Whether The Qr Code Should Be Implemented Computer Science Essay

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The main purpose of this report is through research to illustrate whether the QR code should be implemented in a company, in order to better understand QR codes, Research for this report included what is the QR codes, cost of QR codes, and how to use QR codes an Advantages and disadvantages of QR codes and three benefits for company. Then through the above factors analysis give the conclusion,The major findings indicate with the advent of the QR codes, it brought many business opportunities for company,although QR codes exists some disadvantages, but its advantage is significant, it is very useful for a company。While it is clear that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. This report recommends Company should be implement this technology and also offers some recommendations to the QR codes: clarifying objectives, design a quality QR Code and make sure your code is right for your customer to improve the quality of the implementation of this technology, let company to better operation and get the maximum benefit

1. Introduction

In modern society, everyone has at least one mobile phone, with the constant speed development of mobile communication terminal information, smart phone and APP popularity, people can't live without mobile phone, with the help of mobile Internet dissemination of corporate information to become a new focus and promotion tools. QR code and common barcode into our work and life, QR codes are popping up almost everywhere, the QR code have more action space. applied to the field of industrial, commercial, defense, transportation, finance, health care, post and telecommunications and office automation etc. from the inventor of the QR codes hope it can be allowed to quickly be decoded, More recently, the system has become popular due to its fast readability and large storage capacity compared to standard UPC barcodes, additionally, QR codes can be read from any angle, while common barcodes must be aligned properly. Due to the QR code as a new automatic identification and information carrier technology, its economy and reliability are being more and more mobile users to understand and cognition, QR code is becoming an effective tool of the core of mobile e-commerce application in modern society

2. QR code

QR Codes are an incredibly useful mobile marketing tool for a company, Through years of development, Mobile phone QR code industry, has entered a growth period, with the market, industrial chain, business model continues to mature, the mobile phone QR code for the communication, media and other traditional industries to bring more opportunities. Phone read bar codes are becoming the communications, media, traditional industry Integration Bridge, to promote the application of information technology in the enterprise industry and to bring more value to consumers and businesses. As long as the user using a mobile phone to scan the QR code, will be get relevant information through the Internet, You can easily get electronic coupons, the supermarket discount information, e-tickets and other applications, corporation also can use this channel communicate their business information to their own specific target customer groups, and truly achieve precision marketing

With the advent of the QR code, it has a vital role to small company, because there are insufficient funds and understaffed problem, leading many people don't know own company products. QR code will be able to solve this problem, users only need to use a mobile phone to scan this QR code will be able to obtain the details of the company and also reduce the manpower of publicize, this effect of publicity is very obvious. (Two-dimensional code, 2012)

2.1What is the QR code?

They look like this:


Figure: QR Code

(baike for QR code, 2012)

QR Code, the full name is Quick Response Code, because the inventor hope QR code can be fast decoding. First invented in Japan and most common in Japan.first designed for the automotive industry. QR Code is square, only black colour. In three corner of QR code. There are print image that like small square in each corner. They are positioning pattern to help decode.user doesn't need alignment, the data can still be read correctly. QR Code can store more data than ordinary bar code. So, QR code very popular in the world. QR Codes are a type of two-dimensional barcode that can be read using smart phones and dedicated QR reading devices that link directly to text, emails, websites, phone numbers and more. You can see QR codes everywhere, for example in a magazine advert, on a billboard, a cup or even on someone's t-shirt. (QR code, 2012)

2.2 Cost of the QR code

QR code just need very low production costs, easy to make it and durability, the company only need Create yourself QR Codes, you can choose a QR Code Service Provider do it for you, just need pay $190/month for business QR code, then printed on it in some materials, such as common paper(brochures, leaflets and on business cards), further to this they can be put on product packaging or labels, or on billboards or even walls, they are very cheap material, any small company can afford it, Its cost is far lower than other electronic memory,but the effect is very good,which may open the door for conversation and a potential sale (How much do QR codes cost ,2012)

2.3 How to use QR codes

QR codes are very convenient tool, first, users must have a smart phone and download scanning app. Just search for "QR scanner" in the iTunes or Droid app store and so on, then on the premise of Internet (GPRS or WIFI), open the QR code software. users don't need alignment, no matter any angle scanning, finally, open a web page in the telephone's browser, the phone will automatically recognize, and then you can see the information or links (Scan Me: Everybody's Guide to the Magical World of QR Codes,2011)

2.4 Advantages and disadvantages

The QR code has many advantages, such as QR codes can be read anytime, anywhere with mobile phones, QR Code makes really easy for the target audience to read through their Smartphone as they carry it all the time and it's really quick.

Fault tolerance, error correction: QR code cause local damage due to perforation, defacement, still can get the correct reading, the damaged area 50% can still recover information and good security, can introduce encryption measures.

But it also exist some disadvantages, such as: Users must have a smart phone phone (e.g.: iPhone, Google Android, Blackberry, Symbian and so on) and a phone software that can scan the image of QR code. If you want to access QR code, currently, decoding equipment including hand-held and fixed scanning gun and smart phone with camera and users use phone scan it must on the premise of Internet, Otherwise it will not recognize the information. Many users don't want to take the time to download the application and learn how to use it. Because they think that this is too complicated. Another disadvantage is the QR code technology becomes a new channel for mobile phone viruses, phishing sites spread. (QR Codes advantages and disadvantages, 2012)

2.5 Three benefit for company

For small company, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages in QR code; In general have three point benefits.

First benefits, QR code is a new form, attractive new marketing method, make your company unique compared to other companies, if use QR code in business, the customers will be very curious about what kind of information is hidden in the QR code, the customer feel thrill and instant gratification .then they can't wait to scan these QR codes, Make your company stand out from the competition.

Second benefit is let your customers anytime, anywhere access to company mobile shops, for the customer, they don't have to wait long time for additional information about the company product. as long as scan QR code of the company .customer will be able to anytime, anywhere access to company mobile shops to understand the product and service information, also can download coupons, or even purchase orders directly. The customer never any limited by time and space, reduce company labor costs and avoid human errors

Third benefit is Increase the advertising content. company advertising and promotion, will no longer has the space limit, as long as the size of a thumb, you can put any text, pictures, extended advertising content, add clear voice and video, it can optimize advertising effectiveness. Company employees can also print the QR code printed on own business cards or on the advertisement. This is a symbol of company innovation, also is a living advertisement, it will be attract everyone's eye and can be continuous bring new customers for company (QR Codes in Business: 3 Direct Benefits, 2011)

2.6 personalize QR codes

Normally, we have seen the most of software to generate QR code is black, but in fact, the colour QR code generation technology is not complex, young people like it very much and some web sites begin to offer colour QR code generation services online. Based on the error correcting function of QR code, even if part of the QR code being covered or lost, the scanning device can still identify the complete information for their records, the currently, has been a lot of "personalized QR codes" generation tools, use personality patterns synthesize with the QR code, this "personalize QR codes" are also becoming popular. ((QR code, 2012)

3. Conclusions

In conclusion, QR codes are only bound to become more common in the coming years, we're increasingly reliant on our mobile devices, and typing out URLs or other data on their tiny keyboards is still not very efficient. These squares of elaborately arranged boxes are a shortcut around that problem, it can easily be integrated with various services, according to the above research, we can know it on the one hand to provide customers with the convenience the other hand to bring business opportunities for company, it can allows the company to better allocate resources, build a mobile shops on a phone, the key point is without increasing the venue and without increasing employees, a company can attract new customers and keep old customers, to enhance a company quality and improve sales effect. So 请键入æ-‡å­-æˆ-网站地址,æˆ-者上传æ-‡æ¡£ã€‚


The implementation of the QR code is a very wise choice for the company

4. Recommendations

It is recommended that choice company take immediate measures and implement QR code. Because QR codes reduce labor costs and avoids human errors, low cost and no longer restrictions on space and time for company. In addition, the implementation of the QR code should pay attention to the following points:

1. Clarifying Objectives: first, company need to understand the purpose behind company QR code. Then, should be consider consumers purchasing psychology.Finally, start company QR code marketing campaigns

2. Design a Quality QR Code: In general, there are two types of QR code designs. The first is only black colour and the second is the designer QR code, the first is too simple, unable to attract consumers, so, company, should choose designer QR codes that use company's colour scheme and that can even incorporate company logo

3. Make sure your code is right for your customer: QR Code is still relatively unknown for most people, company should be consider adding an explanation where consumer uses QR codes. Need to provide a lot of detail, work out company target market, and make the QR codes user-friendly.