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1. Introduction:

In this assignment we are supposed to construct a website for a tour operator site, where visitors can find details for a destination of there choice .where visitors can also see the coming and return trips,and how the visitors can book there booking details in booking form.In this site as per tour operator site maximum requirements covered.in this assignments it consists of URL of site,pages of site,details of tools and techniques used.comparing the created site with actual tour website and critically evaluating both the sites.After comparing we can observe what improvements or extension have been done on created web site.

2. URL for the developed site:


Here the developed site names is MKM travels.This site is hosted on my new domain .As the

name MKM travels it self tells us it's a tour operator site, where visitors can find there own destination and no of trips they want.This site is developed by considering the requirements and it is developed in text editor, with embedded java script, coding with comments.The next section is coding part which is with fully commented for appropriate pages of developed site.

3. Print out of pages developed on the site with explanation

All the prinouts of developed site are presented in the hardcopy HOME

This pages is the home page of MKM travels where visitors can enter his details like there destinations,time,date,cost and check for availability of tickets,as we can see for example we enter from UK to USA with 2 adults and 1 child,we can see the site shows time,date,the cost of ticket.

In this page now the visitors checks for availability of dates and cost, once the visitor confirmed he move to further process like booking the ticket by clicking the select option.

Step 1

Here now visitor clicks the select button where the visitors needs to fill his personal details like his name,address,email adress,bank account details to confirm the ticket once the visitor confirmed his ticket ,its is directly send to the visitors emails address presented while filling this form.Next page to this shows confirmation of ticket(page 4).

Step 2

Here we can the visitor confirmed his ticket and his details are send to his email address,where he can check his confirmation of ticket.


This pages contains the destination from UK to some nine place named,


4. Coding part

All coding of developed site are present in hard copy and in a separate folder in cd

5. Explanation for the created site:

As here we are developing a site which is hosted through out the world.Here we are creating a site for tour operator ,where visitors can find there particular destinations,booking and different other things while visiting the site.Firstly while developing a site,it may be tour operator or any other website,some important fundamentals are required,unless these fundamentals are took in consideration ,the website is fully not developed.The main fundamentals which are kept in view while developing a website are

* Tools

· Method

* Processing

* Quality focus

If we extract these fundamentals they look like in details

A. Required Analysis


C. Implementation

D. Testing

E. Support (Quality Control & Quality Assurance)

Keeping the above fundamentals the site is developed,but in required analysis the requirement is as per client description of how to developed there site.If example he wants his site to well looked with atrraction,style sheets etc,every site is developed by coding,without coding the implementation of developed site is not possible.

Here we developed a tour operator site as per requirement.The coding is done as per requirement

* In text editor

* Used embedded java script

* Coding is done with comments as with appropriate pages

* Images created

* Navigation have done to view the images of tourism places for visitors

6. Tools and techniques used:

Tools: Here the tools used are

·Note pad ·Mozilla Firefox (Browser)

* Paint Shop (for images)

Techniques: Here the techniques used for developing the site are



·Java Script

Web Engineering Approach: The web engineering approach used here for developing the site is

Schema Based Approach to Web Engineering 6.1 URLS for sources of materilas used in developing the site: The sources of materials used for developing the site are

* HTML : www.webnotes.com

* CSS : www.hscripts.com/tutorials


* Java Script: http:///jS/js_form_validation.asp (for validations) www.pageresource.com/jscript

6.2 URL for images created on site:

The URL for the objects and graphics developed in the site are

* www.airplane-pictures.net

* www.mynetbizz.com

* www.haitilivenetworks.com

The next part is evaluation part where we are evaluating the site developed with the actual tour operator site,in every aspects.what more implements can be done to improve the site

Part-B Site Evaluation 1. URL for both developed site and actual tour operator site The URL for the developed site is


The above URL is developed is for MKM travel Tour operator site

The URL for the Actual Tour Operator site is


The above URL is for Actual Tour Operator site named falcon holidays.

2. Critical evaluation between developed site and actual tour site

Before evaluating the actual tour operator site, we move to the developed site,in developed site the web engineering approac used is Schema Based Approach,in which the coding is completely done in text editor.The developed site completely different from the actual tour operator site i,e falcon holidays.They are some things which are present in actual tour operator site which are not present in the developed site they are like

* Kids club

* Ski holidays

* Sun holidays

Here in falcon holidays tour operator site,there are some more optionst for visitors than in developed site .I think the site developed is little bit different from the actual tour operator site.Its well advanced in some aspects.

If we see some web pages are similar in both sites, but some things like images, displays images in developed site some less than actual tour operator site.

3. Justification, modification to improve the developed site:

To justify in the developed site they are some options that are not present,but in actual tour operator site is well advanced created site on high assurance.Its good to see and I got some more ideas where may be I can developed my site some more advanced,where the visitors attract my developed site in every aspects.

* The modification in developed site is

* Some more images to be created

* Some options for extra holidays should be kept on site

* Some more tourism places must be added

The offers of tickets must be put on every specials ocassion like summer, winter, Christmas

Adding the above option i think the developed site will be more attractive and will be good looking site comapare to actual tour operator site.

3.1 Further extensions to improve the site:

The improvement to further extension and improvements can be in considerdaton likeThe tour operator site developed for visitors can be more attractive

* The site can be put on some offers for holidays,while travelling

* Cab services can be addes in options

* World wide services for visitors

* The site should be look good while browsing in every manner

4. Tools and Techniques to improve the site:

To further extension of the developed site, some more options of holidays the mkm travels can be put on tour operator site, where visitors can visit the site and book there tickets to any destinations in the world

Tools that can be used in further future to developed the site

* Banners for rolling on screen showing any offers on holidays

* Online chat for some queries regarding tour

* Access of registration to any of the visitors from any place to site for queries only

* Size of the developed site to enlarge its height and width.

Techniques can be futher used to develop the site

Schema based techniques some more advance level, where the things are more advanced for tour operator site.

The developed site will be moving with further new face as in future with coming days.

Finally I conclude, the developed site is good in a manner, where visitor can find there destinations, with present destination in developed site.some more destinations are included in further days.

5. Reference:

1. The Art and Sceince of Java Script by Cameron Adams,James Edwards,Christian Heilmann,Michael Mahemoff,Ara Pehlivanian,Dan Webb & Simon Willison.

2. Creating a website by Matthew Macdonald

3. Designing with Web Standards by Jeffrey Zeldman