The Wonderful World Of Malware Computer Science Essay

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In the world the computers there are people that use their programming skills for the wrong purpose to create malware. Malware can be used for many different purposes by the cybercriminal that are looking to make a quick buck or are just out to cause trouble. Malware is a small sneaky computer program that is intended to be installed on the user's system without their knowledge and is intended to steal personal information or cause damage to the computer. Malware is one of the most common causes of why all types of computers crash and important data gets damaged. The most common reasons why computers that are infected with malware crash are viruses, spyware and users lack of knowledge.

There is a type of malware called a virus that is created to destroy a computer operating system without the user’s knowledge. What a virus is a small program that is out to do damage to the computer. A computer can get infected with a computer virus just by simply visiting a website or the user is tricked into downloading then installing the virus. There are many different types of viruses such as Trojans, worms, and bombs. Trojans is a computer virus that is disguised as a free program such as a computer game or utility that tricks the user into installing it onto the machine. A worm is a virus that spreads from computer to computer on a network and then infected computers are controlled from a remote computer somewhere in the world, this is known as a bot net. The type of malware called a bomb is a virus that is set to run at a certain date or time. Polymorphic viruses are a type of malware that is intelligent and if it sees itself being deleted, it can change its identity and hide in a different location in the computer. Viruses are only a small part of why personal computers can crash.

There is another bigger threat in cyberspace other than just a common virus, this threat is called spyware and is used to steal personal information. This cannot be stressed enough, alongside running a regular antivirus program; use a free anti-spyware program such as spy bot search and destroy. There are many different types of spyware that can be found in an infected system. Some of these types of spyware are key loggers, adware, cookies, rogue security programs, screen recorders, dialers and commercial spyware. Most spyware is intended to spy on the user and record their activities on the computer. So spyware such as cookies and adware are used by businesses to track user interests. Other spyware such as key loggers, screen recorders and rogue security programs are out to steal personal information such as credit card numbers, Social Security numbers and tax information. There are also commercial spyware types such as Fortress 101 and Spector Pro. These are found in businesses and educational institutions to see what students and employees are up to on the school or office computers. Do not use school or work computers to do personal activity such is shop online or check personal e-mail. There is even spyware that is used by law enforcement or the government such as coffee which means computer online forensic evidence extractor or the FBI's Magic lantern spy bug. These programs can only be used with a search warrant against a criminal. Most types of malware such as viruses and spyware can be prevented with common knowledge with just plain common sense.

The users are the true causes of why computers crash and also are the causes of other common computer problems. There are a number of things that users do to cause computer problems. Some of these problems include users pirating software, opening e-mails they do not know who it's from, users visiting porn sites, entering personal information into non-legit websites that ask for information and just simply visiting websites that are infected with malware. Another big annoying thing that is known to annoy computer technicians is simply people not having a basic antivirus with an anti-spyware program installed on the computer. To avoid getting infected with malware or to avoid having personal information stolen, use a basic antivirus program such is Avast! Free antivirus or spy bot search and destroy. If a user receives an e-mail from an unknown sender, just delete it. Do not pirate software because the user will never know what they're really getting from the torrent. If someone asks a user for personal information online, do not give them anything; it may be simply a scam. To deal with malware such as tracking cookies, run disk cleanup and clear your browser's history. After removing a virus the computer may be slow so it would not hurt to have a utility such as glory utilities to clean up the remains of the malware and to fix errors that the malware may have done to the computer. If more people used common sense with the computer there will be less computer crashes and fewer victims of identity theft.

The more people there are that use common sense online, there will be fewer criminals trying to use malware to get access to peoples information. If users also installed free basic anti-malware software there would be fewer people writing malicious computer code. The malware monster will be defeated only if people would listen to information technology professionals and took their advice on how to secure their computers. The Internet will be a safer place if users educate themselves about basic computer security. The wonderful world of malware has many surprises that can be avoided by being educated about basic problems on why computers crash.