Web Development Browser Server


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Web Development

Web Components

  • Web browser
  • Web Page
  • Web Server
  • HTTP
  • Get
  • Post
  • Request
  • Response

This section explains the features of web development components and architecture. Following are the components of web

Web browser is just desktop application e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape etc... Main responsibility of web browser is to render in the web pages and display on screen or client machine and user can interact with. Pages rendered are HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) pages; you can send some request or post some data which is processed by server and response is generated for that request which is again static HTML pages.

However now a day's web browser's are been really powerful they can run client side code on the user machine like JavaScript, VB Script, AJAX, also we can increase user experience using these technologies. Then comes the web server which is responsible for storing HTML pages or application and sending them back to browser s. Previously web servers was with very basic and was also known as stateless, means they don't remember any of the action from users, they receive the request process it and close the connection nothing more than that. Now a day's servers have been developed very powerful they can execute server side code, they can handle databases, they can even remember session information, they can also remember or track that user have done during his entire visit on the web site.

HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) this is really the glue which ties everything together and behave likes communication layer between web browser and web server. There are many commands which deals with web servers, web servers can understand them and deal with them, the most widely used are GET and POST. Whereas REQUEST object is communication from web browser to web server and that holds all the request information from the user like any session information or any web browser information. Response object is communication from web server to web browser, this object holds request information and also actual data that is been bring back to web browser that will render the content on user screen. We also have programmatic access to these objects which helps us to make smarter programmatic decision to out applications.

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