Website Creation Using Html And Dreamweaver Computer Science Essay

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To create a website to have a small business. What is e-business or e-commerce? E-business is a activity that have a business in internet with customer. E-business not only having trading like selling and buying product but also servicing customer and collaborating with business partner. Other then that it also can strengthen relationship with customer, shareholder, supplier, employee and business partner. Before start to create a website for E-business, a company or entrepreneur have to find a product to have a business. Later only create a website that give clear and updated details and information to all customer. Entrepreneur also can link their website to BLOG or FACEBOOK, it will make more easier to all people know about new product is selling from entrepreneur through internet.

The definition of website is where a computer connected to the internet that maintains a series of web pages which is included in the world wide web. It is also a collection of related web pages,images,videos,or other digital assets that are addressed with a common word which is w.w.w. A website is a related collection of web files that includes an intial file called homepage. You can get to a website by typing in the home page address,or url in your browser. From this pages, you can get to all the other pages on a website. The url of the pages organize them in to a proper way,although it link between then convey's the reader perceived site and guides the reader's navigation of the site. Some web sites requires a subscription some or allthe web sites content. For example facebook,friendster,twitter and many more. All the website is connected one and other where you need access it through the internet.

2.3 Blog

Blogs are the simplest form of having websites. It will help you to complete with your dream of having own website. It is a personal online diary or journal which allows you to share any thoughts and ideas, you can add video, games, pictures music, you also can read comments from visitor write on your blog. A BLOG is can be updated everyday , it all depends on the blogger. Blogger can do any things without the need of any programming knowledge. Just have to sign up to blog providers (Blogger, wordpress , typepad , etc). This websites allow your customers to interact with you and give feedback. Since blogs offer you the option of enabling a "comments" field after your posts where readers can give you feedback, your visitors will not only be more inclined to come back, but you will have at your disposal an effective and inexpensive way to get to know your customers better.

2.4 Forum /Facebook

Forum : Is a discussion website or message board is also call chat room. People in a chat room usually post messages to be read by others. Before member want to join in forum and makes posts, he or she is required to register. After a member is approved by the administrator Internet forum, the member usually chooses his or her own user name. It let member to start a conversation which around the world able to visit.

Facebook : It is a website that connect to friends, family, and business associates. It is one of the largest networking sites. Facebook users can create a profile page with free of charge that can shows their friends and networks information about themselves. Users are able to search for friends or acquaintances by e-mail address, school, university, or just by typing in a name or location for search. When they approve in each other and become friends, they are able to see each other's. A popular feature on Facebook is able to share photographs uploaded from a phone, camera, or others place. Groups can be created by users. Users of Facebook can easily share news stories, video, and other files with friends. Personal notes can also be written and shared with friends. When sharing an item, users can attach the item to their Wall for all to see, or can tag individual people that they think would be most interested in seeing the item. When a user is tagged, they receive an e-mail notification

2.5 Website vs Blog / Forum

If you want start your own site to sell products you are probably wondering whether to create a website or blog/forum .They are very much alike but also got the different.

2.5.1 Similarities

Both are published on the Web and can be read with any Web browser . Website and blog/forum are give same basic look and feel and similar user experience.

They depend on good , useful content .Blog readers and Website visitors come to read good and useful content , they will be back for more.

2.5.2 Different

Blog tend to be more opinion-based than website . The opinion aspect makes blogs more personal than Website .Because blog writers are use them experience to write the blog.

Blog rely on fresh content. It's commonly accepted that a blogger should post at least 3 to 5 new entries a week. Website, on the other hand , are more static and don't require as much updating .Their visitors don't expect it , either.

Website visitors come to a site to look for specific information .That information doesn't need to be new . It just needs to be what the visitor is looking for .Make a new website needed a lot of real information to impose it .

2.5.3 The advantages and disadvantages of each of them:



Easy to set up

Easy to monetize as one as full control over placement

Have full control over the look and functionality

Search engine friendly


As the name suggest , static content .Search engines greatly favor dynamic content over static content . One reason is that sustained user activity in form of comments or discussion speaks for the quality of the content to some extent. If there\'s some buzz going on , there must be something worthwhile.



Can be made very search engine friendly with proper plug-in .This again depends on the blogging software.

Easy to monetize as there is good control over placement

Easy to build back links with the help of trackbacks and pings

Fairly easy to set up .Depends a lot on the blogging software chosen

Favored by search engines due to dynamic content in form of user comments.

Plenty of free themes available to get the look you want.


Can eat lot of server bandwidth and resources

Needs constant monitoring of comments to prevent spam.

Additional knowledge of maintaining and running databases is required . Also regular backups are must as server crashes would mean significant data loss.



As fresh content is added regularly , search engines favor them.

Greater part of content contributed by members.


Less search engine friendly.

Difficult to monetize . As there is limited control over placement ,the return are very low .

Takes lot of time to get rolling

Difficult to build from scratch

Needs constant monitoring to maintain quality and sociability

2.6 Conclusion

After we have done our research, we have found all the advantage and disadvantage of different of the website. Before we start create a website, we need to know about different website that we more benefit to link with.



3.1 Introduction

Design in another form also call problem solving process. Design is identification or analysis the problem. It also planning lay basic to making every system. Design a website because need to attract more customer to visit our webpage. Design website, it make the webpage more beautiful and . We use different software and programme to design so that let us more easier to design and create.

3.2 Design

To organize a website

Making all text, graphics, and operation as a whole thought. Step back in your mind and get a site overview. It as an image, rather than a collection of text and graphics experience. This is the beginning of the site formation and organization.

And subject or keyword, began to deeper and more detailed content of your pages. This website (the index) is your first argument or the development of the website should appear. From there, the website should be more thorough, deeper into the details of what you sell, tell and / or produce.


There are three organizations formed the main elements of a website. Each depends on the other. They are:

1) The structure of your site

The site's form and its navigation methods go hand in hand. This is the framework that will support you like your web site support your bone health. Do not confuse the layout structure. Structure behind how to work your site scenes mechanics, not how you intend to develop them.

All types of sites need their own individual way to develop a site structure. This will largely depend on your content and principles of the focus or theme of your site. The best way to start is to analyze existing sites and site administrator specifying their structure and function of the form of the method. Take notes, and include you in an original way to find.


2) The content and body site

Body and your site content is its content. Do you have any to sell, or talking? This should be the focus of your site's content. Every word matters from what color you can see and respond to visitors when they visit your site, so you have to spend plenty of time this design element.

So far, the most important element of any website is the text or body copy. Current news, you have on your visitors and search engines are completely how well you communicate with your text / content of the. The content of your work around the site structure. Do not let your site structure to cover the main topics on your site.

3) The layout and display on your site

Submit your site theme or message of the method, depending on your personal web page layout. How will you show your site?

Your site can have very many ways. Modern, retro, colourful, and so on, but make sure your theme you would like to add.

Site is a separate page. This is every page, make the site what is the collective effect. Select a site's layout is simple to add to your information the main focus.

3.2.1 Software

Now day got a lot of software to design a website, this also make the owner easy to create website. From website design tips and ideas to CSS Styles, Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks and you'll find all you need to know about web design right here!


Frontpage is a Microsoft produced, may be the simplest, most easy, yet powerful web editing tools. Word interface using the typical design, as long as you know how to use Word, almost like already uses Frontpage. Even if you do not know Word does not matter, "WYSIWYG" operation mode will let you quickly get started, and you do not need to learn HTML syntax. But there are also Frontpage inadequacies: First, the browser compatibility is not good, so out of web pages, use Netscape often do not display properly; Second, generate more garbage Daima will be automatically modify the code make in some cases extremely inconvenient; again, the support of the DHTML bad. But anyway, Frontpage really is the best entry-level Web page editing tools. Common version Frontpage98 and Frontpage2000.

Macromedia Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is another company's products, "WYSIWYG" web editor, or web publishing software. And Frontpage different, Deamweaver Mac machine using the floating panel design style, for beginners may be uncomfortable. But when you get used to its mode of operation, the will find the intuitive Dreamweaver and Frontpage efficiency is unmatched. Dreamweaver's support for DHTML particularly good, you can easily make a lot of dazzling page effects. Plug-in program design allows unlimited extension of its functions. Dreamweaver and Flash, Firework and production trio known as Macromedia's website, because it is the same company's products, which are functionally combined with a very close. The latest release of Dreamweaver UltraDev more supportive of Asp, Jsp. So, that Dreamweaver is not the first choice for production of high-level pages too. Common version Dreamweaver4.0 and Dreamweaver UltraDev 1.0


Flash is Macromedia products, Flash is an interactive vector graphics and Web animation standards. Web designers use Flash to create not only beautiful but also change the size of the navigation interface, and other unusual effects. I believe all people who have seen Flash technology, no one want to master it. It is not only easy to learn, easy to use, and can make a lot of animation site, and sensual combination is a promising Create a Web Page.


Firework is Macromedia's products, is the real web mapping software. Fireworks and Dreamweaver integration is very close, as long as the Dreamweaver set the default image editor Fireworks, then changes in the Fireworks file in Dreamweaver in the update immediately. Another feature is the same text box to change the color of a single word. Of course, Fireworks quote all of Photoshop's filters, and can directly import PSD format picture. It is used for drawing, which is equivalent to a combination of Photoshop (bitmap processing) and CorelDRAW (vector graph drawing) function. The shadow of a very popular website, three-dimensional effect of the button ... and so on, but also just with the click of the mouse click, without having to rely on plug-ins like KPT filters. Fireworks are a complete support and 16-page color hex mode, to provide a safe color palette of use and conversion, to cut graphics, make image maps (Image Map), background transparent, to plan small and beautiful, to do them in Fireworks are very convenient, is also very easy to modify the graphics. Do not need to also open Photoshop and CorelDRAW ... and so on all kinds of software, switch to switch to go up. Dreamweaver, Flash, Firework known as the Three Musketeers web production, together with the use of three software will create a very beautiful website


Ulead GIF Animator 4.0 is the fastest and most easy to use GIF animation tools, it provides a package of top-level functions, arranged for animation, editing, special effects and optimization. GIF Animator supported almost every major file formats, including video files, and allows the output to Windows AVI, QuickTime movies, Autodesk animation or image sequences. Users can generate the appropriate HTML code to be embedded into a Web page animation and animation can be packaged into a separate EXE file to e-mail publication and in any place to see.

When need design a website, and these are the basic steps we must follow:

First, using one of the software to create an image that mimics the general layout you'd like to use for your site.

Once you are happy with the image you'll need to "slice" it up for use in your website template. In this process, it help to have a working knowledge of HTML. You must know how tables work, so that you can slice your image in a way that will work with tables.

Then it is time to create on HTML document that's comprised of those slices. This will become the template you'll use to create all the pages of your website.

3.2.2 HTML

Html, which means for Hyper Text Markup Language, is the predominant markup language for web pages. A standard language used for creating and publishing documents on the world wide web. The computer language used to create world-wide-web pages which are read by browsers. Html is the language of the web. Html is a set of tags that are used to define the content, layout and the formatting of the web document. Web browsers use the html tags to define how to display the text.

3.2.3 Web-Page

Web page is what make up in the world wide web. These documents are written in html and are translated by your web browser. Web page can be static or dynamic. Static pages shows the same content each time we view while dynamic pages have content that change each time we accessed. These pages are typically written in scripting languages such as PHP, Perl, ASP, or JSP. The scripts in the pages run functions on the server that return things like the date and time, and database information. A web page is consider as an individual HTML document.

3.3 Server side

Server-side include the number of instructions sent to the server. When you open a document on the server, the service will address include instructions, and create a new document, instructions in the new document will be replaced with the contents of included files. The server then the new document sent to your browser. However, you can use Dreamweaver as the document on the server the same as preview, both in the "design" view, or preview in a browser can. To display a file, Dreamweaver uses a translator to mimic server processing methods include direct action. Dreamweaver in the "Documents" window to display the content of external file, making it easier to design the page. To edit the contents of server-side include, you must directly edit the file you want to include. Any changes made to the external file are automatically reflected in the file that contains each document.

Protocal (FTP)

FTP is short for File Transfer Protocol. Control file for the Internet on a two-way transmission. At the same time, it is an application (Application). Users of all around the world connected to a server running FTP protocol to access the server a lot of programs and information. The main function of FTP is to allow users to connect to a remote computer (the computer running the FTP server program) look at what the remote computer files, and then by copying files from a remote computer, the local computer, or to a document sent to the local computer to the remote computer.

3.3.2 Domain Name

Domain names which used for various networking contexts and application-specific naming and addressing purposes. Internet host domain names as identifiers or call host name. Any group who create any website compulsory have to decide a domain name, like facebook, blog, and others.


Create a Website, need to include different Software to create a webpages and website. In group discussion, domain name for a website is important and process for create a website is complicated.