Tools And Techniques In Creating A Website Computer Science Essay

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In addition to tables, I have created a template to structure the layout of my web pages this tends to save time as well as to make sure layout is consistent throughout the site. By adding editable regions to particular sections in my template (such sections as page name and main content) allows adding content that is different from page to page; usually non-editable regions are navigation menu, footer, logo and title as they stay unchanged throughout the site. Other advantages of using templates are easier and quicker website maintenance involving updating web design, as it will require modifying just one template and once it saved all the related web pages will be updated in one go based on new transformed template.

Using CSS text styling enables me to create particular text formatting (including font type/size/colour) for specific section of my website; by doing so I have ended up with 4 different CSS styles: for header, sub header, main content and footer. This also helps to maintain consistency in website design and easy updating of any text formatting on the site in just one step.

Interactive features on my website are roll-over navigation menu and 'Contact Us' online form; these features once published over the Internet tend to attract more visitors as it creates more professionally looking and user-friendly interface. For creation of my roll-over navigation buttons and editing graphics (logo) I have used another powerful Adobe application: Adobe Fireworks. It is closely linked with Dreamweaver, once graphics and roll-over effects created in Fireworks they can be easily optimised in number of ways for web purposes, for example for my logo image I have reduced number of colours to display (from 256 to 2) in order to reduce file size as well as to reduce downloading speed of my web pages once site is published.

Other technique I have used during website creation process is adding behaviour to 'Contact Us' form, in order to validate some of the data being entered by the users, this involve setting up mandatory/optional fields and its data type. I have set all of my fields in a form as compulsory fields that needs to be filled in before form can be submitted, and data type as text apart from 'Phone Number' field where data type is 'Numbers only'.

I have also used tables inside my template to structure information in more effective way and to separate images from text.

Once I have finished working on design and content; before publishing website I have performed some checks that Adobe Dreamweaver offer to make sure that website is free of errors, check whether website is compatible with various browsers and perform a check on links that determine presence of any broken links.

Task 4 (M4)

Produce a report for your user which shows how the site matches the purpose and requirements described in your previous assignment.

I think that the 'PC-FIX Repairs' website that I have produced for computer engineering organisation in overall has fully met the user requirements identified and described in previous assignment in requirement specification document:

Requirements specification for the PC-fix website:


Description of requirements:



Website must consist of minimum 5 pages;

The end website consist of five web pages: 'Home', 'Services', 'Special Offers', 'Find Us', 'Contact Us'.


Each web page must be appropriately named and fully reflect the main idea of content;

Each of 5 web pages is appropriately named and clearly defines the main idea of content.


Consistent layout from page to page;

Website design is based on a specially designed template so each page is consistent in layout in terms of colours, contrast, navigation menu, images, and text formatting.


Website must be two-way interactive:

Online form to be integrated into "Contact us" web page that will allow communication between both parties (customer and organisation).

Online form can be found on 'Contact Us' web page that used with purpose to enable information gathering from the users and facilitate two-way communication between users and organisation.

Online form is set to collect as accurate information as possible, by adding 'Validate Form' behaviour.


Suitable colour scheme with acceptable contrast between text and background colour:

Light yellow background;

Blocks of black text over light yellow background;

I have considered using neutral colour scheme of light yellow this will suit wider range of users with different needs.


Content of each web page must be presented well to the target audience and written in clear English language;

The website effectively delivers information to the users searching online for computer repair services.


Appropriate and consistent font type and size throughout the site:

Font type "Verdana" family;

Font size 14 (in main content);

Font size 10 (in footer section);

To make sure layout is consistent from one page to another I have designed a template with a few editable regions for different sections of a page (content and sub headings) with different text formatting applied.

Each page is based on this template will have consistent layout, font type and size.


Roll-over navigation menu;

Roll-over navigation menu is another interactive feature on the site, created using Adobe Fireworks.

This enables buttons to change colours in event of mouse pointer rolls over it, clicked and rolls out of it. Each button is clearly named and defines the page it linked to; it also fits in well with the site layout.


All images to be used over the site must be at appropriate resolution and file size;

Images are at appropriate resolution and small in file size in order not to slow down the loading speed of a site.

This achieved by choosing lossy GIF compression and reducing number of colours to display (from 256 to 2).


Using appropriate meta-tags;

I have used appropriate and meaningful meta-tags/keywords with purpose to enable search engines to pick up keywords entered by the users every time they search for computer services and to display the site in top searching list.


The end website must fully comply with the requirement specification and appeal to the targeted audience;

'PC-FIX Repairs' website contains appropriate information and communicates well with users through effective language and images. Format of the site is easy to read, text formatting/layout is consistent throughout the site.

Site is not too easy at the same time not difficult to use.


1 Month allowed for the development of the site;

Creating website based on template usually takes a lot less time and costs; so that is why I have managed to complete website 2 weeks earlier.


Website maintenance to be carried out whenever it is required to;

Website maintenance can be carried out with ease in shorter times for less costs involved; simply because each web page is based on one template; and if changes will require updating website design all developer needs to do is to make changes to template only and save it.

All related web pages based on this template will be automatically modified with no need going through each page.