Using Dedicated Web Hosting Computer Science Essay

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If you want to use the full throttle of a server to boost up the performance of your web server then dedicated web hosting is a right kind of hosting for you.

Dedicated web hosting is a kind of hosting where you rent\ lease a server from hosting provider which is not shared with anyone and you have full control over that server.

Dedicated hosting is a good option and much more flexible than shared hosting. You can select the hardware and operating system. You can select the server from wide varieties of configuration like processor speed, ram, hard disk space. You can even select server with RAID option. Hosting company keeps the server in datacenter and they are the owner of that server. Support is provided by the hosting provider company.

Various choices of operating systems are available for dedicated web hosting. Microsoft has windows server offered through Microsoft SPLA special program. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is commercially available and they are charging web hosting providers on a monthly fee basis. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is updates the operating system by using a special application called YUM. Various open source operating systems are available without any cost. Debian, Fedora Core, CentOS and BSD systems FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD are examples of such open source operating systems.

Support and update are very important for operating systems. Commercial operating systems are regularly performing updating, patches and latest security fixes. Service pack, kernel upgradation and application update keep your operating system safe and secure. Dedicated server owner is free from headache as the update and upgrade process are managed by dedicated web hosting provider.

Bandwidth denotes data transfer rate which can be carried from one point to another point and bit per second is used to refer it. Dedicated web hosting providers generally subscribe for very high speed bandwidth from different ISPs. They invest a lot on network infrastructure to secure maximum availability of bandwidth. High end router, switch, firewall and other necessary components are used in datacenter. As their investment is very high therefore you cannot expect a low pricing for dedicated web hosting.`

As network uptime is an important criteria for dedicated server hosting most server providers include a SLA or Service level agreement based on their network uptime. They use high end redundant hardware and multiple sources of very high speed internet connection from different vendors therefore they provide uptime ranges between 99 to 100%.

With the advancement of information technology and rapid use of internet, dedicated web hosting companies are providing GBs of bandwidth along with the hosting package. Megabit models have been replaced with Gigabit model. Dedicated hosting providers are providing Gbs of bandwidth to their clients and obviously they are overselling the bandwidth. If the dedicated hosting clients are using additional bandwidth than fixed bandwidth then they have to pay the cost of additional bandwidth.

Dedicated server management is very important as you can manage most of the functions of the server. Web based control panel is available to manage the server. Following are the features of services which are part of server management:

Operating System patches, Operating system updates, Ddos protection, Intrusion detection Antivirus updates, Firewall updates, Application updates, Server monitoring, Application monitoring, security audit, technical support, backup and restore, load balancing, disaster recovery, user management, database administration, software installation.

Administrative maintenances are important and kernel updates, daemon updates, security patches will make the server more stable and secured.

Dedicated server hosting provider may provide different server managed services like Self managed, full managed, Managed and unmanaged. Different tasks like updating reboot and monitoring can be done.

Dedicated web hosting companies are taking all possible steps to keep their companies network and server secured. Different hardware and software based firewalls and antivirus are installed to make the server secured.

Dedicated web hosting providers do not allow internet relay chat as it may cause Ddos attacks against the hosting provider which will affect their network.

You have the freedom to install custom software and application in dedicated server. Software manufacturing companies are also offering bundled software for dedicated servers. Dedicated server use the special pricing model and they purchase the license from software vendor and resell software based on discounted monthly prices.

Software giant Microsoft offers software licenses through a program known as Service Provider License Agreement through a monthly processor or user based fee. Windows operating system, Microsoft SQL Server , Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange server are available through SPLA.

When you buy dedicated server then you can select the software on a monthly fee. You can select operating system, database and other software. Other software is available through control panel. Control panel is web based and provides one click installation for different database, scripts and programming languages. You can even automate the server task by using control panel.

Dedicated hosting is reliable and fast though it is expensive. Dedicated hosting gives you lots of flexibility and complete control of your rented server.