Websites Used For Tourism Computer Science Essay

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Each page provides detailed information on various aspects of this marvelous city. The pages were created keeping in mind of the accessibility issues that a normal user has to face while looking for the desired information. Accessibility is a major issue while designing a website because if the website is not easily accessible for the user, the user might find the website misleading and will be diverted to a better alternative. There are a lot of accessibility factors but I have considered a few of those major issues that trouble the user mostly. I have tried to keep the coding as meaningful as possible, I did not include texts in graphics, I was careful with the colors and background while designing the website. Even though I have dealt with few accessibility issues there are a lot of other accessibility issues , so for future development there is certainly room for improvement in this sector.

Navigation is a major issue for the normal users as any user who has no sense of the internet might find it hard to obtain the necessary information they are looking for. So while designing the website normal user’s point of view was thought of and navigation throughout the entire website was kept simple as well as making it effective.

As no CSS was used the interface of this website is not that eye catching so some users might find the website a bit dull. For future development introduction of CSS is kept in mind. CSS will significantly enhance the beauty of the website as well as reduce the amount of coding required for the website. Using CSS the layout of the website can be change efficiently without much hassle, just by editing the CSS file the layout of the website can be changed.

Now days there are different browsers which people use to browse through the internet. Each browser has different way of representing the website; a website might appear differently in two different browsers. So keeping that in mind I did some testing in different browsers almost all browsers provided the expected output, but there were some minor issues which will be taken into account while modifying the website.

While designing the website I have tried to keep the file size of the website as less a possible because my website is not based on target audience it is for everybody so if the file size of the website was large people with slower internet connection will find it hard to browse through the website.

As no JavaScript was used the booking form page is not operational, for future development the introduction of JavaScript is kept in mind in order to make the booking form fully functional.


While making this report I have found the strengths and weakness of my website , and have also found out the room for improvements of the existing website, so while future development of the website this assessment will help my website be more informative and effective.