of the world, in fact, the engine could restrict anything they do;

Vandalism - in the real world, reconstructing a demolished building is essentially impossible whereas in a digital world it is not;

Detachment - users cannot harm each other physically because they are probably in different parts of the real world, and engulfed in a virtual one;

Censorship - the engine would be able to define what a certain individual can and cannot see, or what they can and cannot do;

Empowering - everyone share the same abilities independent of actual physical state;

Reproduction - if we record the world like a video, we could replay it at will, from any place at any time through any view.


Following are some applications that can create by Game Engine:-


Game engines exist purely for the purpose of gaming and entertainment - but a huge industry exists around not just the content of the game, but the technology behind them. Innovations because of internet have led to a huge surge for online gaming, where a number of players owning the same game compete head-to-head or with each other in the same game environment.


American army cadets already use games to practice tank and infantry battles either individually or as teams. Real practice sessions in real tanks are expensive, whereas a game world is easily reset within a few moments. The American government developed a game that would accurately recreate the operations of the U.S. Army, with the intention of signing on new recruits. Battles are fought in a full 3D world between groups of people with an internet connection.


3D games (specifically for gaming) are used as relaxants - if a patient is undergoing a painful procedure, pre-occupying that patient with a game served by a VR headset can cut their perception of pain in half. The effect is not as significant if the patient is playing in 2D or in a non-immersive world.


Digitalo Studios developed two exhibitions using the Unreal game engine: high resolution walkthroughs of the Notre Dame cathedral ("Virtual Reality Notre Dame" - VRND) and the Florida Everglades National Park. The intent was to replicate the environments and populate them with simple characters. There are many reasons to use a licensed game engine in this context - by default, they include a powerful renderer, interactivity and multi-user features. The target platform is identical - a standard PC.

Impact on 21st Century Classroom

There are multiple barriers to properly implementing game design into the 21st century classroom. Highlighted below are six primary obstacles which will need to be addressed prior to utilizing game design broadly in our college:

Negative perceptions toward video games as educational components. Much of this comes from a lack of understanding of educators of the difference between arcade style video games to more complex role-playing, graphically dense, and cognitively viable modem games.

The difficulty of providing state of the art graphics in educational video games. The student's enthusiasm for gaming may be diminished if the quality of the graphics utilized in the classroom are not equivalent to the graphics they are used to seeing on home consoles.

Lack of adequate computing hardware in the classrooms to run advanced video games - a one-to-one student computer ratio is not in the near future.

A school day divided by short class periods which hindered long term engagement in complex games. Researchers must determine if a student is interrupted while in the process of engaging in a learning objective within the gaming environment, do the interruptions interfere in the student's learning process? The findings of this research will dictate the type of "short" activities that could be developed to align with the school day.

A lack of real world affordances.

A lack of alignment to state standards. Video games pre-aligned to state standards (where they exist) would have an easier time getting into our classrooms.

Why Unity 3D?

Unity3D is a new software application and 3D game development environment. It can call as Game Engine. Unity 3D Game Engine allows users to create immersive, interactive, 3D games and simulations. However, the games and simulations that are created with Unity can be easily played on Linux and Windows computers, using either a web-browser plug-in, or running a self-contained executable program. Unity consider as GUI based and it can easily to imports 3D models and animation from a variety of 3D design software applications. Compared to many other game engines, Unity is relatively easy to learn, using it can still be used to develop rich and robust games and applications. Finally, Unity allows users to choose from a different of coding and scripting languages to program the interactivity and artificial intelligence components of the game. E.g. C# and JavaScript