Urgent MIS Case Study Computer Science Essay

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The kind of applications which is described in the case study is meant to improve operational efficiency and decision making in big corporate world. There are various applications used by the corporate world in order to make their world easy. Some of the applications are developed by apple Inc. which is used by small and large segment of companies. A Start up namely TCHO chocolate uses custom developed machinery for the creation of unique chocolate flavors. The applications are not limited to small companies, General Electric (GE) one of the world's largest companies is known as early adopter of mobile technology. The employees working in GE use their I-Pads to access contacts, documents, e-mails and e-presentations. The Transform Monitoring application of the company tries to manage electronic transformers and turbine inventory, which has unique ability to focus on specific transformer through any corner of the world. A PDS Movement planner application helps service staff monitor railway tracks and analytic information on engines.

As we have discussed about various applications, the employees of GE uses their i-Pads to access the necessary information regarding their work. PDS movement planner basically helps service staff of locomotives to monitor on railway tracks and information related to the engines. These were some of the business functions which are supported by the applications mentioned in the case study.

They basically could improve their operational efficiency and decision making through saving their time by working through their palms which keeps them on the track 24*7. Operations are performed well at time and employees keep on updating information related to it time to time. Decisions are taken instantly through the usage of smart phones which has been increased incredibly through past few years.

Answer 2-

The mobile digital devices have solved most of the problems of the managers and executives working in top notch company. The problems related to access real time data and stay connected with the business and customers at the same time has been solved by an application SAP which has been developed by Business One Mobile application for iPhone. There has been problem faced by the managers to get regular alerts on some specific events which has been solved by the application present in mobile. There are many other things such as inventory availability and access detailed information about various products in stock which needs a regular check that has been done through numerous mobile applications present.

One of the billion dollar company, Sunbelt Rentals has more than 1200 employees working in different parts of the world. So, to keep abreast with them, they are provided with an iPhone to keep in touch for contacts and calendar events. The additional usage of iphone could be in the field related to checking e-mails, contact management, scheduling and many more. The problems related to keep a particular company up to date has been solved by the mobile applications.

Answer 3-

The companies equipping their employees with iPhones, iPads and Blackberrys are likely to benefit and save their interaction time. The iphones and other gadgets are provided to the employees so as to keep the data related to company up-to-date. The mobile digital devices helps managers to monitor over what content is used and which is not used whether they are at office, home, or even travelling. Mostly every kind of business requires these kinds of technologies which can help them to excel in present competitive market. The business which consists of updating information regularly has maximum benefit as the employees and managers could be regularly updating their information through iPads provided to them. The managers who requires regular alert on their mobile also gets benefit through usage of mobile device. When managers have to check on the availability of stock in the shop then they can get alert information about the stock which helps them to save their time.

SAP is one of the applications which is developed for the iPhone and also enables users to stay connected to their respective businesses and customer in real time even when they are away from the office. The employees working in TCHO chocolate always uses iPhone to exchange text messages, photos and e-mails. It is not restricted to only small companies even bigger companies like GE also make use of handhelds, which are also considered as one of the early adopter of mobile technology. Their employees make use of iPads to access emails, contact, electronic presentations and various documents. It is not specific that the mobile technology could be used only in some specific areas of the businesses instead businesses could be done on the palms these days.

Answer 4-

One of the companies deploying iPhones provided a statement, "iPhone is not considered as a game changer instead industry changer which changes the way in which a user can interact with the suppliers and customers". The iPhone has changed the mindset of the users as it is helpful in many ways to users and customers. It is not involved at small scale even bigger companies have provided iPads to their employees so that they can access emails, photos and text messages. It has helped the whole industry to move into a new mobile era which has brought a new competition in the market. Companies like Dow Corning have 7000 products for consumer and industrial applications, which needs a proper maintenance that has been achieved through Roambi Visualizer app. It helps executives of the company to use iPhone to view and analyze the data of real time from their corporate system that includes projections, sales figures and trends.

The above examples show that most of the top companies around the world use mobile technology to bring out new trend in the company. There are more than half of the companies around the world who are using mobile technology which has helped them at every step. Most of the applications used in iPhones, iPads and blackberry are business oriented which helps a company's official to keep record of everything they are doing.