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This report introduced on UNICOLCLs management to analyses its approach to information systems management and usage and to make recommendation for improvement. , their students are drawn from all corners of the world to study in subjects ranging from business and management to management information system. Using the student application database, student enrollment system, and student result system of information write a report setting out analysis and recommendation.


Nowadays, with the improvement of the technology rapidly development, in the current of competitive society, the information technology change the society. People's demand for information has become more and more urgent, use of information technology to change traditional industrial structure, implementing comprehensive management automation.

Information system

Information system is a personal computer and other peripheral equipment to composed of information collection transmission storage processing and maintenance, and use the system. And collection of methods, practices that transforms data into information and knowledge desired and useful for individual and group users in organizations.

2. systems

2.1 Current system weakness

At the UNICOLXL college, have system weakness. First, when students arrive at the college in finally enroll on the programme they have been accepted on, their details are recorded on the college's student enrollment system.The college would like to move to some form of on-line enrollment process.some students have complained that they have to supply their personal details twice. Use of this practice pay attention to the needs of students who use the central enrollment system in non-traditional ways, including late arrivals to the city or transfer students and students with special needs that must have services follow them to their assigned school. Second, due to the communication problem, sometimes, lack of communication between students and the school, the lectures sickness, but the staff without tell the student or sent to message, lead to student in the school, don't have class. And very easy to mislead reader to a lot of mistakes, this in turn leads to student dissatisfaction. Or comprehend and expression ability is poor, cause in the process of communication information transmission error. Third, the official corporate databases outlined earlier are managed by a small dedicated IT team. At the end of each week all of the corporate databases are backed up and the back ups are stored in the server room based in the IT department so that they can be accessed easily in the event of system failure. Many of people, often at night or holiday backup migration data maintenance system, Because of the high strength work overtime for a long period of time, for their own health and family life bring negative influence and with the passage of time, the work time is long, working efficiency is lower.

2.2 Replacement integrated systems

When student applies to join a programme, a decision is made by the programme director, the application information and the programme director decision are stored in the database. When student application database, student enrollment system, student result system link with the together, the potential of safety,efficient and convenient, reduce the time. When student apply for college on the internet, the application information or student of examination result auto save in database. If later, the teacher want to searched student information or student results, without the data base, can not been searched information. Required to login the data in the database usually you just need to login at a time, don't need to repeat and when input the examination result, the system stores the student personal information and programme together with the marks the student has achieved for each module studied. The issues is the main difficulty with the development phase is the introduction of bugs or errors into the system by developer. The problem is that developing a major system requires tens or hundreds or millions of lines of code (Dave Chaffey, 2010). When school test run of system, in the process of running, face the software is incompatible with computer system, will happen conflicts. Before actually implementing the new system into operations, a test run of the system is done removing all the bugs, if any. It is an important phase of a successful system. After codifying the whole programs of the system, a test plan should be developed and run on a given set of test data. The output of the test run should match the expected results. Sometimes, system testing is considered as a part of implementation process.

2.2.1 Business intelligence

Business intelligence is a collect of business information and process of analyzing or management. Goal is to make the enterprise decision makers at all levels to gain knowledge or insight. Progress to them to make decisions more advantageous for enterprise. Business intelligence include software for database querying and reporting,tools for multidimensional data analysis , and tools for data mining. OLAP supports multidimensional data analysis, enabling users to view the same data in different ways using multiple dimensions, specifically designed to support complex analysis of operations(Laudon, 2012). OLAP for analysis of enrollment system of tools. The previous year of examinee information and examinee registration information as data source, using OLAP technology for enrollment in the data implied the influence of the examinee registration process.

Data mining is more discovery driven. Data mining provides insights into corporate data that cannot be obtained with OLAP by finding hidden patterns and relationships in large databases and inferring rules from them to predict future behavior (Laudon, 2012). Data mining is a support of decision process, it is mainly based on artificial intelligence ,highly automated of analyzing a business data. Use the data mining, student of result database, rewards or punishes database in analysis, can get the evaluation results, to timely and correct students of bad behavior. An this kinds of system can reduce the workload of teachers and increase the work efficiency.

2.2.2 Continuity with existing systems

When student and staff used system find the problem, this system should be improvement. First, school can make deciding how to use computers to improve the school processes. And understanding which part need to improvement. Second, should be documented, nothing inputs, outputs, resources, and the sequence of activities( Laudon, 2012). The process design team identifies redundant steps. Third, design the new process, the process design team will try to new process, then improve the process by designing a new one. Fourth, after design the new system, this system will be introduced if this system can used.

However, entirely used new system, it is very risk, because if have a problem and suddenly break down that would no other system can changed. the old and new systems should run in parallel, in the event of errors, the old system can still be used as backup. The college should teach staff use the new system. During use of the new system, such as the student can not enter to school web, they can change to the old system.

2.2.3 Staff training

Before used the system, have to training fo the staff. The school can arrange a reasonable time for employees, when training, in the form of class to explanation to employees. Let the staffs can actual operation on the computer system, the operation system must be include office software, such as world, excel, power point and access etc. After training, testing for staff, whether they have passed or failed the test. Also can through of the welfare, improve the staff ' s interest. And the HR managers should consider how to improve the utilization rate of policy and the actual effect, it should be adjust the performance and compensation.

Web sites

The web sites is composed of web page collection site or composition of the domain name and site space, includes home page and other pages with hyperlinks files. As well as, it is a communication tools, people can through web sites, realized information that you want to disclosed, or use the site to provide network services.

1 Web weakness

The college's timetable system is yet another standalone system which is accessed by staff and students via a web based interface. Increasingly students are arriving at college with mobile devices and the college is looking at making the timetable more accessible for these device. At school, we can use the mobile phone, surf the internet, check the timetable system, but the deficiencies are the desktop screens small, the computer screens different between desk screens. Sometimes, use the mobile phone, surf the internet, without display of mobile version, as well as, could be limited to the mobile. Especially , broadcasting your location without WIFI, can not be surfing, you will pay the mony, buy the internet card.

3.2 Improvement of web

With the development of web technology, people have been able to into database technique to the web. which USES a database system for various complex data for effective management and quick retrieve, and distribute these data according to the remote client specific access request, real-time dynamic pages to query, and then transmitted to the client browser display.

3.3 Mobile interaction

With the mobile communication and computer communication technology of rapid development, the emergence of mobile interaction will make the business in a new business model, every unit using via SMS platform client of management capabilities, builded complete detail of database. And according to difference needs of difference customers, in order to message ways send their target customer to particular business information, promotion information, booking via mobile or interactive communication etc. This model improved service of tarted and reduce the promotion cost, enriched the different customers personalized service of content, at the same time increase of an other kinds of business model. The college can used WAP, wap is the abbreviation of wireless application protocol and it is a global standard for all wireless systems.WAP can only required of support to WAP proxy server and mobile phones. User can use wireless hand-held devices, such as PDA, mobile phones, pagers, two-way radio, smart phones, etc, that through WAP access to information. Educational administration management system based on WAP mobile in addition of complement to the existing system. The student used mobile phone, choose courses within a specified time, published advice and suggestions about the education and check the result and course timetable. Combine of the WAP technology and educational administration, To meet the particular groups of needs of information, and to improve the efficiency of the entire teaching management system. Or can combine of the JSP technology and WAP technology, implements of the dynamic WAP applications, in the process of system implementation, can solve the related technical problems, this problem include process of implementation to the WAP campus network environment, WML page components, database and stored procedure, digital navigation etc.

3.4 Staff and student portals

The colleges portal for the internal management and external public relations propaganda has important strategic significance, website in the information released, can be update at anytime, can provide interactive of communication function. The university website portal also include forum, group buying, community and store etc, so convenience. when you log in the school website¼Œyou can first time browse of various information and update and post of information everyday. In staff portals, The Teacher Portal is meant to be a one-stop shop for teachers to access important district applications, student data, and reports while providing essential curricular and planning resources to facilitate differentiated instruction. Also can quick views of critical student data and reports, single-sign-on access to frequently used applications, view of student reporting and analysis capabilities and check of scheduler, input of student attendance etc. The problems are when lectures log in, they have to input many times, they have a many account number, this kinds of design, make the trouble of them, very inconvenience. So the school can used one account number, enter the interface, can reduce the time, and improved work efficiency.

4. Security

4.1 Weakness

When a student enroll they are allocated a student ID.this ID, together with the school system. Now, the many school here have been a number of issues relating to student abuse of the IT facilities. the weakness are Weak and susceptible to numerous attacks and security depends on the users' ability to maintain the user ID and password secret. If the security defects, so many computer criminals to steal user information of student and school, and easily modify any user's password. And may lead to severe business disruption or crucial information may be lost. Cause enormous loss of student and school.

4.2 Security

The problems computer virus, is a high intelligent crime , can not easy to obtain evidenced, damage risk small, to stimulate the awareness of crime and criminal activities. The computer crimes are hacker, crimes can be performed by outsiders penetrate a computer system or by insider who are authorized to use the computer system. Hacker general intrude into computer system, steal the user's ID, password and information, picture,result in the user's information to be stealed. The other problem is vulnerable of systems. And it's a rogue software program that attaches itself to other software programs, usually without user knowledge or permission. At school, in order to prevent of sensitive data, such as ID and passwords in the network transmission of damaged, change and leaked. Must be in sensitive data is encrypted before entering the network transmission, in order to prevent the data to be embezzle. Due to data encryption will increase the client and the server load of processing time, so, it is recommended that only for sensitive data is encrypted transmission, and other data can be directly in the network transmission, increase the response times and processing power. In order to prevent of network malicious users, can be in the front-end server installed firewall, the firewall is installed between the client and the server of a protecting wall, it can allow the client legitimate access to the server, to prevent unauthorized access, improved security of servers.

4.3 Policy

Identified the risks to school systems, the school need to develop a security policy for protecting the assets. The security policy drives policies determining acceptable use of the school. To students, many school districts teachers, staff and students of the acceptable use policy formulation and implementation. policies help protect school systems from any liability incurred by allowing students, teachers, and staff access to the variety of information on the Internet. Acceptable use policy defines acceptable uses of the information resource and equipment, including desktop, laptop computers, wireless devices, telephones, an internet. Security policy also include provision for identity management. Identity management consists of business processes and software tools for identifying the valid users of a system and controlling their access to system resource.

4.4 Business continuity planning

Business continuity planning focuses on how the company can restore business operations after a disaster strikes.such as the premises burning down or flooding, earthquake, hurricane and a large scale theft of equipment or a total failure of the school's IT system. The business continuity plan identifies critical business processes and determines action plans for handling mission critical functions if systems break down. The document should identify and prioritize which systems and processes must be sustained and provide the necessary information for maintaining them. The needed to make of decision is recovery, business recovery is a business process of slightly lower sensitivity of the startup time, Business recovery depends on the beginning of the time in the time sensitive business process need time. In business recovery, need to backup device in restore the operating system, When serving the key function of the application after the system recovery, need to restore from the backup tapes or other offsite backup media data. Backup data must always in keep synchronization, reconstruction of data should be with a business interruption at a predetermined time before the data is consistent. During the have different of database, so the reconstruction of each data must meet the consistency condition of required data, after synchronization of data must often for review and keep its effectiveness

4.4.1 Cloud computing solution - benefits

Cloud computing enables users to store files and software remotely, rather than on a hard drive or server at their office. In the school, through cloud computing to provide IT infrastructure, can save the costs, can not buy expensive hardware devices. The cloud computing can solution for disaster, Recover data, simply open the virtual server and ensure that the correct configuration of the network to return to work can finished. The cloud computing also have some problems, such as lack of security.How to prevent cloud computing platform vendors, snooping on customer data and programs. In the school, according to the need for schools, can use the cloud computing and cloud computing service mode, establish cloud computing center in school, build of public platform cloud infrastructure cloud and high-performance computing clouds.


In conclusion, College student management work is an important part of the work of colleges and universities, with the development of higher education, the expansion of colleges and universities, the increase of the number of students, for students of all kinds of information summary statistics and analysis of material powder faces many difficulties. At present, many colleges and universities for students to a variety of information management is through the manual sorting or stand-alone computers work through of use the student application system, student enrollment system and student result system, can be analyzed, the old system change to be new system. The college use the school management system by managed.