The Use Of Handwriting Recognition Computer Science Essay

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Since the technology had been advanced through the decade, there will be involving human computer interaction. Human computer interaction was firstly implemented during the year of 1980s till present which enable the human computer interaction system present it functionality. There's two terms which can be used to indicate human computer interaction such as man-machine interaction and others. Human computer interaction involve user which uses both hardware and software in order to support the user request when using the computer system. Human computer interaction is part of the discipline study which concern about the computer system design and implementation. The interaction occurs between the user and the computer enable the end-user to analyses the design of the computer system. Based on the advantages found in the human computer interaction, we able conduct the human computer interaction in various fields such as computer science, engineering, sociology and others.

In human computer interaction, there are 2 goals which divided into basic and long term goal. Basically the goal set by human computer interaction is mean to reduce the percentage of barrier or error by ease the usage of computer with the interaction between the user and computer which enable the user to accomplish their task with simple instruction from the computer and user. As it is important for the user to understand the element or the features of the computer system in order them identifies the purpose of each computer element.

Even though, we might thought human computer interaction just involve the user and computer. But in reality, human computer interaction could be involving between others beside than the computer system. The implantation and studies about human computer interaction as it could be used as a meant to various event. For example, human computer interaction able to support the difficulty task due to its well designed human computer interaction which fastens the productivity. In otherwise if the human computer interaction designs consist of various complexes, it would lead to unexpected problem. As the year passed by, user tends to improve the human computer interaction features and others with the understanding the requirement needed from both the user and system.


The use of handwriting recognition is growing rapidly which allow the computer to receive and interpret intelligible handwritten input from sources such as paper documents, photographs, touch-screens and other devices. Explain and discuss about handwriting recognition, the advantages and disadvantages of the technology.


Users are keen to use internet by hand phones since most of the telecommunication provider are providing 3G Internet experience will be as good as surfing from home, with the added benefit of location-based services making the experience more personal. The main problem of using the 3G Internet is the slowness. What usability problems complicate surfing the web on a mobile telephone compared to desktop browsers?

As the technology been improved with great invention, human computer interaction had used various device elements to be applied in the daily life. The most used device in the human computer interaction is the handwriting recognition as handwriting recognition could be used for various events. Handwriting recognition is part of the text entry device used as an input device in the human computer interaction system. Handwriting recognition mostly could be found in hand phones such as IPad, PDA, and others. Handwriting recognition basically could be use as a user signature or identified something. As the usage of handwriting recognition grows rapidly, various concept of design been created in alternative manners.

Even though handwriting recognition might be the common tools for the expert, but for those who unfamiliar with the features or the purpose of handwriting recognition will be time consuming to learn about it. But handwriting recognition could be understood in both general and computer terms. Firstly let us give some summary of detail about handwriting recognition. What is actually meant by handwriting recognition in the computer terminology? Handwriting recognition is defined as the alphabet or object which been written electronically without using the common handwriting in those days. Handwriting recognition allows the user to convey the text by using their finger or pen. Handwriting recognition is almost similar function as the optical character recognition as they verified the text inputted. Due to the creation or design of handwriting recognition, it been used to replace the keypad and keyboard found in personal computer and hand phones. It not just used in the computer for normal task but it also can be used as a tool for graphic drawing.

It may sound easy for the user to use the handwriting recognition, but there have always been few factors which need to be focused on especially the design, function, implementation and others. Based on my research, handwriting recognition known as software which used to interpret the text and display the motion of the text. The most shocking is that handwriting recognition software was implemented from 1980s but there no one aware of the software presence which could benefit the user. As I mention before handwriting recognition interpret the text electronically but the handwriting recognition must follow its procedure by identify the text carefully for error checking and other before translating the text from the handwriting recognition software. But in the case of implementation of handwriting recognition in the personal computer, it is necessary to install tablet to input and convey the text.

Secondly, there will be a few particular advantages about handwriting recognition which could be exposed to both user and public. The first advantage about handwriting recognition is the speed of the handwriting recognition. As with the implementation of the handwriting recognition in the laptop and mobile, the users will no longer consuming time in order to type out a text. If based on previous handwriting procedure, it will consume time as there's various checking need to be done because typing is rather slow compared handwriting recognition. But when using handwriting recognition, it able to speed up the process as the software will identify the text electronically which is written by the user. Meanwhile the advantage of handwriting recognition doesn't just rely on the speed as well quality times spend on. Handwriting recognition doesn't consume the time because the text is automatically converted into digital text and text being display on the screen. With the least time consume, user will not be pressure for their task for the handwriting efficient enable to save plenty of time and the efficiency of the handwriting recognition will not be complicated.

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