Types Of Network Topologies Computer Science Essay

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The bus topology connects every computer on the network into impressive called the segment trunk. A bus is typically referred to a cable that connects end to end and this is use to send out the signals from one end to the other end. Each end a terminator is placed so that it understand in which track the data is traveling and also the terminator is used to take in the signals. The bus is careful to be an active network because the computers are mostly independent on the signal that is being transmitted.

Star Topology is common type of network topology that is use in home and office. Star Topology there is a central connection point called the hub which is a computer hub or sometimes just a switch. Star network is use the UTP or the unshielded twisted pair cable. Another common cable that is used in star networks is the RJ45 or the Ethernet cables. Star Network the whole network is reliant on the hub so if the whole network is not working then there could be a problem with the hub. This attribute make it simple to troubleshoot by offering a single point for error connection ad at the same time the dependence is also very high on that single point.

In this task we will investigate internet connection required for Fire Department but we read Fire Department all necessary information in scenario. Mainly this Fire Department coverage area 70 square kilometers and Fire Department control centre has three controllers on duty at a time who receive call from the public and other emergency services. Control center receive information sends details to a printer then print copy provide fire officer then fire officer leaves the building and attend the incident.

So we thought that control center emergency information receives and print in this whole work we chose Virtual private Network (VPN). Virtual private Network (VPN) use in public network but it is use for privately own work.

When fire department all branches connect in VPN network then headquarter and control center and civilians staff area all necessary information send any branch is possible at any time so fire department all work will be very easy. Fire department printer will add in VPN network then control center all public news and fire officer can be print and attend the incident.



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B. Suitable connection speed

1 mbps connection speed suitable for these requirements because fire department only three religional offices and this office only use data communication and emergency incident location information receive and print by in this VPN network and emergency file shear branch to branch and when need remote access each branchs. So 1 mbps connection speed is sufficient for Fire Department.


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D. Recommendation on ISP and price charged

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