Computer Science Essays - Virtualization and Cloud Computing

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Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Virtualized environmentconsolidation plays a keen role. Many operating systems can run on just onephysical server.

Server Virtualizationwill be extended in scope from single servers to aggregations of server,storage, & network components. Virtualization environment significantlyreduce IT costs. Fewer servers, less floor space, lower power consumption, muchhigher server utilization. Traditional view of virtualization was of make alarge system look like many (partitioning technology). It is an easy &non-disruptive to move workloads off of a server that needs to be shutdown. Improve security foundation. Virtualization is shaping up to be oneof the major trends that impact the server market as well as customer datacenters. Evolving of the next level is to make manysmall systems look like one from a management perspective. By means ofvirtualization cost for disaster recovery management is also reduced to a greatextent, as each server are considered as a set of files recovery can be made onlatest available resource. These reduced the management cost of off site serverbackup.

The other option is of Cloud Computing wherecomputing part is done away from the server to the cloud computers. In thesedistributed computing is done aggregating all resources together & ismanaged by Software & not by any human. This increases efficiencies ofsystem resources. Resources are being used efficiently, as computers areconsolidated to be used for other tasks. So in that way this ensures the resourcesunutilized do not sit idle. An architecture of cloud computing consists of alarge network of servers interconnected with each other. It has an interfacefront-end which allows users to interact with the system & to pass therequest, & in the back-end system management finds the appropriateresource& then calls for the service.

Cloud computing also uses the concept ofVirtualization.

The main disadvantage of implementing cloudcomputing is that it requires all the codes for interfacing between each processors.

There are various advantages of virtualization. TheAdvantages of server virtualization are Server Consolidation, SmallerFootprint, Hardware Costs, Flexibility and agility, Ease of testing and development.Server virtualization may be used to hide the details of server resources fromusers while optimizing resource sharing. Server consolidation is an approach tothe efficient usage of computer resources to reduce the total number of serversor server locations that an organization requires. Server Virtualization helpsa lot in decreasing the number of physical boxes that the company needs to usewhich means a small datacenter which helps the company in decreasing thecooling and electrical costs. Virtualization allows us to make a better utilizationof existing resources in which very few physical servers are required whichhelps us in saving money both on hardware costs as well as on the maintenancecosts too.