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When designing a website, certain tools can be used to enhance the look of the website and make it more interactive, one of the tools used to do this is Flash. This tool allows the web designer to make their website original and noticeable to people who use the internet. It can do advanced functions which cannot be done in other programs.

By having a Flash website with really eye catching features can be superb. However, it is very difficult for some of the search engines to identify the keywords being searched for. Users who have a slow connection can find it frustrating for the flash website to show because if the flash website file is big, the files can take a while to load up.

Flash is an application used to make a website look attractive and advance on the internet. By using flash in a website, the web designer can create a range of different features which will help the website to stand out. One of these features is interactivity. The web designer will be able to create a fully interactive website. An example of the interactivity is picture galleries, feedback forms and games.

By using flash, it won't be a difficulty to the user to face any compatibility issues as the application gets rid of the difficulties associated to the compatibility with the other websites. However, the internet browsers need to have the correct requirements of the flash player in order for your website to appear.

Flash is an excellent tool, but it does have its down side, Some Flash files on the website, can have a big file size. This will mean that it will take time to load, which the users may end up leaving the website. Another downside is that some search engines may not be able to identify flash texts, so it may be harder to find the website you are looking for.


Flash can be used in many ways in a website, an example of flash being used in a website may be an animated picture or banner. Flash is used in a website to make the website look advanced and stunning.

One of the drawbacks of flash is that, some users may get distracted by all of the animations and interactivity features, may be put off the website and may close the website. Another drawback is that it may be difficult for the search engine to find a flash website as the site makes the search engine confused, the flash file will need some sort of html for the search engine to recognise it.


Flash offers the web designer a lot of choice for the development of the website. Any other programs do not offer this. It allows the web designer to put any items on the program anywhere without any limitations. With other programs it doesn't offer much freedom to the web designer as they have a lot of limitations, Also all of the browsers are compatible with Flash, the web browsers work on all of them work the same with flash.

The flaws of flash are as follows: in order for the Flash website to appear, the internet browsers need to have the correct requirements. If the settings are not correct the website will not appear. Another flaw is that it is hard for the user to print out something which is in an animation. It is not as simple as it is on HTML.

Veer, V. & Grover,. C, 2007. Flash CS3. First Edition. United States of America. O'Reilly Media Inc. Page 27

Flash animation includes audio, still images and video. It won't be the same for someone who is blind or deaf. Flash allows the animator or web designer to add alternative way for the deaf or blind people. Normally a blind or a deaf person will use an alternative device to get feedback from the animation. Flash will allow the animator to build in content in the file so that the devices can read and translate it to that person.

All of the websites which were accessed helped to find necessary information about the topic and helped answer the main question, the questions are laid out in the order they were accessed.

Research Methodology

For the research methodology, the data will be collected by preparing a questionnaire. A questionnaire will make it easy to see what peoples responses are for the questions. The data will then be analyzed and presented.The questionnaire will consist of different questions asked on the topic. Once everyone has completed the questionnaire, the data will be analyzed, a spreadsheet document and presented in a statistical format.

A questionnaire was chosen because nearly everyone is familiar with questionnaires as they are not difficult to fill in, questionnaires are also easy to read and quick to fill in, they are very quick to make and easy send it to people.

Certain questions were chosen in the questionnaire, so that it targets the certain area of the topic. The questions were put certain order so that the person who is doing the questionnaire gets introduced the topic and question slowly.

The Quantitative data which will be generated by the questionnaire, The Qualitative data which will be used will be an observation of two users using one website which is an html website and one user using a flash based website.

The questionnaire and the observation were used to help get the required information about the topic and answer the question, the questionnaire showed the view of the users about the two different websites, the observation was used to see which website was easier to use.

Design Methodology

For design methodology, the data will be tested by setting up a task, where one user will use an html website and the other user will use Flash website. Both of the users will be doing the same task.

The task which will be set up will include two users, one user will be using an html website and the other user will be using a flash website, the task will be to order a shirt, the task relates to websites as both user will need to order a shirt by using a different type of website. By completing the task it will be easy to see which website is easy to use.

The number of clicks will be recorded to see which website was easier to use. The more clicks there are that will mean that the website is harder to use. The least amount of clicks will mean that the website more straightforward to use. By setting up this task, it will be clear which user is most comfortable using which website. Once the task is complete, the data will be analyzed and presented.

Observation was chosen because it is simple and easy to set up. With observation it was easier to find out which website is easier to use. The number of clicks will show whether the website is easy to use, an observation is easy to record and it is not time consuming. Once the task is completed, the results will be analyzed and put into a statistical format.

Research Results

After the questionnaires were given out and the observation was completed, the data was analyzed and put in to a graphical format.

Questionnaire results

Which website do you find easier to use?

The first question asked about which website was easier to use, these results show that the flash website is easier to use than an html website. The reason stated was that the layout stands out and its interactivity makes it easier to use.

Which website catches the attention of you the most?

The second question asked was that which website catches the user's attention the most. These results show that the flash website catches the attention of the user.

Which parts of a flash website attracts you the most?

The third question asked was which website attracts the user the most, these results show animation attracts the user the most. The least ticks were in the other section, where the people mentioned that they liked animated buttons and sound on the website.

What do you think of all the features (animation, galleries, games) in a flash website?

The fourth question asked was what the user thinks about the features of the website, every one who filled out the questionnaire ticked yes.

Do you have any problems using flash?

The fifth question asked was that if the user had any problem using flash, these results show that the majority of the people said "no". Other people said "yes" because of the loading time and that a download of flash player had to be made.

Do you find flash website loading time an issue?

The final question asked was that if the user had any issues with the loading time, these results show that the users did have trouble with the loading time, some of the reasons were that it was too much waiting time.

Observation results

The task for the both of the users was to order a shirt from the two different types of websites, the number of clicks will be recorded to see which website was easier to use.

These results show that, the flash website was a little easier to complete the task than the html. This shows that the flash website is slightly easier to use. However one of the users who was using the flash website had to install flash player to get the content loaded on the website.

Evaluation of results

To evaluate the results, the results show that it did match the literature review. It is mentioned in the literature review that flash is well-known on the internet as the program is most commonly used so that it clearly helps flash websites stand out with boring and simple websites. People mentioned in the questionnaire that they find it catches their attention more than html. Also, the all of people who filled in a questionnaire ticked yes for one of the questions which asked if Flash features were great.

The questionnaire also confirmed two of the disadvantages of a flash website. In the literature review it mentioned the loading time of a flash website can be annoying for any user. It was mentioned in two of the questions asked, that there was a problem with the loading time. It was also mentioned in the literature review that the settings had to be configured correctly. This was stated in the questionnaire that one of the problems was that a download had to be made of flash player to view the website.

The observation matched the literature review. One of the users who was using the flash website had to install flash player to get the content loaded on the website. It was surprising to know that in the questionnaire, it was stated that a flash website was a little bit easier to use. This shows that both Flash and HTML are nearly equal use.

The results predicted that a flash website would attract the user a lot more that an HTML due to its interactivity and other features. Other things that were predictable were that everyone found flash features great.

If this research was carried out again, more questionnaires can be given out so that the data can be accurate, an observation can be done on more users to see if the results change from the previous ones.

Finding and recommendations

The information found from the results were that majority of the people who filled out the questionnaire prefer flash, this is main because of the unique features it has and stands out more than HTML. Other information found from the results is that html does not have many problems as flash does, as flash website does have a long loading time and install a flash player to view the website as this was mentioned in the questionnaire.

Further information found from the results was that in the observation, flash was a little easier to use than HTML, however, one of the main problems of flash was the correct requirements to use a flash website, this was shown in the observation as one user had to install flash player to start the task.

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To conclude the research was carried out to find out whether it was a good idea for a web designer to use Adobe flash in a website. The results show from the questionnaire and the observation that a flash website and HTML are both equal and simple to use. The users didn't have any difficulty using both websites in the observation. This is because there is not really a significant different use, but some people did mention in the questionnaire that the loading time and having the correct settings was a problem.

To conclude the research, flash is a great idea that can be used by the web designer, it provides interactivity , animation, and other amazing features, it can make the website look stunning and eye catching but it does have some flaws which don't not ruin the users experience that much.


In this assignment a question will be answered on a computer based topic.

Research about the topic will be done first. This will mean books and websites will need to be summarised for the necessary information to answer the question. A questionnaire will be created and sent out to gather data and to answer part of the question. An evaluation will be given on what has been done and finally a conclusion will be done to explain the research and answer the question.


The document discusses about a question on computing. "Is flash a good choice for web designers". The question and the topic is researched, different research methods are used, results are provided and put into a statistical format. The result is then compared to the research and is evaluated.

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Flash is well-known on the internet as the program is most commonly used so that it clearly helps flash websites stand out with boring and simple websites and to get the website more recognised on the internet.

Flash is widespread program used in web design as it used add advanced features which the user is unable to do in other programs such as Dream weaver, it stands out more than websites and more recognised.

Flash allows the web designer to create animations, interactivity, galleries and more features so that their website is noticeable on the internet, if the website is plain and boring, the users may not go on the website for long, by using flash users will stay on your website for longer.


one more drawback is that the size of the files may be an issue, because if the file size is large it will take time to load or even to reload, this will cause the users to leave the website.


Flash also offers the web designer to add sounds and music, this can be used on buttons or background music, the web designer also has a choice of adding videos into the web pages, by adding videos this will allow the web designer to showcase any products so that they are clear to the user. The program also offer the web designer to change the size of the display of the website without ruining any of the pixels in images and in the text, this will also not affect the display on any other device other than a desktop computer such as a PDA, Mobile Phones or any other device.

Flash allows the user to use any font in then website as it will maintain the font even if the font is not installed on the website, so the web designer will not need to save the fonts as images and then use them in the website.

when trying to add a video in the flash website, the quality of the video will not be the same as other players, another flaw is that search engines cannot find the flash website, so the web designer will need to have some sort of HTML in the website in order for the search engine to pick it up.


Flash also offers the user to combine different formats of files such as different image files and sound files, Flash allows the user to show the web pages without them loading as the web pages are all part of the one big flash file, once the whole of the flash file is loaded, it won't load on any part of the website again.

Research Methodology

The questions that will be asked on the questionnaire will be directed at which website the user is most suited to, an example of a question which will be asked in the questionnaire will be which website do you find easier to use, a flash website or a HTML website, the user will then need to state why they have choice certain choice.

Contents Page

Literature Review 1 - 2

Research Methodology 3

Design Methodology 4

Research results 5 - 11

Evaluation 12

Finding and Recommendation 13

Conclusion 14

Introduction 15

Abstract 16

References 17 - 18

Bibliography 19

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