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Computers provide an abundance of capabilities that enhance the lives we lead today. People are constantly using computers for things such as work, entertainment, projects, and researching data. The incredible arrays of operations computers provide are abundant and most people rely on these uses to get make their lives easier. From being able to surf the web or having the opportunity to edit your family's recent trip to Costa Rica, computers offer an endless amount of options for use.

Access to the Internet

Computers are the primary ways to get access to the world's most powerful development, the World Wide Web. They offer access to knowledge, information, and ideas that are available within minutes. The Internet is home to the largest dictionaries, search engines, data storage and information that can be accessed with the click of key. Accessing the web is both efficient and time saving compared to scavenging through a library or an array of old books. Having access to the Internet also presents the capability to be involved with social networking which has evolved into one of the most common forms of communication society uses. I believe that one of the most essential things computers are used for is the retrieval of the vast amount of information the Internet provides. Some of the most important information that the Internet provides is:


Social Networking


Research. Individuals trying to look up information, whether it is related to financial data such as stocks, or a historic event, travel ideas, or even cooking recipes, go straight to the Internet to answer their question. With search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing almost anything could be answered within a click. Students in schools from elementary to college graduates research information, ideas, advice, and facts that can be brought to them rapidly. The Internet provides the opportunity to search for information with more detail instead of having to dig through several pages in a textbook to find a wordy sentence that is often difficult to fully comprehend. Researching for anything on the Internet is much less tedious than spending time in large volumes of text and the amount of information available at a click of a finger is immeasurable.

Social Networking. The current generation communicates mostly through social networking. It is a fantastic way for people to keep in touch with people they meet as they go through life and share in daily information and experiences over Internet websites. According to Google, today's top three social network sites are:




News. Occurrences throughout the world are constantly happening and changing. People who have homes, relatives, or a connection within multiple countries and even continents want to be involved with what is going on with current events, economics, etcetera. The Internet is a perfect source to do provide up to the minute news information. With websites like CNN, Yahoo, The New York Times, and BBC News it is easy to have access to timely news around the world and it is being updated in real time. Most people find out about large events around their city, state, or country through news over the Internet.

Storing Data

Computers offer an incredible amount of options and space to store valuable information. Most computers are portable providing the capability to have important information with you at all times. Storing data is an essential usage of computers because of the capability to retain information and have it readily available when needed. According to a recent article on Yahoo, the top four things people store on their computers are:





Documents. Computers allow people to create, edit, save and also download documents that are important to them. People like to save their work or something they will possibly need to access in the future and computers permit the ability to do that by storing the documents neatly, providing for organization and ease of access. People can store valuable essays, reports, spreadsheets and letters and are able to have them almost instantly; it is very beneficial and uncomplicated.

Photos. Modern day society has access to inexpensive and very basic cameras allowing people to record experiences with photography. Computers provide space to store thousands of pictures keeping them organized and available to the user allowing them to "relive a vacation" or access a research study they had to photograph. I personally take an abundance of pictures and having the privilege to save them on my computer is incredible because I will be able to enjoy them for the rest of my life.

Contacts. It is important to for people to be able to keep a file of the contacts they use daily, weekly or they just need to occasionally access their information. Whether it be a family member, business partner, friend, etc. it can be important to have a place to access a contact. Computers provide the opportunity to store contacts in an organized format, such as offered in the iMac computer in the Contact Book. This allows for a person to have an organized and convenient way to retrieve phone numbers and emails. All of the information needed to contact someone is available with a few simple clicks.

Programs. Every modern day computer allows its owner to download and purchase programs that will enhance his or her computer use. For example, a graphic designer may download Adobe Creative Suite and Xara Designer Pro 7 to help with their work. Computers provide a large amount of space to be able to try out programs, use the programs to enhance our projects.


There are so many advantages to using the multimedia options a computer provides. It is amazing how many options are available whether it is watching movies, producing one's own movies, enjoying music, playing games, the list really is endless. Some people purchase computers primarily for the multimedia capabilities they provide. The most common multimedia uses of computers are:

Movie Production



Movies/Film Production. People stream and download movies frequently to watch and enjoy on their computers. Internet sites such as Netflix provide the opportunity to view television shows and a vast variety of movies. Computers are often used as televisions by simply accessing the Internet or downloading a movie directly. Many people produce their own movies and add music, animation, art, and etcetera. This is very popular due the accessibility to editing programs that are basic and usually provided with the computer. The four most popular editing software people use today are listed below:

Final Cut Pro

Adobe After Effects


Windows Movie Maker

Music. Music has been around forever and with computers, access to music libraries can be done instantaneously. Computers provide the ability to create playlists with different genres that can be used directly from the computer or even downloaded to other electronic devices such as an ipod. The most popular music program is iTunes that allows everyone to store, download, and organize his or her music. I enjoy music everyday and computers make it much easier to find what I love to listen to and stream it simply.

Photography. Computers present a whole different world for pictures. The ability to store, view and re-live experiences through pictures is extremely important. Also, the ability to not have the photos age, as they are stored electronically, rather than in a box is invaluable. Photos can be viewed and also shared easily through the use of computers. Now with the variety of photo programs, photos can be edited, viewed and enhanced through various software programs. Some modern day computers also allow for taking photos directly from the computer. An example of a program that facilitates taking pictures is Photo Booth Macintosh, which is used on an Apple computer. Editing photos is also important especially if the user wants to crop, clarify, or originate their pictures. Some of the main programs for photo editing are:




Conclusion Today's world would not be able to function with out computers. Society relies on them for virtually everything and they are a part of our daily lives. They are vital to our operation, function and organization from both a personal and professional standpoint. Computers truly make society's lives easier.