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Nowadays, computers have become an important thing in how we live and work. The advent of computers have influenced the way we gather and deliver information or messages. With the development of science and technology, computer has become necessity even for a child.

In chapter two, literature review of Jiffy Educational System will be stated. We do lots of researches through the Internet on existing English learning system, various type of development tools, two different platform, few methodology discussion and others comparison to enhance the strength of our system.

My partner and I propose to develop this system although there are many existing English learning system in the market. There are several reasons why we propose to develop is because English has become important medium of communication in nowadays. Besides that, most of the Malaysia's student are weak in English due to Malaysia is not an English speaking country (English is not Malaysia primary language). Based on existing English learning system research, we found out current application do not have the features or capabilities as our system which provide interactive digital storytelling, animation to help user capture information in better way.


2.2 What is an English Learning System?

2.3 Why English is important?

Nowadays, English has become native language of more than 300 million people around the world (Seoul National University, 2009).

2.4 Platform

2.4.1 Microsoft Window

Microsoft Window is a series of graphical interface operating system developed and sold by a company so called as Microsoft.

2.4.2 Macintosh

2.5 Existing System

2.5.1 Come Learn Spellings

Come Learn Spellings (CLS) basically is a simple flash card educational application that produce by Power Math Apps. It is actually a freeware that runs on iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and etc. With the implementation of flash card system, user are able to learn some common spelling and vocabulary. This system design in concision interface and sound effect also being included to helps user memorize those new English word. However, CLS also bring lots of disadvantages such as lack of domain necessary for English language (Writing, Speaking, and Grammar), not much interactive between user and the system due to only provided reading and listening section and outdated interface design since it was published in year 2011. Based on research, most of the application users had done bad review to this application due to bad taste advertisement happen while in using section and it is not interactive enough.

C:\Users\NgeeLong Tan\Downloads\mzl.biqesund.640x960-75.jpg

Figure 1: Main Menu of Come Learn Spellings

C:\Users\NgeeLong Tan\Downloads\mzl.cdnvadzy.1024x1024-65.jpg

Figure 2: Reading & Listening Interface

2.5.2 Learning English

Learning English (LE) is an Android based educational system that develop by JD Star. It is a freeware which available download from Google Play Store. It suit for any Android devices for example: Samsung Galaxy Tab, HTC Butterfly and etc. This application actually implement by reading, listening and grammar and essay section which provide sample and exercises for user to do and improve their English standard. The most attractive point is LE dictionary relevant to newspaper, radio, school and so on which means user is able to learn some relevant English word from what real world is happening. In opposite, this system also have the same cons as CLS due to advertisement is included in the application which makes the application seems like messier and due to the LE application require bandwidth for using, it bring lots of inconvenient for offline user. In addition, system error is happening always and the interface is not user friendly will be the biggest drawback.

C:\Users\NgeeLong Tan\Downloads\screenshot_1 C:\Users\NgeeLong Tan\Downloads\screenshot_2

Figure 1: Main Menu Figure 2: Listening Interface

2.5.3 Free English Study

2.6 Game Engine

2.6.1 Game Maker

At first, programming is not easier for everyone. It requires lot of knowledge and experiences to deal with the complex coding languages such as C, C++ and etc. But with easy to use and understand program as Game Maker in the market, it become easier for beginner to create an own game. Other than that, Game Maker is an all in one editor which means it is not required additional editor to compile and build up a game. It features with what it needs in the engine.

There are three main components in Game Maker which is room, view and object. For easy understanding, area in a game that use to play called as room; area that visible on the screen called as view and lastly, anything that display inside the room so called as object. Each of the component are well categorized and easy to manage in different editor.

GML (Game Maker Language) is a specific programming language that used to implement game in Game Maker. GML is easier than other programming language because user does not have to declare data types or import different code libraries. Each function that used to code are simple and easy to remember due to only short coding is needed. For instance: draw_circle (50, 100, 2) is the code that allow user to draw a circle. 50 was used to set x position and 100 was y position of the center of circle and 2 was the radius of the relevant circle.

In fact, there is another way to building up a game. Game Maker allow user to create game by just using drag and drop action within the interface. It is really simple if compare to using coding. Example of showing drag a simple icon to set the moving direction as below:

C:\Users\NgeeLong Tan\Desktop\Figure.png

Figure: Drag and Drop Action

There are lots of built-in variables in Game Maker that make task easier for user when develop a game. For instance: Speed (use to control moving direction and moving speed). Basically an object that created will be automatically define with default variable. For example: set speed to 2 and direction to 90 degree (due to right side) or just use drag and drop action to specific the object's speed and moving direction.

Apart from that, Game Maker also equipped with some extensive help options, code functions and different uses. Several games are provided to help user gain more experiences, knowledge, and concept to determine the analysis, requirement and idea of game.

C:\Users\NgeeLong Tan\Desktop\images.jpg

Figure: Example of 2D Flying Shooting Game

C:\Users\NgeeLong Tan\Desktop\Sonic_Engine_For_Game_Maker_by_tiagoskateboarding.jpg

Figure: Development Process of Side Scrolling Game

Game Maker is focusing on 2D graphic game. But with the new version that release in the market, it also capable to support 3D graphic. As mentioned early, 3D graphic game is only available through writing code, drag and drop actions is not suitable for designing a 3D graphic. Therefore, user have to get familiar with the Game Maker interface and Language in order to produce a 3D graphic game. As some hint to user, do not over expect to create high graphic game such as Call of Duty, Devil May Cry and etc. It is because functionality of Game Maker is somewhat limited, but not so much that user still capable to produce Counter Strike game if wish to.

As conclusion, Game Maker is an excellent game authoring tool for anyone who want to produce a game. Game Maker is good to use due to the user friendly interface and full of resources. In fact, Game Maker had released the latest version (Game Maker Studio) which allow user to create game for a variety of platforms such as Android, iOS, HTML5 and more but user have to pay for the advanced features.

C:\Users\NgeeLong Tan\Desktop\Untitled.png

Figure: Different Version of Game Maker Studio

2.6.2 Game Salad

2.7 Methodology

2.7.1 Waterfall

2.7.2 Prototyping

2.8 Target School

2.8.1 Government Secondary School

2.8.2 Private Secondary School

2.9 Target State

2.9.1 Other States

2.9.2 Not in KL