Web Based Rose Crop Expert Information System Computer Science Essay

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Expert system can be defined as a tool for information generation from knowledge. Information is either found in various forms or generated from data and/or knowledge. Text, images, video, audio are forms of media on which information can be found, and the role of information technology is to invent, and devise tools to store and retrieve it. Information is generated from knowledge. The expert system gives advises.

Rose flowers are symbol of fragrance, beauty and to convey the message of love. In India roses are used to make bouquet, oil, rose water and gulkand. And also used for making incense sticks with Dry petals of roses. The native places of Roses are Asia, North America, China, Japan, Europe and Himalayas regions in India. There are about 150 species

In Information system, the user can get all the static information about different species, Diseases, Symptoms, chemical controls, Preventions, Pests, Virus of Rose flower and plants.

In Advisory System, the user is having an interaction with the expert system online; the expert system asks the questions. User has to answer which is given by the expert system. Depends on the response by the user the expert system decides the disease and displays its control measure of disease.

It is aimed at a collaborative venture with eminent Agriculture Scientist and Experts in the area of Rose Plantation with an excellent team of computer Engineers, programmers and designers.

This web application is expected to have the following features:

This web application provides time- to- time updates of Rose information to the users at their door steps regarding diseases, virus and its control measure which leads to good yields.

This site contains four major sections named Information Systems of Rose, Rose Advisory System, other services related to web application and an additional feature is links to other agriculture systems

The web directory service, articles and the discussion forum service provided in the website will help the floriculture fraternity in a greater way to interact each other to produce better findings in the area of floriculture field.

In the Rule Based System the System takes the Symptoms as Input and produce the Exact Disease with all the facts and Rules that matches with in the Knowledge base. This Rule Based System Consists of Knowledge Base, Inference Engine, User Interface, Expert and the User.

In Rose Expert System we have impletemented three algorithms to identify the Diseases and viruses of the rose plant and also give the advices to the farmer about the prevention of that particular disease. Those algorithms are

Rule based Algorithm

Optimization Algorithm

Particle Swarm Optimiation

In future we want to enhance the system in such a way the it has to perform multi language (Translators ) , animations , video’s for the userinterface design of the system and markerting statistics in the system.

Research issues in agricultural expert systems are categorized under these topics: integration of software components with agricultural expert systems, knowledge sharing and reuse, intelligent retrieval of agricultural data, and automatic knowledge acquisition. The future trends in research and development of agricultural expert systems are expected to be using agent based approaches to solve the integration problem of different software components, developing domain specific tasks that will contribute to knowledge sharing and reuse and automatic knowledge acquisition.


The project “Rose Expert Advisory Systemâ€Â is a web-enabled application developed using java server pages (jsp) and MySql database is used as backend. So as to ensure the quality of the software, all software engineering concepts, including test cases are implemented.

Its main emphasis is to have a well designed interface for giving advices and suggestions in the area of horticulture (Rose) field by providing facilities like dynamic interaction between expert system and the user without the need of expert at all times.

By the thorough interaction with the users and beneficiaries the functionality of the System can be extended further to many more areas in and around the world.


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