The Web Hosting Speed Computer Science Essay

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In a fast pacing online world web hosting speed means a lot for the web site owners. It can give you more exposures, more users and more money.

Different websites are hosted to achieve their goals, be it exposure, fame or business. Day after day websites are becoming more attractive and they want to grab attention of mass. But lots of people are using slow internet connection, for them it is difficult to access flash and other content rich websites. Developers and website owners should keep these factors in their mind. You can access websites very fast if you have high speed dsl or broadband connection but now a days people are accessing net from handheld and mobile device, sometimes they are facing problem to access website due to web hosting speed. Web hosting speed depends on lots of factors and webmasters are keen to improve the speed of their site as it will also affect the page ranking process of google, bing etc.

You can host your site in different ways. You can setup your home pc as web server and host your website. Use of cable modem may not able to generate speed for your website. If your site is accessed by thousands of users per month then you have to select different hosting to speed up the process.

You can host your website by using shared hosting. Shared hosting as the name suggest is used by multiple websites in a particular server and it is using virtual hosting technology. Here all the websites are sharing the resource and bandwidth of a server. But performance of shared hosting depends on how many websites are hosted in a particular server. Hosting company decides on how many numbers of website will be hosted in a particular server. You can ask the hosting provider about the server configuration and website number limit of a particular server. You may receive information about this.

Another type of reliable hosting is dedicated hosting, where you can host your website in a particular server assigned for you. You may get complete control of that server and remotely control all the functions of the server including reboot. Multiple website can be hosted in a dedicated server. Virtual hosting is used if you want to host more than one website. Too many virtual hosting will slow down the server.

Co-location hosting: you can host your website by using co-location hosting. Here, web hosting company will host your own server in their datacenter. This type of hosting is usually very fast and expensive.

Research on web hosting speed and web hosting will definitely help you to get a clear idea about different type of hosting. Get information about datacenter security, backbone connection, disaster recovery plan and security.

Database is essential for most of the websites. Poorly designed database will definitely make your website speed slow. Web hosting speed can be improved by well designed database. You may seek help of Database administrators if you find that database is making your website’s performance slow. Database professionals will design and implement database to improve the performance of your website.

Performance of the website can also be improved by properly written HTML code, CSS code and java script.

Remove redundant code in Java Script and CSS and this action will make your web sites page loading faster. CSS will definitely reduce the file size. You can use shortcut properties of CSS. Small pages and clean HTML can be done if you use CSS instead of tables. Remove any white space between tags and this will make the file small and download will be faster. Move CSS scripts and Java Script to external file which will make the website’s page load faster.

Use of Content Distribution Network (CDN) will help user to download file from nearby server. This will boost the web hosting speed. CDNs can be used to host images, CSS and java Script. Libraries like jQuery are available by Microsoft and Google.

Caching of Java Script and CSS files will definitely make website access faster. Page caching can be done by adding header tags of the page.

Most of the websites are using lots of images. Image optimization will definitely help to make your web hosting speed faster. Gif images are using 256 colors and you can use programs like Photoshop or Paint to optimize it. Similarly Jpeg images optimization will remove the unnecessary header information from Jpegs. Lots of software is available for image optimization. Extra header information is not required and it will slow down the performance of the website. Image quality can be compromised to make the site access fast. You can use PNG image by converting GIF. Stop scaling of images as it will save lots of bandwidth.

Lots of tools are available to check the web hosting speed. Yahoo has a tool called YSlow, which is actually a firefox plug-in. Websites are analyzed by Yslow and recommendations are given to improve the performance of the website.