Usability Of Nokia N Gage Qd Computer Science Essay

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I am going to describe about the usability of the mobile phone "Nokia-N Gage QD" .The N-Gage QD is the one of Nokias original gaming mobile phones. It is a smart phone using the Symbian 6.0 Operating System, which is found on many other Nokia mobile phones.


From my first impression, I thought this mobile was designed for gaming only. So this mobile should be very handy for playing games. It has a large display, so it will be easy to read messages. This mobile has an option of expandable memory, so it will be helpful for me store more data in the phone. This mobile has a rubber band which covers the oval shaped body. This will avoid damage to its important components in case if it falls down. It has high volume sound which is helpful during travel because the ring tone of the incoming call would be highly audible.

Even though it is handy for playing games in my first impression, it looks little thick and big in size. It has lot of keys, so it is difficult for me to remember all the keys. It is oval in shape, not rectangular or square, so this mobile does not fit in my hand comfortably. It does not have a camera, and so I cannot take photos using this mobile. This mobile has key pads on both sides of the display and it requires both my hands to perform some basic tasks. This makes it difficult to use the phone in situations, such as in bus travel, where it is impossible for me to use both hands simultaneously.


Based on my experience this device suits only for playing game, because the key pad is separated from the direction pad. The left hand side key pad is useful for control directions, and right hand side key pad is useful for performing other functions. If I install MP3 player software I can hear songs with much better clarity. The phone's multi task function allows me to use the messaging option while I am hearing songs. The stand by time of the phone is not so good. If music or games are played for a few hours, the phone charge gets drained immediately. In certain situations, like when travelling in bus, or riding a bike, it is not easy to retrieve the phone from the pocket because of its huge size. It is also very hard and irritating to message in these situations, since messaging requires the use of both hands. The phone has Bluetooth, but no Infrared. This makes it difficult to transfer data to phones that only have Infrared. And if the amount stored in the phone is large, it makes the phone very sluggish.


Sometimes my grandfather uses this mobile to make his calls. He has a condition of blurred central vision in his right eye. He has difficulty in pressing the intended number, since all the numbers are close together, and he is has tremor in his hands.

One day my father used this mobile for his business calls. This mobile also has internet browsing facilities. He found difficulty in checking mails and making video calls, because this mobile is not having any short cut keys for internet, and does not have 3G technologies for video calling.

My younger sister frequently uses this mobile for playing games. She has long fingernails, and since the key pad has gloss finish and is quite congested, she finds it difficult to play games and often she press wrong button.

From my experience this mobile does not suit well for people of old age and for business people.



Efficient to use. This mobile is specifically designed for gaming. This mobile wont struck or slow down during playing games because this mobile supports 3D games. And user can play the games without any disturbances like difficult to handle directions keys and other function keys at same time, because the keys are designed for gaming only. This makes the user to play the game with full speed. Main specialty of this device is the user can attend the call while he playing games. If the incoming call appears, the game is automatically minimized and the incoming call will appear in the screen. After the user finished their communication the game will automatically resumed and user can continue the game.

Safe to use. This mobile has lot of entertainment like games, video player, and other features, which will occupy the user for a long time. The mobile will not create an eye sight problem for the user, since the display is large and is designed to be viewed at for long periods of time .This mobile is not shaped like traditional phones, so there is the possibility that the phone might slip and fall if the user is careless.


Entertaining: This mobile supports 3D games. So the user can play high quality games which make the user more enjoyable.

Entertainment: This mobile has a big display, so the user can watch videos in a big screen for a more enjoyable time. This mobile has high sound with clarity, so the user can user this mobile for hearing songs if in travel or in their spare time.

Surprise: This device support 3d games which is attached with mobile phone. This is the only device which is having both games and mobile phone. This makes the user feel surprise.

Annoying: The model of this mobile makes the annoying. This mobile appearance makes the user confuse when the user type the messages. Because the entire keys are closed and congested so the user cannot able to type message easily and fast. And user can't handle this mobile in single hand it makes the user annoying if he use this mobile in rush or in travelling or if user carry some luggage in one hand.


Is this device efficient and entertainment to the entire?

I got different type of answer from the users.

This device is efficient and entertainment for me. For example, I will play games every day and this mobile design is very useful for playing games. Once if the game started the game will run without any errors like game corrupted messages or graphics problem. And this mobile is having good sound quality, video player, MP3 player makes which makes me more entertaining.

This device is inefficient for my grandfather and also for my father because both of them make video call for their business purpose but this mobile is not having 3G technology so they cannot make video call and also internet speed also slow in this mobile this makes them annoying because they have to wait for long time to check mail. Even though this mobile is inefficient for these users both the users can have entertainment like games, messaging.

For my sister also this mobile is efficient because But she too like to play games. this device will satisfy the users those who like games. She always uses internet, chatting facilities, MP3 players, video player. These facilities are available in this device. So this device makes her more entertain able.

Is this device safe for the careless users?

This device has 90% safe. This mobile has a rubber band which covers the oval shaped body. This will avoid damage to its important components in case if it falls down. careless users has more possibility to drop their thinks. If this mobile dropped down mostly this device will get scratch. Main components of this device won't get damage.

Why this device is annoying to many users?

This mobile keypad is very closer compare to other basic mobiles like nokia 1100. This makes user difficulty to type the correct button fast. This device is oval in shape and little big this makes the user uncomfortable to keep in hand. The design of this mobile totally different from other mobiles this makes the user difficult to remember its functions.