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In the increasing of the software applications are built using the web technologies and these technologies are run on through the web servers like Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari etc and these commonly called as the web application these web applications are different from the traditional web applications where these sites emphasis and accomplish the task of the user in such way like ordering goods, sending an e-mail , travel tickets, uploading the goods, and sending an invitation etc and in further these web sites facilitate browsing and consumption of the static information .[ By Pawan Vora]

Ease of access:-it is said that the only software users access typically the web applications as a browser such as internet explorer, Mozilla, safari etc and the users do not need to download the software and install the software for using the different types of web applications although in some of the web applications they need to download the helper application or the plug -in modules such as Adobe Flash, Java etc are to access the parts of all web application. [ By Pawan Vora]

Ease of deployment:- Web applications are more popular in the areas of the business and the software developers these applications can be easily developed, updated and mostly they are maintained without the user install or re install the application an advantage of these applications they can perform as specified regard less of the operating system of the user computer. They can be built once and deployed to almost any number of users rather than creating many different versions for different applications.[ By Pawan Vora]

World Wide Web (WWW):- The World Wide Web was arrived in 1990 before the arrival of the Internet people used to converse through the telephone system this was the only medium that was before the Internet. The arrival of the web was like a internal combustion engine to the country lane and therefore the internet transport would be never be the same again before the arrival of the web people used to converse through the telephone in a conversation people tend to speak continuously or even both at a time and for them the electronic link between the two people will be open as long as they wish to speak for that reason the electronic medium between them is reserved and if you see the computer conversation on the other hand is staccato.

World Wide Web is like an encyclopaedia, a video shop, a telephone directory, and a speaker's corner and these all the modules are rolled in to one accessible through a computer this has become so successful so that it is more of a synonymous with the internet, but these are very different. The internet is like a network of the electronic road crossing the planet.[ By James Gillies, R. Cailliau]


A set of instructions that are carried out through a task is an program where as an application is that a specific instructions from the computer is allowed to perform a task for an example where as an application that allows to create and open an document is the word processing program, an application where the program allows to search and display the web pages and the documents in an web browser is also an application.

An application is designed for performing the particular task or the group of tasks, all these activities are to be processed through the computer or the output of the computer. These tasks works as the input provided to the application and then performed through a computer and after completing the task the output is given through the computer.

Types of application:-

The application software is classified by their use and the context

1-Single user application

2-Multi user application

Single user application: - This application is designed for a single user environment in such level where no file or record is locked these applications are mostly for processing the batch level processing.

Multi user application:- In the single user application does not make a multi user application in an network but the single user application and the multi user application these are the architecture of the application by this architecture the application can be a client server application and the web based application.

Client server application: - Client is a piece of software and server is also a piece of software the interaction between the client and the server is that they work in a way that a request and response. Where as a client requests for any piece of information or data and that information is responded by the server, in between the client and server there can be any intermediate systems such as the application server, database server depending on the number these client and the server the architecture is classified.

Software models:

Types of software models:-

1-Water fall model

2-The spiral model

3-Unified model

Water fall model: - This model is the one of first popular and widely used in the development processes in situations today this model has the sequential of activities as this says after the completing of the one activity it allows to start the other of his successor activity it is more used due to the inflexibility of taking the completed activities to change the requirements and the knowledge of the activities in the further stages of the process.

The water fall model is introduced due to its sequential order and which allows for the backward communication with that it has the feature of the impact on the previous activities in this model it is a problem that if a change or error is occurred in the process which is already completed, this is used for the outcomes of the shortcoming activities with the feedback approach.

The model is used in my project because there is no interaction of the client and whatever the changes to the process is done by the individual project holder or a small project so this is reason to use this water fall approach.

Spiral model: - The spiral model based on the idea of the increase of the various versions of the development of the activities by reducing the risk by using this model we can handle the large business projects which has the agent of the repeating the process for more than one time , this model is introduced for its clear and the real solution to the large projects as developing a project in an incremental and the iterative way in this the risk analysis plays a vital role for achieving the solutions and highlighting the risk, this can be model where it able to take the risk of the management with using the different development models by this it adds a new dimension to the large and huge business projects.

Unified model: - In this model each phase or the activity is divided in many iterations each of the phase or the cycle of the process ends with the release of the product and that product of the phase or cycle executed by the different phases and the phases are inception, elaboration, construction, transition and these phases executes with the known work flows.

Server: - A server is one that it takes a request from the client and sends a response; a server is a centralised of the mass storage of the data which acts as an interface and handles the software and the hardware which is connect in an network which acts a computer.

Network: - Network is a collection of the computers that share hardware in an limit range so that the hardware can use the network, a network is also a device that share the protocol and the medium in the communication channel such as wireless, dial up connections the network provides a service for the machines that share a common device and also allows the other network to gain an access to more than one machine.

Software: - Collection of the programs and the related data that provide an instruction to the computer, in a large storage of data in the computer that is involved with the program and the data can also says about software, a software can acts the interface for the related devices and the computer, program software performs the functions and the instructions provided by the computer hardware or serving to an computer with a software.

Internet information server (IIS):- To express IIS in one word that says it is a web server in these days most of them who are using the internet browsing will be familiar to the IIS, IIS is the basic form of the Hyper Text Mark Up Language which helps to download the HTML files from the internet this is the extension of the Microsoft windows operating system that provides the system services to the windows which are based on the applications.

C#:- C# is a simple modern and objects oriented language this is pronounced as see sharp, it has the root from the C language and this will be more familiar to the C, C++, Java programmers. C# is a object oriented language and its supports the component oriented programming in C# several of the features in construction has the robust and the durable applications and this language supports both the user defined and the value type of the reference this allows the light weight structures and the dynamic allocation of the objects as well as the in line storage the garbage collection automatically reclaims the storage of the data and the memory which is un used by the objects the exception handling is very structured and provides an extensible approach to the error detection and the recovery of the error, the software design and the functionality which is increasingly depends on the software components in the form of self contained, self describing packages this a key to the programming model with the methods and events these have the attributes of the declarative data in the form of the components, it is very natural language which allows to create the use of the software components in C# programs and the libraries that can evolve the compatible manner that has been replaced in the visioning and the most of the programming languages will not give more importance when they build a new version by this the problem that is to be faced like the program break is often occurs when the new version of the dependent libraries are introduced this is the issue when comes to the versioning of the many programming languages. This language provides constructs to support the concepts by this the language can be very natural to create the use of the software components.

Why using only C#:- C# is the simple and the powerful language and its is the hot topic in the IT industry where this is being an object oriented design this can be used in the middle and the system level of the application, used a the web application in the form of the XML based web services, the modern world application where a client thinks not only a constraint or easy for the web applications in this case a client thinks in many ways that can be stand alone application, web application, or wireless application.

C# helps the developers to built a easy and used in the web services through any language across the internet on any of the platform and it helps with the fewer lines of code and the fewer errors in the code and this has the both C++ and VB features in the area of the expressions, statements and operators. In the case of the C++ is being a object oriented language and although this did not become a successful and has a well designed feature and that never has the enabled code reuse and the crucial to think of the C# this is a genuine and its being object oriented programming language.

SQL Server:- This is robust enterprise wide data base system as in the years the SQL server was introduced to provide a depth and coverage of all the features some of them like data transformation system, replication, and the analysis as to the day to day administrative and the management view.

SQL server is a relational model database server in comparison to the other databases like MYSQL, Oracle, Microsoft Access but SQL server uses different interfaces and the way of working is different as we compare Microsoft Access is used in the large number of offices working in the different versions and this help the database for a wide spread but this software is used by many great number of people and this database does have its own limitation in terms of the scalability, speed, and flexibility. And when it comes to Oracle this has the extreme user base and Oracle is the great product in terms of the work and this provides the flexibility and with that we can add on tools as the user needs them but as per the developer point of view Oracle is the user friendly in areas where ad hoc SQL server tool and its XML and in the web technology tools and this also includes the draw backs of cost and the installing and running it effectively and although SQL server could work as effectively with the new functionality in its newer versions and this has been the one purchase solution where it allows to analyse the data, copy data from one source in such a way from Excel in to the SQL server and this can be found all be in one box where as in oracle for every additional feature user need to purchase the more options.

Using SQL server other than any database:- In SQL server to create an authentication login this is created in two steps that is SQL server authentication login or the windows authentication login in this the first one is used for gaining the access of the server login which is helped to connect to the server and this cannot use the user database with in the SQL server and where as we see in the second step this can be creating a database user in this we can select the database which we want to use, in SQL server a user can be granted at multiple level permissions which includes the server and the data base where in the server a user has the permissions which include new logins and the managing the server, in the database includes permissions able to read the data from the table or creating a new table.

If we see Oracle with SQL server the handling of the protocols is different in the Oracle and the SQL server.

Ajax: - Ajax in contrast this has enabled the web pages taking care of the client which issues calls to the web server and this also includes a JavaScript library and this works in a way when a request is sent and to get the response using the script for the part of the page this page is updated by the client library for that part of the page which is requested and without updating the entire page. Ajax in the ASP.NET has two parts that is client side and the server side.

Client side: - The client side frame work and the set of services that works on the client side completely and the communication in this client side is asynchronous when it requests the server, it has the Java script library for the client which is a object oriented the interface and it is reasonably consistent in the .Net, the browser components are built in any work for this layer working with the ASP.NET and the Ajax performs multitude of the different browsers.

Server side: - The server side knows how to deal with the requests from the client in such a way the response is in the correct format and in this Ajax is all about taking back the client side technologies to the server side technologies and as the developer will be spending the most of his time in the server side aspect and we can perform big task in the server side, in Ajax where it takes the frame work in java script objects back and forth in between the java script.

Advantages of Ajax:- The major advantage of the Ajax is usability, it has made the web applications to use it a quite easy way and this application makes a user does not wait for a page to update or refresh this made Ajax enabled the web application looks like a windows application, and the support in the XML that it works more efficient in the transmission of data between the client and the server, the data manipulation is easy while using Ajax in the web page in a way that when it enables the application the user can retrieve, update, delete or insert the data in to a web page with more efficiently and easily with the quick access.

IDE visual developer advantages:- .Net provides the developer with both visual C# .Net and visual basic .Net it provides the most modern programming constructs and this a object oriented programming language which has the vast amount of functionality that enables to take an advantage for the developer, working and selecting with the .Net language can be difficult, this features the single IDE integrated development environment for all the languages that support the debugging and the web services and the XML and host the other usability enhancements. The advantages of visual studio are it supports the integrated web server when to host an web application in the Asp.Net a web server software is required that is IIS this waits for a requests and serves the appropriate pages but in the integrated web server in the visual studio can run directly from the design environment.

Visual studio has the feature of Multilanguage development which allows creating the code in the known language or the languages using the IDE, this also allows to create web pages in any language and include them in the same website. Visual studio in the most of the applications has the feature of less code to write and this also supports perceived coding style in this when developer type the code it formats as the code is typed and it uses the colour coding for the comments automatically when the code is typed by this it makes easy to the developer to less error and readable. In this the code is executed one line at a time and this also helps the developer to work quickly and with more efficient.

Why using visual developer:- In the ASP.NET this has the several choices for developing the web applications in the large scale the Asp.Net websites are built using the visual studio it includes the rich design tools the debugging tools which helps to catch the errors as code is typed and this separates the .Net code and the web page mark up tags and this has the built in test web server which makes the web pages using the debugging by this it makes an easy way to create the web pages in this we can create Asp.Net application in visual studio either a web project which is straight forward website, using the command prompt and the command line interface by using this the command line compiler will be quicker and easier than using the IDE,

Visual studio provides and helps to design wealthy forms rather than writing the statements in this the main menu includes the tools to open, close and the save project and also contain debugging and the sub menus, the tool box tab contain the drag and drop options so that by using the mouse we can develop the programs visually, the form designer and the code editor this is in the middle of the screen which can be used back and forth when design the application by dragging the components to the page and when to view the code, solution explorer for the settings and managing the files, properties window includes user interface and the configuring the properties and the IDE will create the statements, the output tab and the error tab which helps to display the messages and the running projects the error tab displays the code error. To add any components to the window by supplying the location and the proper action can be more attractive and in which position the components should be on the form and the page layout can be useful and this allows taking many lines of code. To create functional and a simple GUI program it takes many lines of code but this will be a very difficult to write so many lines of code it's better to use the forms.

Testing: - After completion of the coding in the selected language there the testing, this is a process where the software product is tested in the predefined to check the behaviour is same or different as the expected behaviour, to explain testing in simple terms that a product is passed through a process called testing to check the coding part to find any bugs and to correct it in the initial stage. For that we have different types of testing.

Unit testing: - This test is performed to check the coding part and the logic used in the coding

Integration testing: - Performs the design part or in the high level design the system is integrated and the individual system is integrated and tested together before a full system test is done.

System testing: - This performs where the requirements are met in the coding.

Black box testing:- In this the focus lies in the input provided to the system and the output is observed in the external visible outcome of the program where there is no concern that the program outcome is expected outcome or different outcome this testing is also called as functional testing. This can be applied both on the entire system and the individual system.

White box testing:-This testing focus on the control and the data flow this testing is also called as structural testing where this examines the source code, the control flow refers to the flow of control to one instruction to another. This applies to the individual units of the program.