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Internet security refers to human individuals and companies take the various ways to protect computer networks that are linked to the Internet. In the recent years, internet security is confronted with an essential challenge. There are many serious risks of internet that hackers can break into system and erase files, viruses can damage the whole memory disks, worms can use one computer to attack others, or spyware can steal credit card information. The main factors of threat include hacking, worms and viruses attacks. The essay will evaluate some frequently-used protection methods: antivirus programs, fire wares and anti-spy ware from the aspects of pertinence, practicability, and reliability.

Internet security, more simply, it refers to human individuals and companies take the various ways to protect computer networks that are linked to the Internet. Originally, the internet was considered as an open, effective linked to computer network and played an essential role in daily lives. However, everything has a bad aspect, including the internet. In the recent years, internet security is confronted with an essential challenge. "The internet is far from being a secure environment. The continuous growth of security risks (intrusions, virus, spy wares, information stealing) forces enterprises and network administrators to expend a considerable amount of time and money to improve security aspects from their networks…" (Flauzac and Nolot, 2009). Because of personal interests, business competition, national conflict, and terrorism, there are many serious risks of internet that stealing credit card information, breaking into system and erase files, damaging the whole memory disks, or using one computer to attack others. Computers can be the target of attacking with the main forms of threats of worms, viruses and hacking. The essay will evaluate some frequently-used protection methods: antivirus programs, fire wares and anti-spy wares from the aspects of pertinence, practicability, and reliability.

One of the most important factors leading the threat of internet security is hacking, which can be solved efficiently by firewall. Hacking activities are various involving identity theft and break the target systems. When a computer accesses to internet and begins to communicate with other users, it is essentially taking a risk. As can be seen that, computer is becoming a popular method to dealing with a massive data. Most government documents, important emails are stored on the local computer or network server. A hacker can get through the memory system to steal the confidential information without user identification or password even nobody realized. It is usually hacking into banks or online companies to steal account balance, change personal details or destroy system database. A majority of users can not image that they would become beggars when login the internet account. Despite many individuals, corporations and authorities are still the victims of cyber crimes, the continuing break of the open computers and networks from crackers, the majority of programming workers strived for these issues as much as possible. Solving hacking attacks is difficult issue, because many approaches can be utilized to attack computers. Generally speaking, most situations suffered from the hacking attacks, is because the system bugs and holes exist. System bugs and holes are the main problem which hacker can attack in. Installing a firewall and keeping it running is the best way to protect computer. Individuals can take advantages of firewall to scan system frequently and make sure hacker can not find flaws and patches. The specific advantage of firewall is to resist the cyber attacks from outside effectively. That's why it is an effective and pertinent measure to solve the problems. The level of security people setting can determine how many threats stopped by firewall. The highest level of security would block everything including access to the internet. A common level of firewall is to block most of things and allow several types of traffic to get in and the lowest level permit all the links in. This is a flexible and practical program for users that operate easily what the needs are and know exactly what traffic to allow. For most of us, it is probably better to work with the defaults provided by the firewall developer unless there is a specific reason to change it. Firewall is, like a security guard, only focus on the certain thing to get inside or keep it outside. However, firewall units cannot differentiate data for the reason that seek out hidden documents slowly, lack analytical ability of potential threats and resist data insufficiently (Slay and Koronions, 2006). The reliability of firewall may be thought seriously by firewall designers that how to overcome flaws efficiently. Computer users also need to improve awareness of internet security, back up the critical information on the hard disks or other memory space.

Worms and viruses, they are another component internet threat, and the frequently-used solution is antivirus software. Ermann and Shauf (2003) claimed that "Hacktivists have used computer viruses and worms to spread protest messages and damage target computer systems. Both are forms of malicious code that infect computers and propagate over computer networks." Both of them have the ability to damage critical files in the hard disks, lower the speed of computer to a large degree, or even can stop some critical programs to work. Nevertheless¼š 然而,不过¼›ä»ç„¶, 不过¼›è™½ç„¶å¦‚æ­¤¼›ä¸è¿‡, there are many technological solutions to protect computer's data. These kinds of threat in network services can be controlled by means of install virus protection software and update antivirus programs frequently. It benefits users stay a relatively clean computer system. The pertinence is embodied in removing viruses and worms. This approach can take actions as soon as possible to detect and remove viruses and worms from computers, which is different from firewall only stop anything to get through computer. That's to say, after getting infected by the viruses and worms, antivirus software will focus on scanning the system, finding the document those viruses hided in and deleting immediately. It is considered a remedial measure when some strong computer viruses can climb over the firewall. Unfortunately, it seems impossible and difficult for company to keep all viruses outside, because one is unconscious to open an email with virus and spread from one computer to another. (Ermann and Shauf, 2003). It is inevitable to infect by viruses and worms since variety of viruses being programmed by attackers and the destructive capabilities of them are growing. Although antivirus program has weakness of protecting certain viruses and worms, computer users have also rely on it, run it to opposite majority viruses and worms attacks.

The third element of internet security was influenced by spy ware, while the exited protection of anti-spy software can protect it appropriately. Some people were confused with spy ware and computer virus. A computer virus is a part of self-copy program which spread from one computer to another by internet. Generally, Spy ware do not damage computer systems but get into computer without permission, track one's internet habits and send the information to advertisers or people who want to promote their products. Spy ware cause a lot of advertisements when linking the internet that not only waste time, but also change favorite of the browser and link to other product selling websites. The solution of removing spy ware is much the same as viruses and worms. Run a full scan on computer with anti-spy software, update database frequently and monitor computer possible threat from other new-style anti-spy ware. It is pertinent and reliable for the reason that it is designed to clean the infected computer and also protect it far away from the harassment of certain spy ware. Despite the fact that some anti-spy program can find and remove spy ware, it may not find the spy ware when it is monitoring computer in real time. Set anti-spy software to run a full scan in a period. To some extent, anti-virus and anti-spy software are not compatible because software defect exits in software.

It is therefore easy to conclude that the internet can benefit people, companies, and governments such as sharing personal ideas and information, raising money, or improving work efficiency. Although the high increasing of business automation and the strong dependency on cyber lives, the internet security risk is still a potentially enormous problem that can not be ignored. Firewall protect computer effectively; Anti-virus program delete most viruses and worms, Anti-spy software remove spy ware to keep the network environment clean. From the pertinent, practical, and reliable aspects, each has its benefits and shortcomings. Sometimes, using them together would obtain an unexpected effect. So far there is no perfect solution to solve all the internet problems. The new approaches may be developed to create a confidence and safety network, because cyber attacks would be happened at any time. Therefore, Security is an exceedingly significant issue that needs to be considered by network designers, authorities, even the entire computer users.

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