User Side And Server Side Factors Computer Science Essay

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Connection speed can a big different between how fast and slow you can set up your website if your using a wireless connection and are setting up and making a website up in the same room without blockage of walls then setting up and creating the website will work fine for the user. If you're setting up and creating the website and it's not in the same room as the wireless router and the walls are blocking the signal users of the Internet might have some problems which will make the connection slower.

Hardware can have a big influence on how good your computer will run if you got a good processor like a dual core processor and it will work fast but if you got a single processor then you may have problems with your computer not being able to manage to tasks on the computer faster

Browsers can have a big effect on the user side because different type of browsers have a different variety of speed so it depends on the users choice on what browser they want to use to browse the Internet to get there information. For example Google Chrome is faster than Internet and it will get information quicker than Internet explorer

Server side

Internet traffic can be a big impact on speed performance as a lot of people are trying to get information on a website which you are trying to get onto it will take a long time for the webpage to load for you and other users which will make people not want to wait for the information to load up which effects the website speed

Bandwidth is what determines how much the user can download through their ISP for example it depends on the file size and some ISP provide a variety different speeds for users to use on the Internet. It is usually measured over a length of time such as seconds. A higher bandwidth basically means that the user can download more files with a certain period of time. If someone has a high speed internet but does not have a good bandwidth they still won't be able to download that because they are restricted and downloading files will work slowly

Cache is Random Access Memory that a CPU can access quicker than it would with a regular RAM, the CPU will then use cache memory to store instructions that are required to run programs. You will find a larger cache will operate at a specific high speed and is the core of the CPU

Explain three security mechanisms that can be used to help prevent the security risks and improve website performance. (P3)


Explain how viruses can effect the web server

Viruses can affect websites by making them slower for users and for the host of the website. Users can use virus to hack website details and cause problems with the server by sending traffic to the website which will make the website slower for other users to trying to access the website

Explain how can this be protected

-By using an anti-Virus or spyware scanner to protect you from virus for your website and also your computer. The Anti-Virus will protect and alert you if your computer has a virus and it will run while you doing other tasks. You can also stay protected from virus by adjusting your browser settings and internet settings for example not allowing third party cookies or blocking potential dangerous websites for safe browsing


Explain what hacker can do to the websites - give some examples A hacker can hack into a web server and gain the company's personal and even gain personal information from other users on the website such has address, bank details, A hacker can also send a lot of traffic to the website making to work slower or even shut down the server making the users not being able to access the website.

Explain how can this be protected

An anti virus can protect you from key loggers and virus that hackers can use to get access to a web server. Another way to stay protected by hackers I the have secure payment on the web server so that nobody can get the details or think it's unsafe to make a payment

Identity Theft

Explain Identity Theft can effect the web server - Identity effects a web server because users on the Internet can hack personal information about the company, Not just the company but the user of the company too such has bank details and emails and addresses etc and they will use the identity for them self

Explain how can this be protected -ie strong password

They're many ways to be protected by Identity theft. One way to be protected from Identity theft is having an Anti Virus which can detect virus and hackers trying to get into the server. Another way is to have a strong password for example using a mixture of higher case and lower case letters and using numbers so that it makes it hard for the hacker to get into your personal details

Domain Name

A domain name is a name which gives it to a website so it can connect to computers IP. It is a set of numbers which gives a website a code but the website name for example is a more simple name to be used for people to search for the website

Web Server

Web server is a server for a particular website so that the owner of a website can run their website on the Internet for other people to use and access

Domain name server

The DNS system is in fact it's own network. If one DNS Server doesn't know how to translate a particular domain name, it will asks another one, and so on until the correct IP address is returning


TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol which is a variety of packets which goes through ports to make a connection to another computers IP address

Web Host

People who set up a server for you to access the world wide web and find out information on the Internet


HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer or transport protocol is an application that helps that helps users to allow them to show information on a web page. HTTP is the most commonly used way that users use for browsers to communicate.


A browser is an software application which is used to browse the Internet so that everyone can gain information from the world wide web such has text and images