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The website design principles primarily focus on user acceptability and user friendliness. As the user has to be well acquainted with the attractions of See Chicheste it is mandatory for the site to provide the realistic view of the city. The principles can be listed as follows:

The design must be user friendly and pleasant to view.

Delivers all the information necessary to the user and makes the object popular and give branding to it.

Symmetry is important in designing as it makes the site more lucrative and appealing.

Choosing a color contrast that best reflects the object under display makes the design look good. See Chicheste is a blend of various forms of life both energetic, calm and luxury thus we have chosen a mix of green and orange with leaf pattern in background to reflect life.

To give good overview it is necessary that user gets a glimpse of what he is actually intending to explore. Keeping this in mind the website contains numerous pictures and snaps of hotels, tourist attractions, restaurants and cafes.

The menu bar at the top makes navigation simple and friendly to users of all ages. The inner menus make the site more explorative as users can see details under specified headings and domains important to them.

The search menu is one of the key features of any site as it helps in searching the keywords without having to explore each and every menu, saving time and resources.

(Jenkins, 2009)

Designing interactive websites

In this part we would be analyzing different features while implementing the design of the website of See Chicheste.

Design Notes & Story Board

The website is having four webpage with it those are describing the whole information about See Chicheste. The website is also providing a lot of pictures or snaps of See Chicheste as a part of gallery. The whole website is follows a standard pattern of which is listed below:

Standard Font (font-size: 14px; color: #7F7F81; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;)

Background (#F2F2F2 url(images/img01.jpg) repeat-x left top;)

Headings (h1, h2, h3)

Images (for galley: width: 920px; height: 472px; margin: 0px auto 30px auto; padding: 30px 0px 0px 0px; background: #FFFFFF;)

Logo (float: left; letter-spacing: -1px; text-transform: capitalize; text-shadow: -1px 1px 2px #8C5414; font-family: Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif; font-size:45px; color: #FFFFFF; )

Slogan (font-size:12px; else are inherited from logo)

Site navigation:

It is done by implementing a menu bar on top of the page which is visible all times and is universally accessible. Proper padding and margin are given with respect to the body of the page so as to make it more visible and easily accessible.

Sitemap of the whole site is as follows


Welcome to See Chicheste



About See Chicheste


Contact us

Frequently Asked Questions


Other important links

Break of the week


Virtual Tour

Where to stay

Short break calculator

Where to eat

Privacy policy of the website is attached with the site so as to provide open environment to work with other developers and enhance and improve the website layout / design. (Jenkins, 2009)


Cascading Style Sheet is a language to describe layout of or semantics of website or document written in any markup language. It is one of the most common application style used in modern day web pages to script and change the formatting.

Importance of CSS

Easier to load and reduce bandwidth utilization.

Reduce clutter in html and other markup language for changing formatting.

Compatible with all the web browsers.

Creates consistent webpages to be shown same around different browsers and different platforms.

Implementation of the website (Screenshots)






Appendix 1.1

Evaluation based on other users

When opening the website for a test run for different users, we understood that the main appealing factor of the website was the contrasting color combination and easy navigation between various pages. The information on the website is easily accessible and the sitemap adds a bonus to it, users where pretty much happy to use the website and there was not so much problem of information unavailability. However, some of the users requested for a map in the website and a forum to discuss about the details of the See Chicheste and some important places to visit for the holidays.

Test Website

Critical Review

The website provides an interactive way to connect to the customers of the organization and enhanced its capabilities by introducing many features like Googleâ„¢ Maps, short break calculator, etc. This is a few of many features which provide an easy accessibility to the user and improve the experience to a large extent. However, there are some places in which the layout is not mixing with the background and images. Also, the short break calculator is not providing an intuitive way to show the result. Apart from this the whole website is working fine and would continue to bring more revenue to the firm.

Some of the feedbacks which we got from the users in the test run are:

"Great website, an easy interface"

"It is too much colorful"

"Layout not properly aligned"

"Nice way to present the organization"

"No control over the photos"

Analysis of the test result

During the test phase we didn't implemented the Googleâ„¢ Maps API and a way to calculate show the result of short term calculator. After which we analyzed the result and came to a conclusion that these two are important feature for seamless working of the user and hence must be implemented in the website itself. There were some portions of the website in which the color layout was not in proper mix with each other, these were removed and a different layout was designed to integrate all the features in a go. Overall, the website has quite a bit improved after the test run and would continue to improve based on a constant feedback system implemented with the help of contact us module.

Evaluating Feedback

The constant feedback mechanism by which various functionalities are added is an essential part of any website, as a consumer or a user you should have all the required information available as soon as possible, we tried to make such website. But there are some flaws still left, only a user can tell those when he / she is working on something. The feedbacks from user like to implement Maps, Short break calculator, navigation to photos, etc. helps us to improve the functionalities of the website based on in depth analysis of each and every part.

Onscreen help to assist the website users

Users are provided with a sitemap to give a brief idea about the usage the website. However, to understand the working of the website let us consider each and every portion separately.

Index page: This gives us a brief idea about the organization See Chicheste and its working. With some of the features in side links to help users to connect fast and efficiently.

Photos page: This page provides an insight about the experience that a customer gets when connecting with the organization. Various high end services are provided and as always "photos tells us much more information than text".

About page: This page provides some details about the location of Chichester organization and its actual place in real time. Since, it has a direct API of Google Maps, it is updated regularly and any changes in the actual design are reflected right away so that user is not lost in between various same sounding places.

Contact page: This page gives us many blocks including the actual postal address of the organization. A block to provide feedback for the site or asking a query to the managers of the organization and another block for some frequently asked questions to help user connect to the website more effectively.

Other Links: This block is shown on all the webpages and improves the functionality of the website to a large extent by providing links to where to eat / stay, short break calculator, etc.

Documentation for support and maintenance of the website

For maintaining the website, the css and html codes are attached. Any update or changes to the website can be simulated with the use of very useful software named Adobeâ„¢ Dreamweaverâ„¢. It provides a graphical way to enhance the website and improve the functionalities without having to go into the actual coding of html. This software is very much useful if the designer is a newbie and doesn't have thorough knowledge of HTML and CSS. It can also be used to enhance a portion of website rather than updating to a whole new one.

Learning experience: This project provided an insight of the development of a website from scratch. I understood the underlining concepts of cascading style sheet, html syntaxes, iframes, etc. which are essential for designing and developing user friendly websites. The learning experience also includes management of time, designing layout based on the proficiency of the website, prioritizing various domains when creating the website.

Problems faced: Some of the problems faced during the design of the website are explained below:

1.       Managing the CSS and java scripts for appealing interface.

2.       Creating a seamless transition between various pages.

3.       Importance of various blocks and iframes and use in my website.

4.       Searching inside my website.

Resolving the problems: Some of the steps I had taken to resolve the problems faced during the development of the website are:

1.       Understanding the concepts via online tutorials and websites.

2.       Using various books and materials available to grasp the depth of the website development.

3.       Seamless transition between various pages was done by integrating all the CSS and JS altogether and using them as global throughout the website.

4.       Since each block has different purpose, I subdivided the pages in various blocks aligning them left and right so as to reduce vertical space and make the website more appealing.

5.       Search module was not implemented now, but can be integrated by using the advanced search feature of Google search using 'index:' or 'site:' attributes

6.       Making all the images, css clubbed together, reduces the clutterness of the website and hence making the job of website developer much easier to understand and change it in future. (Schafer, 2008)


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