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Multimedia is way to represent information more effectively and makes our document look attractive. It allows us to add text to our document, add images and videos. Multimedia is multiple media contents that uses a combination of different forms. Multimedia are a way to present text, graphics, video, animation, and sound in an integrated and an effective way.

Raster image processor is a processor used for printing which produce a rater image also known as bitmap. After the image is processed it is sent to the printing device for output. The input may be in the form of high description page language such as XPS, postscript or another bitmap of higher or lower level resolution. Raster image processing is a process of converting high description language such as XPS into a high resolution raster image. A raster image processing can be done either as a software component of operating system or firmware program executed on a microprocessor inside the printer.

Interpretation - this page supports page description languages which are translated into a private internal representation. Raster image processor processes a page serially so that the current machine state is for the current page only that means only one page at one time. Once a page has been output then it is discarded so that it is ready for next page.

Rendering - it is a process through which the private internal representation is turned into a continuous tone bitmap. Generally in raster image processor interpretation and rendering are done frequently.

Screening - when we want to print a continuous tone bitmap then we convert it into a halftone which in the form of dots. The two screening method are Amplitude Modulation (AM) screening and stochastic or Frequency Modulation (FM) screening. In FM screening, dot size remains constant and dots are placed in random order to create darker or lighter areas of the image; dot placement is precisely controlled by sophisticated mathematical algorithms.


Graphics processing unit is a processor that offloads 3D graphics from the microprocessor. It is used in mobile phone, embedded systems, games, work stations and personal computers for displaying the 3D contents. Modern graphics processing unit have parallel structure that makes them more efficient than CPU. The graphics processing unit can be on the motherboard as well as on the video card. Modern GPUs use most of their transistors to perform calculations related to 3D computer graphics. They were initially used to accelerate the memory-intensive work of texture mapping   polygons, accelerating geometric calculations such as the rotation of vertices into different co-ordinates. Graphics processing unit also supports programmable shades which are used to manipulate textures by CPU to reduce very high precision color space.



Xenomorphic Image Processor -

Xenomorph Image Processor screenshot 1


It is the intentional alteration of audio signals and sounds. Since audio signals are electronically represented in analog or digital forms but signal processing occurs in a domain. The analog processors operate directly on the electrical signal. Audio processing was used earlier by radio broadcasting. An analog is usually represented electrically; a voltage level represents the air pressure waveform of the sound. A digital representation expresses the pressure wave-form as a sequence of symbols, usually binary numbers. This permits signal processing using digital circuits such as microprocessors and computers. Although such a conversion can be prone to loss, most modern audio systems use this approach as the techniques of digital signal processing are much more powerful and efficient than analog domain signal processing.


Vocal Master - A speech processor

Vocal master is a handy accessory. It features 1:1 to 15:1 compression ratio with variable limiting threshold and variable noise gate. Its additional features are -

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It has an aluminum enclosure.

All components are mounted on pc board.

It uses RJ -45 for input and output.

It has also got output level meter.

It has built-in signal generator for antenna tuning.

It has RF filtering.

It has front panel controls.


A word processor is a compute processor that is used for any type of printable document which may include editing, formatting, composition etc. Word processor combines the keyboard text-entry and printing functions of an electrical typewriter with a dedicated processor for the editing of text.  Later models introduced innovations such as spell-checking programs, increased formatting options, and dot-matrix printing. Earlier word processors used tag-based markup for document formatting, most modern word processors take advantage of a graphical user interface providing some form of what you see, you will get editing. Most powerful systems consisting of one or more programs that can produce any arbitrary combination of images, graphics and text were later handled with type- setting capability.

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Video processors are a bit of a mixed bag because firstly most displays and/or sources come packaged with an internal processor or two. Second, outboard video processors are often confusing and not really designed for the average consumer.

The DVDO Edge video processor from Anchor Bay, the leaders in video processing offers a lot of the performance of DVDO's own iScan VP50Pro processor, yet has been streamlined and designed with the typical consumer in mind. The Edge will scale all signals to 1080p, as well as reduce noise and compression artifacts found in DVD, broadcast and downloaded material. The Edge also claims to improve perceived video quality, using a system they call Prep, or Progressive Reprocessing, and can do a bit of fine detail and edge enhancing that goes a step beyond normal sharpness controls found on most TVs. Lastly, the Edge can eliminate lip sync issues by removing the delay between audio and video signals.


Spyder - is the most powerful video processor when it comes to dynamic visual effect. Spyder has three times the pixels presentation than any other processors with clarity and brightness. In spyder we can use single input channel and view them through multiple outputs thereby allowing you to see what the audience see and preview of what they will see next.

Special Effects using the Spyder Video Processor

Special features -

It supports 32 independent windows and 16 mixers.

It adapts to widescreen and multi-screen applications.

It adds input and output and pixel estate with powerful expansion capabilities.

Mixing and multiple key frame effects.

Image cropping with smooth transitions between picture-in-picture borders, including drop shadows and soft inside edge with smooth transition.

Adjustable picture-in-picture ratio with smooth transition.

Anthem - anthem has long been a leading makeover of A/V processors beginning with the AVM 2 and its incredibly popular successor, the AVM 20. The AVM models have high and flexible sound quality. Anthem has started raising their AVM processors and PVA power amplifiers to even higher levels of sound and visual quality.

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Special features -

It has Analog Direct Mode

It has Adjustable low-pass/high-pass crossover for about 25-160Hz in 5Hz increments.

Six-channel analog input with bass management

It supports three-zone operation and record path

It has 24-bit/192kHz Digital to analog converter

It has high-definition, broadcast-quality component-video switching

It has a FM/AM tuner and headphone jack with sleep timer

It trigger outputs for about 50mA and 200mA

It has coaxial digital inputs.

Types of Mobile Processors

Mobile video processors (Cameras) -

Mobile video processors are chips that provide camera provision for mobile phones. These powerful single-chip processors enable efficient image and video data exchange between mobile phone baseband processors, displays and image sensors because bulk data processing associated with compressing and decompressing will be performed by Mobile Video Processors. The chips support camera features such as graphics, digital zoom, image rotation and other special features.

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Mobile Audio processor (MP3) -

Mobile audio processors are series of processors for mobile devices. These chips have integrated digital to analog converter in them an audio power amplifier, headphones driver, polyphonic MIDI synthesizer, mp3 codec into the chip. It the device uses MAP then it will have high frequency and high quality ringtones with background music for games and voices for 2G, 2.5G, 3G mobile phones and mobile devices and newer generation of MAP support USB functionalities also.

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Mobile multimedia processors -

Mobile multimedia processors are series of highly integrated, high performance multimedia application processors with high-performance video camera processor features and audio codec into a silicon chip. These help manufacturers to develop a true personal multimedia entertainment centers.

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