Types Of Telecommunication Devices Computer Science Essay


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Computer and internet technologies enable user to communicate through a worldwide series of network. Through the computer, interpersonal communication can be carryout through text, visuals and sound. Computer that is connected to the internet was connected to the internet service provider (ISP). When a computer is connected to ISP, the user will become part of their network. Internet network depend on internet backbones, router and Network Access Point (NAP) to communicate with each other. Message that is generated by the computer can be transmitted across the world using different network and received by another computer in a fraction of a second. The function of routers is to determine where to send information from one computer to another. It ensures that information reaches to the intended destination and also prevents data from clogging other network.

People who used the internet to search for information about any topic interested to them. Business people used internet for business purposes such as developing an online marketing strategy, know its competitor, target proper market and so forth. They can also use it for interpersonal communication with their client. With the technology of internet, it makes business more efficient and time saving as people nowadays wants faster service.

Mobile phones

The mobile phones are important telecommunication products which have risen rapidly in popularity as a means of communication. This small product has changed the way people work and interact in business. Mobile phones are wireless device that can receive and send signal to and from radio base station. Communication can take place between wired and wireless devices by using mobile phone. It is full-duplex devices that allow the user to talk and listen at the same time. There are special codes associate with each mobile phone for the purpose to identify the service provider and the phone’s owner. Small batteries are use as a power source for mobile phone and this has made it possible for mobile phone to become handheld. The latest in mobile communications is 3G technology. 3G technology features transfer rate to accommodate web-based application and increased bandwidth. 3G network have transfer speeds of up to 3Mbps which are ideal for downloading information from the internet and sending large multimedia files. 3G phones can also be used to send and receive faxes instantly as well as video conferencing.

People can bring mobile phone anywhere and they are not attached to office. The most frequent employees that travel on company business are salespeople and executives. They must be reachable in order to make quick decisions, service customers and manage the business. A mobile phone in this employee’s hand will give competitive advantage to the company.

Credit card terminal

A debit card or a credit card transaction can be done by using a credit card terminal. These machines allow the merchant to key in the information required by the credit card and this information is transmitted to the merchant service provider. Most credit card terminals transmit data using either a telephone line or the internet. Wireless terminals transmit data over a satellite network or a cellular network. The functionality of credit card terminal can be replaced by using a Smartphone with credit card terminal application running. A credit card magnetic strip is oriented in a way that resembles binary code. The binary code contains important information of the credit card such as security codes, expiration date and so forth. The credit card terminal reads these details from the card and transmits the data to the credit card network through a Local Access Telephone Area (LATA) Interface Gateway (LIG). The data is then issued by the bank for a credit authorization. An authorization message is generated and is send back to the credit card terminal through (LIG). The terminal receives the response and displays either an authorization number or a declined message.

It is possible for company to provide quick and secure payment transaction through credit card terminal. Credit card machine maintain the security of the transaction. It also provide fast transaction and many people enjoy this service. A receipt is produced after the transaction is done. Nowadays, Smartphone have credit card terminal application. It provides convenience to customers who are always on the move and it also saves time.

Portable fax machine

Fax machine is function by digitizing an image. When the image is digitized it is divided into a grid of dots. Each dot is represented by a bit which has a value of either one or zero that depend whether it is black of white. The picture is translated into a series of zero and one so that it can be transmitted like a computer data. Once the data is received by another fax machine, it reads the data and translates the data back into dots. As a result, the fax machine is able to reprint the picture.

Portable fax machine is a great tool of mobile printing. It uses e-mail and internet fax technology. Some of this machine also includes scanning and copying function. Employee can send and receive their faxes wherever they have Internet access. They can use any portable device such as mobile phone or laptop to do all their faxing. This machine is useful for truck drivers, real estate agents, salesmen, lawyers and anyone who spends a large amount of time away from the office.


Walkie-talkie is half-duplex device. It transmits and receive radio communication signal. This handheld device allows two people to communicate using the same radio frequency. It only let user to perform one action at a time that is either talk or listen. It can also transmit signal about 1.6km using a 0.25-watt transmitter.

Walkie-talkie is often needed in heavy industry setting where the device is used around flammable vapors. It is made to avoid producing sparks as they are operated. Besides that, walkie-talkie was also used by security officer. The duty of security officer is to keep public area safe and watch for suspicious activity. Communication is very important for security officer. This device enables them to communicate with their fellow security officer. It allows them to call for help and aware others of suspicious activity.


It can be concluded that, communication device is important to carry out business, provide faster transaction and interact with people. By knowing what communication device that work best for the businesses, the company can improve its services provided to the customer who want faster, more accurate information and instant answer to their questions. Moreover, it will also help the organization to conduct their operation smoothly and in a cost effective way.

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