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What is mobile application? Mobile application is which applications are developed for handheld devices such as personal digital assistants(PDA), enterprise digital assistants, smartphones or mobile phones. These applications are either pre-installed on phones during manufacture, or downloaded by customers from application stores and other mobile software distribution platforms.

Mobile application can be classify into two categories, that is pre-installed on phone and another is provisioned and/or configured post-sales. Pre-installed mobile applications such as SMS/MMS clients, music player, contacts and browsers. The another type of mobile application such as ShoppingList 2.0, Hindu Panchang 2010 and Quickoffice 6 Mobile,user can download them from the internet then install it into mobile phone. Some of this type of mobile application are free of charge but mostly are in charge so be careful before you download application from the applications store.

Why mobile application having a rapidly growing segment of mobile market? This is because mobile application provides a lot of benefits and advantages for mobile users. Many users choose their handheld devices depending on what platform is the handheld devices are using. This is because different platforms,different mobile application using.For example, Nokia phone is using symbian platform, iphone is using iphone OS and Motorola phone is using Linux. Below is the platforms of global smartphone sales in 2009.


Besides that, the usage of mobile application also an important role in this rapidly growing segment of mobile market. The usage of mobile application can be classify into few groups. Below are the table about the mobile application types based on their usage.


-SMS/MMS Clients

-IM Clients

-Mobile Web and Internet Browsers






-Graphic/Image Viewer

-Audio Player

-Video Player






-City Guide




-Profile Manager

-Address Book

-File Manager

Conclusion, regardless of how they go into user's mobile phone, mobile application are a large and continuosly growing market and served by an increasing number of mobile application developers, creators publishers and providers. In order to have a better capacity of competition to against other mobile company, mobile application is playing an important role. Handheld devices companies need to provides mobile application that bring more advantages to user so that they won't fall behind from others.

One of the biggest usage among users in mobile application is to surf the internet by using different internet browsers. There are many type of internet browsers that use to surf the internet either pre-installed in mobile phone or user can download it from website then install in the mobile phone,,most of them are free of charge. The example of internet browsers are Opera mini from Opera, Firefox mobile from Mozilla Firefox, Safari from Apple Inc., Internet Explorer from Microsoft and Skyfire.

Opera mini from Opera is a clean, easy to use, simple and elegant user experience for user, no matter what phone user using. Like other internet browsers, Opera keep up-to-date to provides better and more easy way for user to surf the internet. Now,Opera provides a brand-new look and feel in a class of its own with smooth animations and visually appealing graphics. Just like on computer, Opera rendering engine displays complete web pages and it is fully standards-compliant. The interface design for Opera is very nice as it allow user to navigating gracefully and efficiently on both touchscreen, keyboard, and also keypad devices. Opera can also adjust to user needs by changing between portrait and landscape mode for user to read easily.

Besides that,Opera's streamlined rendering engine and server-side compression allows web pages load much more faster. Other features, such as address bar, shortcut keys and touchscreen control give benefits to user by saving user time and effort when performing basic tasks, such as entering web pages addresses or scrolling rapidly through pages.

Just like internet browser in user computer, Opera also provides multitask with tabs. User can keep several web pages open at the same time and can easily switch to another tab. On touchscreen devices, visual tabs even allow user to see preview of the open pages user can select.


Above are some hotkey and features provided by Opera. These hotkey and features bring a lot of benefits to users by saving their time, easy to access to web pages, and surfing the internet easily.

The interface design of Opera also designed to give benefits for both touchscreen, keypad-style and keyboard-style mobile phones. By scrolling and panning at warp speed with the mobile phone's keypad or keyboard and also flick touchscreen, user can use kinetic scrolling for long pages. Then, Opera also allow user to see their top access web pages. The top web pages visually laid out on the mobile phone's screen in Speed Dial. User can click on the web pages in the Speed Dial and load each of them. User can also add their most preferred pages to Speed Dial. Similar features with other internet browser that available now, Opera allow user to enter web page addresses with far less typing. After user enter few letters of the address, Opera will intelligently guess what URL user are trying to enter, then user can select the one that user want. Below are the example of this intelligently guesses.


Opera also allow user to read the largest pages comfortably. Some pages are designed for too large or too small screens because of the different mobile phone user using, Opera allow user to zoom in or out from the screen so that user can read most content. When moving around large, complex web pages, Opera will stop just where it needs to be, snapping the view to the view to the column user want to read. For mobile phone that having a small screen, Opera's full screen mode will help to solve user problem. By disappear the address bar and toolbars until they are needed, Opera's full screen mode allow user to see more of the page user are viewing. Besides that, Opera smartly fits web pages to user screen when user visting a site, showing user an overview of the site. A simple tap or button press, user can zoom in exactly where user want to look and get a close-up-view to read the contents.


Better view provide by Opera's full screen mode.

Opera allow user to backup their bookmarks, Speed Dials, and search engines to My Opera, then keep them synchronized between different other phones. Besides that, with Opera Link, user can take their favourite web sites with them wherever they go. Similar with download program that available in computer, Opera's Downloads feature allow user to pause downloads then continue to download when it is convenient.

Opera also allow user to read a page at anytime and anywhere. When user find a page that they like to keep, they can use Opera's Save Page feature to save the page. Then the next time user access it at anytime and anywhere, user don't have to wait for it to download again. Even without internet connection, Opera's Save Page also can access to the page. Just like other internet browser, Opera also provide history feature which allow user to access to the web pages that they have viewed easily.

Similar with Opera and other internet browser, Safari lets user to surf the web and view web pages. The different is Safari bring more benefits to iPhone user. Safari allow iPhone user surf the web just like the way as user were on the computer. User can create bookmarks on iPhone and sync bookmarks with user computer by using Safari. User can also add web clips for quick access to user favorite sites directly from the Home screen. Safari take advantage with iPhone, which provide a better way to view web pages in either portrait or landscape orientation. By rotating iPhone, the web page will automatically rotates and adjusted to fit the page.

Safari also allow user to zoom in or out for a better way to view webpage. User just need to double-tap a column on the webpage to expand the column then double-tap again to zoom out. By using Safari in iPhone, user can also pinch to zoom in or out manually. Below are some hotkey and way to use safari in more easy way.

Scroll around a webpage

Drag up, down or sideways. When scrolling, user can touch and drag anywhere on the page without activating any links.

Scroll within a frame on a webpage

User use two fingers to scroll within a frame on a webpage.

Use one finger to scroll the entire webpage.

Scroll quickly to the top of a webpage

Tap the status bar at the top of the iPhone screen.

See a link's destination address

Touch and hold the link. The address will pops out.

Stop loading webpage

Tap X

Relaod current webpage


Go back to previous or to the next page

Tap or

Safari allow user to open up to eight web pages at the same time. The number inside the pages icon at the bottom of the screens show how many pages are open. For example:

4 = one page is open

= four page is open

To open a new page, user just need to tap and tap NEW PAGE. To go to another page, user just need to tap and flick left or right, then tap the page that want to view. To close a page, user just need to tap and tap X.

Surfing the internet could be dangerous as It may leak user privacy to another user. But this problem is solve when using Safari. User can keep on their browsing safety and worry free by using Private Browsing that offers by Safari. User just need to turn it on, then Safari will stops recording the sites user visit and software or docs user download. Besides that,it also stops storing user Google searches, cookies, and the data in online forms user fill out. With Private Browsing, user doesn't need to worry when they lost their mobile phones.


A simple, safety way to keep user privacy.

Furthermore, come to interface design. Safari delivers a clean, seek interface that puts the focus on the web instead of the browser. For example, user can only see the scroll bar when user need it. When user visit a secure webpage, the easy-to-see lock icon will appears at the top of the Safari window. And by default, can you see status bar? The answer is NO. This is because Safari hide the status bar to give a more room to browse and view the web. Besides that, user can personalize and customizable the Safari toolbar, so that user can only see the buttons they use. Furthermore, user can select to show or hide bookmarks bar, status bar, or toolbar.

Lastly, the biggest operating system (OS) company in PC-Microsoft also had create a internet browser to against other mobile application. Microsoft had invested Internet Explorer Mobile which in pre-installed with every Windows phone, so that Windows phone user can take care of their life, business, email and others from just about anywhere they go.

About Internet Explorer Mobile's function, just like other internet browser, this mobile application used to surf the internet, but the different is its features. Microsoft trying to make mobile user to surf the internet just like on the computer or laptop. When user downloading a file, Internet Explorer Mobile support HTTP download resume which mean that user can pause then resume download the file. Just like using Window's OS, Internet Explorer Mobile allow user to "Save As Ringtone" for Audio files, change the name of the downloaded file and "Save AS…." for images.

Internet Explorer Mobile will automatically fit full screen of user's mobile phone no matter how big or small user's mobile phone. Besides that, the address bar of Internet Explorer Mobile will auto-complete the whole address by matching to history and favorites.

Just like in user computer, Internet Explorer Mobile will automatically store addresses, cookies and content that user had visit. Furthermore, Internet Explorer Mobile also provides a security zones and padlock icon to indicate a more secure connection by using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. Internet Explorer Mobile also provides a good interface design to give benefits to user. For example, some hotkey are provides.

Some button or hotkeys and the scroll bar provides by Internet Explorer Mobile.

Internet Explorer Mobile allow user to easily zoom in and out.


Everything do come in its pros and cons, lets make a compare between this three internet browser that provides by three different company.

This three mobile application have the same and main function which is allow user to surf the internet. But when come to speed of loading a web page, I would like to say that Opera Mini is fastest among all and Internet Explorer Mobile is slowest while Safari is fast too but a bit slower than Opera Mini. Although Internet Explorer Mobile is the slowest among this three mobile browser, but it can handled Flash best of all. Flash elements can be show up perfectly and videos are easy to play by using Internet Explorer Mobile. User might liked how to double-clicking videos opened them in full screen. It is very simple and easy step. Besides that, Opera Mini and Internet Explorer Mobile did a good job of loading multiple pages at once, and switching between them was simple while Safari can only handled well in eight pages.

On the other hands, Safari that pre-installed in iPhone does not have Flash support and multiple pages unable to load simultaneously show its shortcoming, but when come to user interface, Safari show its pros. The large, responsive touchscreen of iPhone make user to use Safari in an easy way compare to other two mobile browsers. The fastest fit full screen when rotating iPhone give advantages for Safari user. Besides that, Private Browsing provides by Safari give a worry free browsing to user.

Opera Mini show its pros again when user try to search something from the internet. In the main page of Opera Mini, Speed Dial and search engine provide by Google give a lot of benefits to user. User can easily enter web pages that they add in favourite site by just simple press on a button or the touchscreen. On the other hands, Opera Mini cant handled well in videos. Videos may be fail to launch in the browser and sometimes its tends to fail to render pages with any proper rendering.

Before the conclusion, lets compare the most important issue in mobile application. Are three of this internet browser suitable for all mobile phone? The answer is no. Safari that invested by Apple Inc. is only suitable for iPhone which is also created by Apple Inc itself. Although Internet Explorer Mobile can be installed in most of the mobile phones, but most of it's feature and function are only suitable for Windows Mobile. Here come Opera Mini, Opera Mini can be installed in iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and other smart phone and also mobile phones. It's feature and function can be well functioning in most of the mobile phones and smart phones that available in market now.

As a conclusion, three of this internet browser have its pros and cons. How much advantages might user get is actually depend on what mobile phone is user using. If user are using iPhone, Safari would be the best choice. If user are using a Windows Mobile, Internet Explorer Mobile will be the best choice. Otherwise, Opera Mini is the best.

If I can create a brand new mobile application, I would like to create a new type of internet browser for all mobile user.

First of all, my product must be suitable for all mobile phones and smart phones. It must functioning well in all type of phones unsame Safari that only suitable for iPhone, so that all mobile user can use my mobile application well no matter what phone they using. Besides that, hotkeys, scroll bar, tools, Speed Dials and search engine in the main page must be in my internet browser. Those are the tools that give a lot of benefits to mobile user. Hotkeys and scroll bar that make user can control the web page well and easily. Speed Dials that that enable user to enter favourite web page easily and search engine in the main page allow user to find information fast. Those tools would help user to save time, that why they is a must in my internet browser.

Furthermore, I would like to create a function similar with "Private Browsing" that provides by Safari, so that user can use my mobile browser with a worry free. Besides that, my mobile browser can automatically fit full screen of the mobile no matter how big or small screen of the mobile after zoom in or out. Next user can only see address bar and toolbar when user need it so that user can read the content of web page clear. Then, in my mobile browser, auto-complete or intelligent guesses address based on favourite and visited web page will be provided, user won't have to type the whole long address again to enter the web page.

Next, in my mobile browser, user can saved pages in favourite site so that they can read the content again without download the pages again and even without internet connection. Then, my mobile browser also support HTTP download resume which mean that user can pause and resume download. My internet browser must also handled Flash well, so that user can watch Flash elements and video easily.

Lastly, my mobile application must be free of charge just like other application available now, so that user will choose to use my mobile application.


Mobile market are going bigger and bigger. Nowadays, almost everyone have a personal mobile phone, even a 3 years old kid and an 80 years old folk have their own personal mobile phone. Mobile phone are everywhere and anywhere now. Children need to have a mobile phone to contact with their parents. Couple need to have a mobile phone to contact with each other. Businessman need to have a mobile phone to contact with their clients. This make a rapidly growing segment of mobile market.

To have a better capacity of competition and stay in front, mobile phone's company must invest better mobile application that will give more benefits to mobile user. I believes in the future, a better communications way will be invent, more exciting games will be created, better multimedia player will be invest, more benefits and easy productivity will be discover and greater travel tools will be invent.

As a conclusion, mobile user is getting more benefits and advantages from the mobile phone because of these mobile applications.